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'Sister Wives'

Not Backing Down

from Season 2

10/29/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're still in the middle of a criminal investigation -- but the polygamist family featured on "Sister Wives" has officially agreed to do another season of their TLC reality show.

The Kody family -- 21 members strong -- drew the eye of Utah officials right after their show debuted earlier this year. Authorities completed an investigation and turned the case over to the County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to prosecute the family for bigamy. 

Season 2 is set to debut in March -- no word if the family will address the investigation on the show.


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Well put, period!!!!!!!

1400 days ago


This guy Kody is just out for some fame and money to support that stable of his. He thinks he is a rock star or something but to me he is GROSS!! And those women who claim to be his wives are all UGLY!! So I guess if you are gross & ugly and cheat then you too can have a show just like his!!

1400 days ago


I don't understand how they can be charged with Bigomy when he is only LEGALLY married to ONE wife, the other ones are spiritual ceremonies - so in reality he is NOT a bigomist. Why does no one bring this up? You can only be charged if you went through legal channels to get a marriage license. This makes no sense to me.

1400 days ago

Barbara Duckett    

If they are not living off the government and not doing any harm to others,why should we care what they do. I have seen children with two normal parents live a worse life then those children are doing.

1399 days ago


This is America..."the home of the free and the land of the brave.." If Kody did not purchase four marriage licenses, and everyone is living in this house of their own free will. The kids all have clothes, shoes,coats and food, then I think the government should concentrate their efforts on getting the illegal aliens who are sucking the American resources from real citizens, out of this country, and leave this people alone.

1399 days ago

Chun LI    

#2 LOL Low self esteem + Douchebag Male egotist = Polygamist wife

1399 days ago


I find the show very interesting and though I do not think I would personally subscribe to this way of living I think that Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn are beautiful, intelligent, women that have a right to make the choice to live as a family with Kody and their children. Kody seems to love his wives and children and is very respectful of their feelings. The wives demonstrate incredible compassion for each other and I am impressed with their ability to control jealosy. They appear to have God at the center of their lives, the children are well behaved, they support each other, and are self supported. I pray that the limelight does not impact what they have worked so hard to achieve in their loving and cohesive family. I am not sure why in America we are so judgemental.

1399 days ago


You would be surprised to find out how many polygamists there are. They would have to build many more prisons if they want to prosecute all of them. It's ridiculous to prosecute them because it would probably just be to make an example out of them. Kody is only married to Mari, so what law are they breaking? Would the government really want to break up a family?

This is their culture. I understand that Kody and 3 of the 4 wives grew up in the polygamist culture. Are we to be tolerant of middle eastern cultures where the husband has multiple wives but not be tolerant to polygamist beliefs?

To the person commenting that his wives are fat and ugly, you are despicable; and to those who can't believe people watch this, who cares what you think. You are free to watch something else. Stop the hate.

1399 days ago


These wives and their husband are already calling themselves celebrities. It's all about the fame, the mega bucks, TLC is shoveling out to them. Next comes the greed. After the fame and fortune, at least one wife will leave and turn into another person like the woman who lives Pennsylvania. Is anyone thinking about how this show is going to affect the children?

1398 days ago


I love this show. I would never share my man with someone else or live that way. I was curious to watch this and I love it. I like the first three wives alot but the #4 I dont care for. I started watching from the 1st show and I feel cheated on by Kody while he "courted" the #4. That is why I would never be able to be in that type of situation. So if one of the wives wants out how does that work? Meri#1 is legal wife so she can divorce and get half of everything but #2,3,4 if they leave do they pack and move themselves and the kids and get nothing but maybe child support from Kody? Its to crazy to figure out. My man is from Utah and luckily DOESNOT agree with this lifstyle. He doesnt want to share me and I wont share him so even if he thought about it I just remind him, if he wants more than one woman then I get more than one man and thats all it takes. Kody didnt like that thought either and I think that is crap to call it gross for the women and its ok for him. Still I love the show. Its like a trainwreck and you cant turn away.

1397 days ago


the sisters are the best. thy will always have family and that, what makes the world go around and lots of love and we all need that in ours lifes;;;;;;;;;;;

1397 days ago


So interesting to hear so many here with such ridiculous comments. Grow up already! If you are old enough to post, post in a responsible manner. Bomb the city, fat and ugly comments.....shows your maturity level. I agree, it is a strange way to live, but its strange in our country, not in some others, as cShell stated. Just as another stated, turn your TV off if you are so offended. But PLEASE grow up. I hope the rest of your lives are not conducted in the manner in which you write. I would not live a lifestyle that these people live, but they chose it. How does it really effect the rest of us other than a show to watch? On the matter of prosecution, I agree again that it is ridiculous for the gov. to intervene. How about we go after a few more child molesters, robbers, or a few other problems that really CAN effect us.

1397 days ago


They are all sick. There is no way this way of life is normal for many reasons. Mind you I love watching the show just to see what fools they are making of themselves.

What is in it for them being on TLC? How much money are they getting paid? I am sure they are not doing it for free.

Well stay tuned. Take out a bag of popcorn and some soda pop sit back and watch this all unfolds.

1397 days ago


Looking forward to Season 2. Hoping that Meri gets the balls to finally leave this guy. Why stay when in the next 3-4 years her daughter will be old enough to leave. What will she do. Wait for every 4th night to spend time with him.

1396 days ago


You all should quit judging. These people do not force their lifestyle on you, you choose to watch, you choose to live how you wish...let them do the same. They are not harming anyone, and deserve to be happy. Let it be!

1395 days ago
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