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'Sister Wives'

Not Backing Down

from Season 2

10/29/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're still in the middle of a criminal investigation -- but the polygamist family featured on "Sister Wives" has officially agreed to do another season of their TLC reality show.

The Kody family -- 21 members strong -- drew the eye of Utah officials right after their show debuted earlier this year. Authorities completed an investigation and turned the case over to the County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to prosecute the family for bigamy. 

Season 2 is set to debut in March -- no word if the family will address the investigation on the show.


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Why was there only like five episodes in the first "season"? I really do like this show, though. Freaky, but totally interesting. Plus, it helps satiate my Big Love craving, I miss that show!

1454 days ago


I live a couple mile from this family. This is a stupid lifestyle and a stupid show. Anyone can find fat ugly women and get them to agree to all live together because no one else wants them. This guy thinks he is so cool. His wives gross me out!

1454 days ago


He didn't actually "marry" anyone but Mari his first wife. There is no underage stuff, the kids are healthy and well taken care of. So what, if it's weird. It isn't against the law. Leave them alone! I am sick of the government thinking they can regulate what goes on in our bedrooms. If it's not against anyone's will then back the **** off!

1454 days ago

My two cents ;)    

Robyn Wife number 4 looks mad! I bet it's because she can't get her freak on like most newlyweds because she has to share Cody with 3 other women. I would LOVE to have people to help me out on a daily basis like this group but I wouldnt share my husband,

1454 days ago


If they are not getting any special benefits or assistance from the government, then who the hell cares. If these women are stupid enough to live like this then let them.

1454 days ago


At first I thought this show was a really dumb idea. But then I watched an episode (which apparently was the season finale?) and I actually liked it. It's quite interesting that this man can get 4 "wives", he certainly is not anything to look at.

1454 days ago

Khate sucks    

You mean people actually WATCH this ****? He's totally disgusting and I agree with #2....anyone can find insecure PEOPLE, be it a man OR a woman...that will put up with anything! GROSS! What is America coming to? I guess if the KarTRASHians are still on there is no reason this one will not continue......agh.....

1454 days ago


Live and let live as long as its consenting adults and doesn't hurt anyone...back off big brother

1454 days ago


I caught a repeat of episodes 4,5,6 and 7 back to back a couple of weeks ago. I was expecting it to be another stupid reality show, but by the end I was surprised to find that I liked the people on it and wanted to see more. The women are not abused and oppressed, which I had assumed they would be. They actually seem to run the family and Kody now has 4 women he has to be careful not to piss off.
And TMZ, they are actually the "Brown Family", Kody is the man's first name.

1454 days ago


I like this show. It is interesting how so many different people living cohesively and work together as a family to make the house and their life as a family work. The kids seem to be good kids and know and understand they are loved by so many. As for the size of the women statement that was just a ignorant mind speaking.

1454 days ago


WTF is this world coming too? Isn't this country overpopulated by enough white trash? I mean seriously, cult white trash at that? Illegals invading this country like the roaches they are, muslims penetrating and pretty much doing as they please in this country, blacks/whites/mexicans & asians either on welfare or locked up in prison, but being let out without supervision afterwards, the last thing we need is more brainwashed ignorant trailer trash to top it all off! This country is going to crap!! A few more year's and we will be the next 3rd world country....oh, it's on the horizon and quickly approaching.

1454 days ago


Wait a minute. What has THIS got to do with Charlie Sheen and his porn star?

1454 days ago


I can't believe anyone is watching this show or most of the other reality ones out there. People need to get a life of their own for starters. Shows like this make TV really bad and I'm about ready to turn mine off for good... I don't care if this guy has 19 wives, or if Snooki is lost on the beach... seriously what ever happened to a good show?

1454 days ago


I despise these people....

1454 days ago


I cannot wait to see the next season. For no other reason other then it is not a lifestyle that I would live, so I find it interesting.

1454 days ago
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