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'Sister Wives'

Not Backing Down

from Season 2

10/29/2010 11:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

They're still in the middle of a criminal investigation -- but the polygamist family featured on "Sister Wives" has officially agreed to do another season of their TLC reality show.

The Kody family -- 21 members strong -- drew the eye of Utah officials right after their show debuted earlier this year. Authorities completed an investigation and turned the case over to the County Attorney ... who will ultimately decide whether or not to prosecute the family for bigamy. 

Season 2 is set to debut in March -- no word if the family will address the investigation on the show.


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The guy is a jerk but I love the show and to tlynn,I don't know how any of the stuff you mentioned has to do with this show but if you don't like it don't watch.

1248 days ago


Really? All of you people that have nothing better to do than find issues with someone's lifestyle look at your own for once !!!!! I say if it doesn't hurt you then leave it be !!!!! Every one has something in their life that isn't right or could be illegal to some degree so shut up or turn it off if you dont like it. As far as the comment about fat women will do anything to get love or attention you need to be hung !!! I bet you're the kind that spends all your money on plastic surgery and have allot that you're not happy with yourself so you find things about others to make yourself feel better !!! Get a life .

1245 days ago

amy hansford    

if this is the way they want to live and are happy, and the kids are happy,fed and taking care of,what is it of anyones business, they are worst things happening out there, Forcus on that and not theses people,this is between them no one else,Ask the kids IF they are happy and go from there ,DO NOT seperate them , this is NOT good for the children,leave this family alone.

1243 days ago


How about the "sister" wives bringing home a "brother" husband? Someone younger and more virile, all the "sister" wives could line up at the new guy's bedroom door while the "father" husband pouts in the backyard looking after all the kids. I have never watched the show, just see the commercials and can't stand even the idea. However, if they add the brother husband(s), I would love to watch.

1235 days ago


I think this man and theses women are disgusting they are all living and sin, and bringing innocent children into the mix of it all. What I really hate is when I saw this idiotic, self centered, insecure, so called man in a circle and holding hands with his wives and praying how disgusting. How dare he pray to God when he is commiting adultry. These women have no self esteem or respect for themselves. they are letting this man control their lives, Get with it you 4 insecure women and leave this man hanging.

1234 days ago


this is for post leaver number live in polygamy central yet this bothers you so badly. they are normal people that live a normal life just a few extra people thrown into the family mix. they are no less people than you or I. this was a regular occurrence in the biblical days and I hate to break it to you but, just like the rest of us, you were probably the product of many generations of sister wives ago. lol. and by the way make use of your spell check there you close-minded jack-ass.

1230 days ago


Ok i think it is crazy for season 2 of Sister Wives is on and they are saying they are finally “coming out as a Polygamist family” ahhhhh didn’t everyone know this since this is their second season!!!!!!

1227 days ago

Amy C    

This show opens your eyes to another side a polygamy that is a choice for these people. There is no one being hurt or forced into something they don't want to. DO NOT CRITIZE if you don't know the facts. When I first heard about this show (season 1) I was thinking, WHAT? Now I appreciate what I have learned and understand why the wives would do this. It is hard working and raising kids and everything else. These women have it a lot better then many of us leading "normal" lifestyles. This is faith based for them, read the bible many of the stories the men had more than 1 wife. I am a Christian and I applaud them for sharing their story. Now they are being looked at by the law, if they are not breaking any "real" law LEAVE THEM ALONE!!!!

1227 days ago


I'm not a polygamist, Mormon, or anything of that nature, but it absolutely infuriates me that this beautiful family is being picked on, singled out, and investigated by ANY government authorities for their lifestyle! They are all beautiful people with beautiful children who chose to live a life that works for THEM! It doesn't have to work for ANYONE ELSE!!!! I love their show and watch regularly! Leave them alone and let them live in peace!!! I'm so saddened that they were "forced" out of their own town and state because the "law" doesn't approve and the papparazzi can't mind their own business! They're not hurting anyone! They're not pushing their beliefs onto anyone! They're simply living a chosen lifestyle that makes them and their children happy - just like the rest of us, whether we're single, living together, in a monogamous marriage, gay and living together, gay and married, etc. We all deserve the freedom to do as we choose as long as we're not hurting anyone! Polygamy (among adults) should be as legal as any other lifestyle! Why single them out?! Live and let live!!

1227 days ago


I Love This Show..Yes its different from regular reality tv..but the family is happy and no one is there againt their will...What is it any different from men having kids with multiple women? Aleast Kody and the "wives" are taking care of their family....Watch every episode faithfully.....Great job Brown Family.....Stay strong and faithful

1227 days ago


Why does anyone care what they are doing in their own household? What I dont understand is why people get their feathers in a ruffle over something that doesnt affect them AT all! This family is not like the poligamist families we have all seen on the news where women are abused and oppressed and children are forced to marry their 2nd cousin. This family is a loving and supportive family that truly care for one another. They help each other out and are always there for support. I am not a polygamist, but I think that this PARTICULAR family is doing better than alot of traditional families out there. I mean just because a family has one mom and one dad doesnt mean they are happy and healthy. They can still have a creepy uncle or a drug addict mother....this family is loving of one another, what more can we ask for? Not to mention, they are all WILLING!

1227 days ago

Jennifer Sandoval    

I praise what they are doing. I wish I had that type of love for my family. I wish everyone could have that family. I do. Full of love and never without someone to talk to.

1227 days ago

Connie Haggerty    

I think the show is great. I wish them all health and happiness.

1227 days ago


I wonder if as many people would think this lifesytle was harmless if there was one lady with four men living in the house.

1222 days ago


I find it hard to believe that these women do not feel hurt and insecure sharing a man between them...What about the brainwashing of the children...what if one decides to have a siglet marriage..I watched the Oprah episode and this family is just creepy..

1222 days ago
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