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'Sound of Music' Actor: They Left Me Out Of Reunion

10/30/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Daniel Truhitte -- who played the young Nazi soldier Rolfe in "The Sound of Music" -- is screaming from the hilltops ... devastated he wasn't invited to the "Music" reunion special on "Oprah."


Daniel's lederhosen are in a wad over the "Oprah" special that aired on Thursday -- which was billed as the first time in 45 years that the "entire cast" has been in the same place. O featured all eight members of the Von Trapp family, plus Julie Andrews.

But Daniel -- who played the love interest of Liesl Von Trapp and famously sang "Sixteen Going on Seventeen" -- tells TMZ he doesn't understand why he was left out, saying "I was the male juvenile lead, a main part of the story ... it's beyond me." 

Daniel groused, "How can you not include Rolfe?"

A rep for the show tells TMZ, "Our show was a reunion of the von Trapp 'family.' Mr. Truhitte's character was not part of that group."


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baby girl    

I can't imagine the thought of a tabloid exaggerating comments and truths?!?!? After many fans called making a stink about the situation, TMZ was notified and called Dan for an interview. His lederhosen are not in a wad - has actually never worn lederhosen - and he’s not whining. Disappointed? Sure. Who wouldn’t want the opportunity to celebrate a reunion with people you haven’t seen in 45 years (other than a couple of other reunions at milestone years) who had a huge impact on your life? He’s an amazing man who has always been grateful to have had the opportunity to be part of one of the greatest musicals of all time. He’s a man that loves his family, his fans, and music and appreciates all who missed his presence on the show. However, he is far above bashing Oprah and “screaming to the hilltops” – unless he’s singing that is. He’s glad that the movie continues to be celebrated. Yes, I know this because I’m his youngest daughter.
BTW, yes he was a whistle blowing Nazi for a moment, but why does no one remember that in the end, he tricked the Nazi soldiers and redirected them away from the family allowing them to get away? It was a drama – that made it suspenseful and dramatic. He is not actually a Nazi. On the contrary, he was singing “The Lord’s Prayer” in his nephew’s wedding the weekend it aired and playing with his newest grandson and celebrating life – not being bitter. What the hay, any press is good press, huh?

1454 days ago


It's pretty clear that there was a major oversight here! Rolfe and Liesl's gazebo number was one of the most romantic and memorable in all musical cinema. And Rolfe's last scene at the abbey, his showdown at gunpoint with Captain Von Trapp, was the movie's dramatic crescendo. If this guy is still out there - and performing! - he should have been on the show.

1454 days ago

Tia Maria    

Yes # 11, Dan Truhitte still looks good! He lives in my town; still sings with a fantastic voice; I see him all the time with his lovely wife around our town, Concord, NC, near Charlotte. I think he (and others) should have been invited since the show was billed as the "entire cast" being together. Plus, he shouldn't have been omitted because of the role he played.

1453 days ago


I TOTALLY agree..."Rolfe" should have been there!!! And to add to other posts, it WAS touted to be a reunion of the "cast"...(I took it as the immediate family, Max, The Baroness, AND Rolfe...whoever was still with us!) I was in the play my Jr. year in HS (I'm 48 now), and "I am 16..." would have sounded pretty strange as a solo!!! I think it is unforgivable of Oprah (whom I don't watch....she is ANNOYING...but my mom called all excited & told me to Youtube it, so I did!) Having been "Leisel" myself, the 1st person I looked for was Daniel Truhitte (I had SUCH the crush on him as a LOT of us young girls did when we 1st saw TSOM!) Nope...not there! I'm rather suprised that since "16" was her big solo scene w/o the other kids (no other kid had one), that the actress who played "Leisel" didn't insist! WTF, Ms O????

1451 days ago


I think Oprah was wrong for not including Rolf and the Baroness. Especially if they are both still alive. If they wasnt doing main characters than half the Von Trapp kids shouldnt have been on. I mean really, how many of them even had a decent speaking part. If it wasnt for their singing roles, they probaly wouldnt have even had a honorable mention.

I think if you say entire cast, then it should include major entire cast players. Just my opinion.

Shame on you Oprah!!!!!

1397 days ago
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