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Colbert & Stewart

Bring the Sanity

And/Or Fear

10/30/2010 8:40 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart took to the National Mall in Washington, D.C. today as part of their "Rally To Restore Sanity and/or Fear."

1030_colbert_stewart_getty So far sanity has a slight lead.



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Colbert is an idiot...

1431 days ago

Y do he got    

Freddy mac&fannie may are all bush cheney and 911 was on thier watch as they did nothing but gave billions to thier owners at blackwater haliburtion than katrina where the WHITE SHEETS-bush/cheney rightwing did nothing as babys died because they were black and poor.No one could back up those actions and that is why obama won by a LANDSIDE and the GOP made the highest run on guns EVER oh blacks are taking over was the GOG tea party war cry baby`ss call.STINKING all the way back to REAGAN TRICKLE you downers and SIR TEAR DOWN THAT WALL to china so my buddys can send american to china busting the unions to BITS bills and satellite STAR wars muti-trillion dollar give aways to themselfs.THE GOP IS DOA paylin ha ha ha and whatever loser stry to take on THE FIRST BLACK PRESIDENT winner of the peace prize and saver of our banking system and car industry.EVEN if your WHITE SHEETS GOP could get back control they will send us back into a full blown depression of REAGAN GOON-SS clonesX 30 pull your heads out of your tasses GOP your own party F`ed your jobs to china lead toys and toxic drywall from reagan with LOVE.THE RECESSION is long since over and bush had nothing but joblessness and recession..but in the cyberage you must have cyber skills not BS`s in brain drain colleges by proxy frat farts and WHITE SHEET SS masons..get a cyber skill or retire as the whole world is finding out not just your GOD america GOP tea& peas.Times and work forces change and you must change with those advances or get left behind.The first working models of a cyber eco system predicted that over 50 years ago and japan was the first test market owned by whom? and control by whom.GOP far far right wing is DOA paylin is a huge joke and an`t paying no one.BUILD A GNP via union and restore america or move on to GOP run non-minimum wages trailer parks and white gettos

1430 days ago


Paylin tea party GOP could`t win a soap box race in thier ownership built hell a burtion billion satellite starwars JUNK YARD fat abert vs cartwheels get a life dude or get sued back to the little house? of dope cooks and money washers

1430 days ago



1430 days ago


46 the elect/college places those in office IT is not a election by public vote as the public wants it to be.having a higher educations means nothing unless you can build a GNP or you will be shot in the streets ner matter how many guns the GOP buys for you also in a matter of time.GOP shots dems dems hide move or jump ship got all the scars from 50 years of GOP murder attempts bullets switch blades safe house burn downs THANK GOD FOR THE CIA!.

1430 days ago


RIGHTWING is DOA and missing in non action people of color and females win more votes as long as they are not GOP paylins and out of touch WHITESHEETS WITH GUN~SS

1430 days ago

Y do he got    

NO one cares about america or voteing or dems or goppies first post to last post 90% mine and no one even pout up any kind of fight.See ya never TMZ your perverts!.

1430 days ago
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