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Oksana Grigorieva's Lawyer -- 'She Told the Truth'

10/30/2010 8:45 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oksana Grigorieva just walked out of a marathon deposition -- about 7 hours long -- but O.G. has much more she wants to say, according to her attorney, Daniel Horowitz.

On his way to the parking lot, Horowitz told us about Oksana's long day getting grilled by Mel Gibson's attorneys ... and said she's looking forward to telling the world everything.

Mel will get his turn to open up -- to lawyers -- when he sits down for his long-delayed deposition on Monday.


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I don't doubt that she was "FORCED TO TELL THE TRUTH" when Mel Gibson's attorneys presented her with evidence that her "ORIGINAL ANSWERS TO THEIR QUESTIONS WERE FALSE". With a judge present, she couldn't accuse them of "brow beating" her. Ole Greedy probably "squirmed like a worm" but had to answer their questions, regardless. I hope they were able to sneak some questions in that pertained to the ongoing extortion investigation. That would have truly been worth a seven hour marathon. Like killing two birds with one stone!!!!

1423 days ago

little aussie reader    

Michael, if that happens Mel won't be free of her for another 17 years. :o(

1423 days ago


Oxsana is with the JEW Horowitz. just think, Mel Gibson, a JEW is trying to swindle u out of your millions. Ox, has teamed up with a LOT of them!! u should have kept your hands to yourself and been smart enough to NOT GET TAPED!! just sayin...

1423 days ago

little aussie reader    

Scotty you're right you have consistently accused the TM posters of it. However, I have not seen one TM poster say "Oh my wordy lordy, I so wish I was as beautiful, talented and dignified as Oksana". No-one in their right mind would be jealous of the position she's in.

1423 days ago


@little aussie reader

I lived in Australia for two years and never heard anyone say "home and hose" or "home and hosed." But I am wondering if it is the same expression after all.

"Home in hose" means the same as "fat and sassy" or "very happy" or "very pleased" in the American Midwest.

What does "home and hosed" mean in Oz?

1423 days ago


"I think she told the truth like she always does..."

If you had any doubt about that mans perception of the truth, now you know. This guy could argue that water wasn't wet, with tears in his eyes and a straight face.

What do I know?
I'm pretty sure she's Russian and she's slept with more 50 plus millionaires than any woman alive, everything else is seriously up for debate.

1423 days ago


I know the day must have been long for lowers and OG, but they look like they are slightly stunned. Someone mentioned that they may have been taking a brain break before coming out to meet the press, watching their demeanor, I would suspect that may be true. Now look at OG, she isn't quite herself, bet dollars to donuts she was given some calming meds before her day in court so she could come off as cool as calm her lowers would like her to be. Hopefully OG has told her version of her truth so she can be successfully caught in her misconceptions. Perhaps a nice shot of sodium pentathol on her next appearance to really clinch the case.

1423 days ago


I wonder if Hertzog was brought up yet lol!! "Why when you found out Hertzog was a felon didn't you make sure he wasn't around Lucia? Why did you refuse to remove Hertzog and his gun from the scene thus endangering Lucia's life?Why did you force Mel to go to court to get Hertzog away from his daughter - why are you so happy for a convicted felon with a gun to be around Lucia? Hertzog claims he was your lover for 5 months,how come you left that bit out? " lol!! Since Horrowitz is going to bring up the tapes in Mel's deposition, you know Octomum's twin isn't as happy as she looks lol!! The extortion and dv are supposed to be out as topics of discussion, so how come the tapes are going to be discussed hm?!

1423 days ago


O.k. everybody,

I just finished watching an episode of "Lie to me" where Lightman coached the police officer girl, she passed the maybe Oxi should hire him instead of DH lol, she looks so uncomfy in that pic...anyway, god night everybody cyaaaaaaaaa


(P.S muppet, i have send you an email?)

1423 days ago

little aussie reader    

@little aussie reader

I lived in Australia for two years and never heard anyone say "home and hose" or "home and hosed." But I am wondering if it is the same expression after all.

"Home in hose" means the same as "fat and sassy" or "very happy" or "very pleased" in the American Midwest.

What does "home and hosed" mean in Oz?

Posted at 8:24 PM on Oct 29, 2010 by shyone

That's really interesting shyone. I guess they are different. Here "home and hosed" is like "done and dusted" or "all done". I've never heard "fat and sassy" that's cute :o)

1423 days ago


their body language reminds me of amy fisher and eric naiburg.

1423 days ago

LA me    

ewww did anyone else pick up on the way they seem so physically comfortable with each other? Look at their body language as he grabs her arm and hauls her off.
just sayin.....

Posted at 7:39 PM on Oct 29, 2010 by ohreally


I caught that as well. He reminds me of Howard K. Stern with Anna Nichole Smith. He even resembles him. I wouldn't be the least suprised if he was getting a "lil sumpin sumpin" on the side. Hence all those meetings at her (um Mel's) home instead of at the office (where most conferences take place.

1423 days ago


Why does this woman engender such jealousy? Is it team jel?

Posted at 8:10 PM on Oct 29, 2010 by Scotty
Yep, it is pathetic. Guessing they are a bunch of ugly old women with low self esteem and/or paid by Mel. No attractive woman would find him attractive...even they say Oksana used him for his money, so that acknowledges the fact that an attractive woman couldn't be attracted to him.

Posted at 8:19 PM on Oct 29, 2010 by me

Can we help it if Mel in a moment of madness had sex with a woman who looks that bad lol!!

1423 days ago


They look cute and happy together they can leave us and Mel alone! Happy forever together in another country!!!

1423 days ago


@me. Your above comment is hilarious. I feel pretty sure that we are not a bunch of ugly old women with low self-esteem. Do we find Mel attractive? Hell ya, probably a lot of us. It has nothing to do with his money. We'll never see it and don't care to. I find Mel still handsome in his 50's and once this is behind him, he'll look better than ever:)

1423 days ago
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