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'Sister Wives'

Not Backing Down

from Season 2

10/29/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're still in the middle of a criminal investigation -- but the polygamist family featured on "Sister Wives" has officially agreed to do another season of their TLC reality show.

The Kody family -- 21 members strong -- drew the eye of Utah officials right after their show debuted earlier this year. Authorities completed an investigation and turned the case over to the County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to prosecute the family for bigamy. 

Season 2 is set to debut in March -- no word if the family will address the investigation on the show.


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I don't see anything wrong with what they are doing. The children are well taken care of and they don't live on a 'compound'. The children all know who their "baby daddy" is and where he is. He loves them all and takes care of them all. No one is suffering. Is it because they are all in the same house at the same time instead of spread out over the city? Would anyone be complaining if he married and divorced 3 times and then everyone lived in the same house?

1450 days ago


Robin does not fit into the family. She cries about everything she talks about. I get tired of seeing her always putting her hand over her mouth and saying "I'm Sorry", get a grip! She seems phony to me.

1450 days ago


I think it is cool,but I think (2) should be the limit I am a Black man and I see so many black women are struggling with children. If a man has a good job and willing to take on this responsible. And which is worse a man that has been married many things and leaves children behind, or a man that takes care of his wifes and children?

1450 days ago


I think the first wife is not happy with this.Her kid is grown and she's all alone. The next to have it made ,deal with the man twice a week the rest of the time they are free to do what they want. Robin would have married anyone ,she's so insucure.
I want to know how much time he really spends with the kids, I only have two and don't spend enough time with them.

1450 days ago


I have always wondered how any women, or man for that matter, could be with more then one wife/husband....We here all the time about all the abuse to women and children, you always here the Bad and Ugly about this type of relationship....But here is family that loves and respect each other...I was always told that it takes a Community to rasie children...we this Family shows more love then most "NORMAL" families....I have followed the show from the start and why, because i wanted learn, understand more about how why...I there was an episode where they were talking about wife order and how they felt about there "# status", they each spoke about it and when wife number 3 said she didnt want to be # 1 and explained her reasons for the way she that moment I felt like I understood, or had a better understanding as how and why.....How they have a relationship that is because they are 1st and fore most FIRENDS,they have honesty,they respect each other, they communicate,and they have trust,and most of all LOVE unconditionaly!!!! Why? well why is not something u or I have a right to pass judgement on. We are not to judge, yet when a a situation arises that one would not agree was right for themselves, that the first thing that seems to happen....Although because I choose to live my life with what is acceptable to socitey, if my choice was to live their lifestyle i too would not want to #1 or #2, and agress with #3 wife.... CHARGES being brought on this family is NOT RIGHT!!! Here is a family that is out to show that not all who families who live this way are what we see and here about it.....So I applaude the whole family and whis them a long healthy life, My prayers to each and every FAMILY member

1448 days ago


I do not think marrying more than one wife is wise, but God did not die and make me judge. Some of the comments here are so cruel that I joined TMI so I could comment.

First, all the wives seem very sweet. A beautiful woman can have a sorry personality so I wouldn't marry just for looks; however the wives are NOT ugly. Janelle and Christine are beautiful women. Christine is kind and loving. Also, Christine is loving and very articulate. I would love to be their friend.

Meri also is kind. I hate that she is in this life style and is insecure. I also hate she lost her job.

Robyn seems kind and I hope Kody will be wiser in his actions and in his words.

Those of you that said such cruel things must be young and stupid. Beauty is more than the outer appearance. Looks will fade with time and those who are kind and care about others are the most beautiful. Grow up!

1443 days ago


Actually it isn't the "Kody" family, it's the "Brown" family... C'mon TMZ, get it together, lol

1432 days ago


Why in the world would people watch this show and contribute to enabling immoral people to make money? I hope to hell they all get convicted-I am no prude, but how would you feel if your husband is doing one, two, three, four, etc. women at the same time?? These women obviously have no self-esteem, or self-worth, and sharing is the only way they can snag a guy. Get a life-get counseling, get a new religion and ways of thinking!! The man is the winner here because he can sink his "head" into many "holes" with no repercussions. He is allowed to get away with that, which continues to reinforce the irrational notion that a white man rules the world, and does so with his penis. You could not pay me to watch this show-it is very sad how these children will be brought up and what their worldview will be of marriage and monogamous relationships. TLC should be ashamed of themselves for contributing to such garbage! But, then again, you put that stupid Kate Gosselin on just because she produced a litter with fertility pills! Big deal! She didn't do it on her own, she had help, so where is the allure? STOP THESE STUPID REALITY SHOWS BECAUSE THEY ARE SO, SO, SO STUPID AND POINTLESS!

1423 days ago


I really don't care if someone wants to be part of a polygamist or polyandrous relationship. If their adults (and no force is involved) it's their life. I might find it personally strange, but, wish them all happiness.

I admit, though, I find that Kody guy completely creepy. The wives seem nice. From what I've seen of the show I feel kinda sad for them. They seem to be feeling really guilty over their "jealously isues". (Then there's Kody with his creepy eyes and big $*it eater grin. lol Looks like he's getting majority of the benefits from their arrangement.)

1390 days ago

Gael Kreider    

Shame on all of you hateful intolerant people !!! All of the Browns are Beautiful & I'm excited about the next season. Best of wishes to the family in their move & settling into NV. I appreciate your efforts to educate Americans. Polygamy has always been in this world & its not going away anytime soon so get over yourselves all you haters !!!

1371 days ago


To the one who called them women ugly thay are not ugly at all.I thank thay are hot.

1362 days ago


I am a wife and I'd love to have three other women to share the work of raising one man.

1360 days ago


I think this is a good show and I admire how brave they all were for going public. America will be a 3rd world country if it continues to be run by dumb ass simple minded idiots like tlynn. Id hate to be a child of yours that is brought up w a self loathing retard like you. At least this family has happy, healthy, and productive children that are brought up w loving parents, no matter how many there are... I do not aproave of polygamy where there is child abuse of any kind involved, Obviously this family is trying to set an example and let everyone know that not all polygamist are not the same as those cult-like people.

1359 days ago


I am so excited about the second season! My family and friends would probably disown me for living this lifestyle and I know Biblically it is immoral. However, if I could find some way to make it right I would seriously consider it. I love the idea of having more than one woman in the family to run errands, do chores, take care of the children, work, and make ends meet. It just seems like such an easier life, and much less stressful than most monogamous women's lives while they're having to do it all. Having "sister wives" would be incredibly exciting I think.

1347 days ago

Dianne Brown    

Well my thing is the show BIG LOVE was a big hit and every time they do something about a man with more than one wife it interests people or they would not be putting it on TV NOW I could understand if he had married them legally BUT he did not do anything against the law IF they put them in jail then they need to jail every man that has ever had an affair it is the same thing as far as the law goes nothing on paper

1346 days ago
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