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Deion Sanders' Wife -- Don't Pee In My 13 Toilets!

11/1/2010 7:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Deion Sanders' wife Pilar was the #1 problem during the taping of VH1's "Football Wives" -- as in, she refused to let anyone on the production team pee in any of the 13 toilets in her Texas mansion.

Sources connected with production tell us Pilar was incredibly protective of the crappers in her 109 acre, 10 bedroom, 13 bathroom estate in North Texas ... and directed the crew to her pool house.

We're told Pilar was the only "wife" who had bathroom issues -- the other castmates gave the crew an all-access potty pass when they shot scenes in their homes.

Pilar also had issues with her co-stars -- we're told since the show wrapped, she's stopped talking to the other women.  But sources close to Pilar say its "completely false."

Sounds like enough drama for a second season ...

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No Avatar


She didn't want them to use the toilets because her plumber suc**!!!! I know he used to be mine and he used to brag about how he did their work. Everything he touches turns to shi*, no pun intended!!!!

1423 days ago


The hired help can pee in the pool house. I don't see what all the fuss is about.

1423 days ago


It's NOT your money....FAKE EYES!!!!!!!!!!!

1423 days ago


Sally, you BIG DUMMY. How do you know she was raised in the ghetto? Or did you just assume that she was because she's black? And actually she's biracial; her mom is white and her dad is black. Next time, think before you type!

1423 days ago

doris porter    

Deon you could have done better then her, she is mean poor trash, never had any thing until you came along. And that fake modeling stuff, all tall women say's the same thing, get over your self lady you aint sh..t.

1423 days ago

Celeb Gossip Addict    

I don't see what the problem is. One man can have a bathroom smelling like a public restroom after a while. You have to clean the walls and everything to get rid of the pee splash that comes from them shaking their stuff at the end of using the restroom. MAYBE I'd designate one for them to use and then have the maid scrub the hell out of it when they leave and throw away all the towels. Nah, never mind. The poolhouse is just fine.

1423 days ago

Ms PJ    

Ive been watching Football Wives and I like Pilar now and I liked her when she and Dion had their reality show. The other woman on the show wish they had her fame, fortune, beauty and husband. That big 190 lb. 6 foot bytch on the show is always trying to p*nk someone. She always brags shes from Detroit, I invite her to come to Compton and we will show her some Southern Califorian hospitality.

1422 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i'd have done the same!! just imagine these film crew dudes! you know they'd be 'target practicing' on the center of the (left up) toilet bowl ring. even if i had maids n stuff cleaning it up, they can stay in the port o potty with that 'i don't hang my junk into a toilet bowl when i pee' stuff. i can understand why not, but too bad for them, god made them that way. just the imagery!! ew!

1422 days ago


I hope they keep their money cause no one really cares about they anyway...

1422 days ago


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1422 days ago


nobody gives a **** about this bitch!
shut up and suck **** like you are paid to do

1422 days ago


She is gorgeous. One of the prettiest people on television and you guys are calling her a whore I think you got her confused with the Kardashian show. Now those are some whores and everyone tries to give them a pass. She needs to put out a fitness video or something because her abs are ridiculous. Her body puts all those reality chicks to shame... Oh yeah she wont get her just do because she is a dark women. Shes going to get hated on. Now with that being said. She allowed them to go to the pool house and use the bathroom etc so whats the big deal? They had a restroom to use.

1422 days ago


ITS HER HOME and I would do the same..I dont want strangers in my Home or bathroom..What is the BIG Deal here..Leave Her alone SHE IS CLEAN...People steal from rich peoples bathrooms

1422 days ago


Ever been in a public men's room. Pee on the floor, pee on the seats. Freakin so disgusting you don't even want to walk on the floor. Pilar is right and all the other BS means nothing. Who cares if she is from the ghetto or that Dion grew up in a shack on a banana plantation in West Ft. Myers. She probably makes Dion pee in the poolhouse full time too. I know I would if I was Pilar. Go Girl......

1422 days ago


It doesn't matter how many bathrooms she has; none of them are public! That's disgusting. If they were going to be working for an extended period of time, it's their company's responsibility to provide a porta-potty NOT hers.

1422 days ago
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