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Brooke on Charlie:

'We're Separated'

10/30/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller casually dropped a little nugget of information when asked about Charlie Sheen's hotel antics -- the couple is separated.

Brooke told a photog yesterday the pair doesn't live together anymore and when asked whether or not she was worried about Charlie cheating on her, she responded, "Charlie can do whatever he wants ... I'm just saying, Charlie's not cheating on me. We're separated."

As we reported back in June, Charlie and Brooke drew up documents laying out who gets what in the event they get divorced.

Might be time to pull those papers out of a drawer.


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I believe they split after he held the knife to her throat on Christmas day while their two boys was in the same room. Glad she left that lowlife douche bag wife beater. The rest of the world keeps kissing his azz while he keep bashing women heads in. WTF rehab is about?......CBS is a disgusting piece of **** station for giving this shack of **** 2 million a show. I will never watch that show ever. BOYCOTT Two 1/2 men.

1451 days ago


sorry char`lee who DAt how cares about a TV z lispt actor..that beats ladys and dopes...payup time after time TMZ is still beating the charlie not a horse drum dumb and he like a little child eats it UP sorry charlie who cares?

1451 days ago


another crackhead. Literally. those two deserve each other. I feel bad for their kids though. selfish addict parents. sad really.

1451 days ago


Her elevator does not even go to the top floor. Her paperwork should have been filed the first time she was reportedly abused -- note reportedly is the appropriate word here. She has also been alone with Charlie since she was reportedly abused, so how does that work? Craaaaazy lady!

1451 days ago

Lisa Doyle    

seriously for a "top website", you'd think they would be able to spell and have proper grammer...good english..not..!!

1451 days ago


Denise Richards has gone on quite a few talk shows...must be trying to gain viewers for her upcoming reality TV show. She's portraying herself as the "protective" Mom but she's just concerned about her own popularity. I see why the two of them were together.

1451 days ago

Queen Karma    

Charlie Sheen is a menatally deranged, psycho, recovering drug addict and alcholic,bipolar, imbecile,gentically flawed,RICH guy.
Why did Denise Richards marry him and then have a child,separate and then have another kids ASAP and then divorce and risk on passing on these bad genes to HER kids? Because she gets tax free, $25,000 a month in child support,a profit of Two and a Half Men,and got tax free a big lump salary.
Why did Brooke Meuller do the same? She will get the same amt. She wants more. No way is Denise going to allow that to happen.
Denise has turned out to be better than Charlie and Brooke, but that is not a god scale to be judged on.
Brooke is a drug addict.
She is the Mrs.
Her money deal is set in stone.Charlie's folks need to start writing some checks.
The prostitute,Capri,gets no money.Nothin.Nada.

1451 days ago


How long before Charlie Sheen pulls a Phil Spector?
This man is a mess and is dangerously violent towards women. Shame on the NYPD for not placing him under arrest.
Li'l Wayne wound up in solitary confinement and didn't hurt anyone, T.I. and DMX are hounded for being addicts, yet Sheen threatened his ex with a knife and now put this "escort" in fear of her safety and gets to walk.
I see a pervasive double standard in the criminal justice system.

1451 days ago


Nice video this is, and i am impressed with because he creating a nice video, and she are looking so beautiful in this video.

1451 days ago


charlies sheen is the Fccn MAN! hate all you want, doesnt stop him from makin over a million per episode, like Notorious BIG said, MO MONEY MO PROBLEMS

1451 days ago


She also happens to be separated from a brain!!!

1450 days ago

South Beach    

Like Denise Richards before her, the soon to be ex of Charlie no doubt LOVES the validation Charlie has given HER by taking the bus back to Crazy.

But, a lot is riding on Charlie not getting locked up or entering rehab, like $2 mil per episode. Lots of mortgages are depending on this bonehead, everyone associated with the show for instance. They'd better save their money this year, because if Charlie pulls this out, and he probably will, him hitting the wall again is not an "if" but "when".

1450 days ago
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