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'Office' Star -- 'It Sucks' Steve Carell Is Leaving

10/29/2010 2:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mindy Kaling -- who plays Kelly Kapoor on "The Office" -- is pretty bummed out that Steve Carell is leaving the show after this season ... telling us, "It sucks."

Steve Carell leaving The Office
Kaling was leaving a Links of London event in L.A. last night -- adding, "I'm sad [Steve] is going to leave."

But the question is ... without Michael Scott ...


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Mista Celebrity    

Yep, it's time to end it. They made Michael too stupid and he doesn't really do anything over the top (anti-PC) like he used to. Andy is singing way too much, his character stopped developing. Jim, Kelly, Daryl and Creed ran their course. Their characters never were very developed anyway. Erin was made to be too stupid now too. The spin-off will tank quick if there is one.

1418 days ago


That's what she said

1418 days ago


The dumb white middle aged guy is growing Carrell is like that big goof Will Ferrell, a one act pony---can only do baby babble loud talk, or the surprised and slow dumb guy being led around by a smart and braver woman---the whole routine is old, uncreative, overdone, and time to move on from it.

Carrell will bombard us now with movie after movie, voice overs, talk show appearances just like that lug Ferrell has done. When was the last time Ferrell wasnt talking about ; the movie that just came out, the movie I'm working on, and the movie we're thinking about?..they're objective is to make as much dough as they can, then get out.

Neither can do true dramatic roles or pure acting...its an old shtick and the dumb white guy role, which these two represent, is not funny anymore. Let me know when they find a dumb Black, Hispanic, Indian or Asian there none? Or are they just not as funny when its the dumb white guy like Steve and Will Ferrell?

The show sucks, especially since they killed the romantic overtones going on with its repeat, repeat, repeat, dumb episode after next dumber episode. Yo, TV land, Mary Hartman Mary Hartman ring a bell?

1418 days ago


I did not watch last season so I really do not know how far down it has gone but when it was good it was the BEST!!! For those who could not get the humor well different strokes I guess. For all those that did we knew how insanely funny and well written it was. How 2 and a half men can get the viewers it does I have NO idea, it is okay at best, IMO. And I like 30 rock but it does not come CLOSE to the Office! Reminds me of when Frasier was on. Good show but don't tell me it was the BEST year after year! Same with Dharma & Greg many years ago. Ugh! I am getting mad just remembering these award shows! I have to chill out. And Thanks Kelly! you were (are) HYSTERICAL on the Office! Modern Family and the Big Bang are definitely worth watching.

1418 days ago


the change is going to be interesting with Darryl as the new boss

1418 days ago


Never got into the show anyway, so I don't really care.

1418 days ago


It has been declining but if Ricky Gervais came on the show could make a comeback. He would be wonderful in that role like
he is in the English version of The Office

1418 days ago


Moonmaid, I agree, you are so right.
I heard Harvey Keitel was coming on the show, does anyone know if that is true?

1418 days ago


I love all the characters (especially Jim), but I think it's time for all of them to move on.

1418 days ago


He's leaving a really great show to make more crappy movies, too bad.

The show could be as good as it was at the begining if they would go back to having it be about all of the characters, not just Jim & Pam. Creed, Kevin, Oscar, Stanley, etc. have not been given the stories they deserve. Each character is great on their own but they haven't been given any storylines.

1417 days ago


I couldn't believe that show made it past the first four weeks!IT SUCKED so hard,the lead cast member was a self aggrandizing narcissistic clueless twit

1417 days ago


Why would Ricky Gervais go on the US version of The Office? He's famous for pulling the plug on his own shows BEFORE they start to decline.

1417 days ago


#16, moonmaid, You're right! After the writers strike it all went downhill!

1415 days ago


This show was GREAT for 3 seasons, then it took a nose dive. Last season and this season SUCK HORRIBLY!!! I'm glad Carell is leaving, he's WAY to good for that show now. HE IS the show.
Jim and Pam are the worst story line ever.

1415 days ago


"It is still the best sit com on TV now"

Are you insane? There has to be at least 20 sitcoms that are better.

1412 days ago
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