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Colbert & Stewart

Bring the Sanity

And/Or Fear

10/30/2010 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart took to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. today as part of their "Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear."

1030_colbert_stewart_getty So far sanity has a slight lead.



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Jon Stewart, your fifteen minutes just ended. What a delusion loser. This guy is completely brain washed. His retarded show is just anti reality propaganda. Jon Stewart and Obama are just copying another popular party from 1930's europe.

1390 days ago


grumble ... grumble ... grumble ... grumble ... grum--

Is that Evel Kneivel? I thought he was dead.

grumble ... grumble ... grumble ... grumble

1390 days ago

just sayin'    

Gather and make fun of Americans who want our government smaller and spending less of our money. Sounds hilarious; party on dudes! 0-bam-a! 0-bam-a! 0-bam-a! Pass the kool-aid! 0-bam-a! Mmmm, mmmm, mmmmm!

1390 days ago


what a boring bunch of crap if this was us democrats last hope we are DOOMED

1390 days ago


Axis of Ignorance: Party of "No"; Tea Party; Fox News. Stand by Obama, Our Man!

1390 days ago


Thanks for wasting everybody's time, guys.

1390 days ago


Most democrats get their opinions from these guys.
Sad to say .

1390 days ago

Y do he got    

18 teen years OLD^^^ nunber 18 since when did the GOP ever get small? or downsize themselfs(GOP) never.If the fed does`nt take any action than the states must thus upsizeing goverment and letting raceist states tread on WE THE PEOPLE.Jon jon got his cash dealing dope and ho hos for the GOP just saying.PAYlin the masons hide behind fake human rights and fake dwont downsizes that never happen.REAGAN killed american for china tear down that wall so my friends get in after he screwed the unions that built him.CBS sony japan owned him and now own hollywood.YOUR OWN GOP shipped your jobs to china and now freddy mac and fannie may BUSHS billionare buddys are bleeding what is left of america dry put that in your hooka and smoke it CRACKHEAD or get your butch you buy you some office space to YMCA mason SS yourself into some life form.WHITE may be right wing but thay an`t right and you shipped your own jobs to china downsizeing yourselfs for your state owned GOP billionare brotherHOOD of white hooded hillbillys in snowland.Put you`all on a pickers crew for one season and your mind could work again?

1390 days ago


Every right winger that gets apoplectic over this brings me joy.

1390 days ago


2 old farts tryin to act young. so stupid..

1390 days ago


SIR tear down this wall to china so my owners can ship all of your jobs to china.GOP can`t remember thier own actions.the union built reagan and he stabbed everylast american in the back when he broke the unions and opened the door to china lead toys and toxic drywall and slave labor.Bush&cheney gave america to freddy mac&fannie may and WE THE PEOPLE PAY AND PAY 100`s of billions forever untill america falls for that.DOWNSIZE the GOP to nothing and the country and unions will go back to work and won`t be setting around the YMCA in some mobster office dope dealers space.GROW up just sayin jon jon your a dealer killer of your own brother and father and just is a moobster mouth for AM daycare radio satellite TV moobys.BATTLE>COM untill your buds are sued into jail4LIFE than workcamps may awaken you.BRAIN DRAIN STATES for the GOP HA HA HA

1390 days ago


both political parties are responsible for the mess we're in, until we agree to stop lobbing bricks at one another the politicians will continue to destroy us . . . divide and conquer, ur doin' it rite.

1390 days ago

Emma Ross    

I migrated to the USA from the Philippines 5 years ago and realized how some Americans whine so much. I have a co-worker at work who thought that the governmnet needs to bail her out from credit card debit, car note, mortgage, utility bills and grocery. She even used her brother's food stamp debit card to do her grocery. She whines all the time why the government can't help her out from all this financial problems she's having the fact that she's paying taxes. Americans have so many good thing, stop complaining! You all need to experience what it feels like to live in a third world country and you'll appreciate what you have.

1390 days ago


GOP is never going to ship your downsized job back from china where they sent it in the first place.GOP can`t take the heat and FN this country into the ground getto-getto coast-coast...your jobs are never coming back thanks to the GOP union can`t built a GNP without unions and the GOP wants to break minimum wages back to the STONE AGE F that the GOP shipped the jobs by outsourceing to india and china WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE the tea party is MOB fart fRATT~SS take a fed program and X it 50times and you have a GOP downsizing brain drain college of rejects

1390 days ago


I watched part of the rally on tv...and I'll tell you - IT GAVE ME *HOPE*. Hope that no matter WHAT the problems our country is facing...when it all boils down: WE *ARE*/*CAN BE* "UNITED"...when/where it really counts. I teared up at some of the songs, and the speeches...and just enjoyed seeing the refreshing scene of people coming together...from all walks of life/all nationalities/all religious backgrounds/all political parties/etc...and remembering that BEYOND those 'differences'...what BONDS US TOGETHER IS SO MUCH BIGGER: **~WE'RE AMERICANS!~**

1390 days ago
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