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Capri Anderson: Sheen Ripped My Purse a New One

11/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson claims Charlie Sheen didn't just take out his aggression on hotel property during the night of his meltdown ... she says he also destroyed her super expensive Prada purse.


We're told Capri believes Sheen targeted the bag believing she hid his rare, $150,000 Patek Philippe 5970 watch inside -- then opened it up, dumped out the contents and "ripped it to shreds" ... only to find nothing.

Our sources say Capri -- who bought the $1,600 bag the day before -- took it back to the store the next day to get it fixed ... but was told it was "beyond repair."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Capri never mentioned a damaged purse when they interviewed her in the hotel room.

As for Charlie ... his manager, Mark Burg, scoffed at Capri's allegation telling TMZ, "Maybe she can get a Prada sponsorship out of this."



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Charlie Sheen hires prostitutes to come to his hotel room to not have sex with him, he's got too much money and free time.

1456 days ago


Her story seems to change more then her bedsheets.

1456 days ago


The previous 20 comments bashing this woman are all fake, probably Charlie's public relations team and or CBS. The hotel had to call the cops because she was yelling out of his mind in a rage of anger. Calling this woman names doesn't change the fact that the police wanted to arrest Carlie Sheen, he should thank his lawyer and buy the lady a new dress, purse and make-up.

1456 days ago

Zippy T. Pinhead    

By next Tuesday she will remember that Charlie pulled out a knife and cut her head off the night of the Great Watch Caper.

1456 days ago

La La Land    

Hey capri,

I will buy you a 2 prada purse's in exchange for your services.

Look forward to doing business with you!

1456 days ago


Her story seems to change more then her bedsheets.

Posted at 4:29 AM on Nov 5, 2010 by ubernoob
LOL! I wonder if her sheets get changed regularly though.

Speaking of sheets, another site has the details of the "agreement" between Charlie and Brooke....Charlie has it so he even keeps the twins' throw rugs, curtains, blinds,'s insane! TMZ should post it and stop posting this tramp.

1456 days ago


This pic is what Miley Cyrus will look like in 5 years, no?!

1456 days ago


Crazy Charlie ought to get together with Mad Mel. They're two of an out-of-control kind.

1456 days ago

It's Me    

"Capri Anderson: Sheen Ripped My Purse a New One"

I wonder if she meant "puss".

1456 days ago


she is nothing and she took his watch and i thank she will try to get money from him i dont thank he did nothing wrong

1456 days ago

John Stamos    

LOL at the $1,60...0 purse being called super expensive when Charlie's watch was worth nearly 100x that !

1456 days ago


Just another whore who's now going to be famous for banging someone in Hollywood.

I guess they'll be offering her a reality show next week and making the talk show rounds.

Doesn't take talent to make it in Hollywood anymore, just spread your legs.

1456 days ago


When you charge 12k for a night certainly you can afford a new bag. Consider it a business cost. Plus, the 150k watch you stole more than offsets the cost of a new bag.

1456 days ago


If she stole something that expensive from an average person they would have killed her. How exactly should Sheen have acted getting his watch taken? Stuffed it up her snatch more like it or flushed it. That's like going to steal your house or car, most people would be outraged. Sheen faught tooth and nail in the devorce to keep his watches only for some two bit floozy to steal it.

1456 days ago


Funny how something new comes out every few days that she forgot to mention when it happened and the cops were there. Little wonder no action has been taken in this matter. Not that Charlie is without blame for his actions, but this whore just wants to fan the flames to keep her face in the tabloid news.

1456 days ago
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