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Michael Lohan Cops Out for Halloween

10/31/2010 10:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Michael Lohan is here to protect and serve. You gotta admit, he sure knows how to get served ... so going as a cop at a Bev Hills halloween party was more than appropriate.

Let's hope he continues to exercise his right to remain silent.


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Michael Lohan isn't a celebrity, I thoght this was celebrity news and gossip.

1451 days ago


You dissapoint me, TMZ! Why do you continue to follow this person and give him space on your computer? Don't want to see him, hear him, or listen to anything he has to say or what he wears. He is no one! He does nothing! NIX HIM!!!!

1451 days ago


A convicted felon with multiple stints in prison dresses up as a member of law enforcement.
Shows how crazy he is

1451 days ago


I was just wondering when we're going to stop seeing this clown on TMZ? It's one thing if the guy was actually entertaining or interesting... sadly he is not. He's a pathetic AA flunky begging for attention. Why give it to him?

1451 days ago


I thought ML wasn't talking to the press. Whoopsie, wait a minute. Now I remember. Michael Lohan is a big liar!

1451 days ago


The only thing Michael Lohan ever does is exercise his right to be a douche bag.

1451 days ago


Say what you want, this man was, in fact, right all along about Lindsay's addictions. It was Dina that denied and lied about it. He also tried to get them all in counseling to help the family-all of them-once and for all. Again, Dina said NO keeping the entire family in crisis.

Say what you want, he was right. I wish the judge would bar Dina from getting anywhere near Lindsay. Somebody had better check the candy Dina is bringing into BF today.

1451 days ago


Why not leave him alone? He's not seeking this out. It's clear somebody took the pics from a cell and then sold them to TMZ. He's not seeking this out.

1451 days ago


Ummm, the ONLY person who sells Michael Lohan aka loser father of the decade pictures are Michael Lohan. GO AWAY MICHAEL LOHAN...GO FAR FAR FAR AWAY...NOBODY WANTS TO SEE YOUR SICK AND SILLY GRIN ANYMORE

1451 days ago



1451 days ago


Newsflash everyone knew Lilo has & alcohol and drug problem. The one thing she didn't have was a prescription med problem, that's been ruled out, but how would he know he hadn't talked to her in 18 months, her Adderall problem was because she lied about symptoms to get meds to control her weight, that's on her not the Dr, but the KING of enablers, the worst person she could ever be in contact with ever again is going after a doctor instead of his lying brat. Ex lying brat, as he's her ex father. Nothing is his fault he's always innocent, the nasty abuser and violent sociopath, so nothing is Lindsay's fault either - if she has contact with her it's this attitude that will kill her.

Why is he on here, in his mom jeans and retarded hip phone? He's a parasite and not newsworthy, but it's a great drinking holiday so he may get to grind on a young drunk woman. You go mom jeans. Still not news worthy. Please cut this tard hypocrite out of your repertoire. He's someone who truly needs to fade away. Quickly.

1451 days ago


His hip-phone is as ridiculous as he is.

1451 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

xcuze me tmz, it's me back of that lady's back on the foto? you catch my drift here? a little very 'over sexy' here? i'm just commenting so that you get a picture of what it is like for boys coming to your site. we all just want to raise healthy boys, and i just was pointing this out so you are more aware. thanks.

1451 days ago


Don't forget, people - it's the first of the month tomorrow. Lohan has rent to pay. TMZ - The only picture we want to see of Michael Lohan is a picture of him going to work - and going to work doesn't mean quoting Michael Lohan as a 'source' and/or pictures of Lohan partying.

1450 days ago


Love how he looks normal in the right picture, but is sucking his gut in on the bottom left picture.

1450 days ago
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