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Capri Anderson: Sheen Ripped My Purse a New One

11/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson claims Charlie Sheen didn't just take out his aggression on hotel property during the night of his meltdown ... she says he also destroyed her super expensive Prada purse.


We're told Capri believes Sheen targeted the bag believing she hid his rare, $150,000 Patek Philippe 5970 watch inside -- then opened it up, dumped out the contents and "ripped it to shreds" ... only to find nothing.

Our sources say Capri -- who bought the $1,600 bag the day before -- took it back to the store the next day to get it fixed ... but was told it was "beyond repair."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Capri never mentioned a damaged purse when they interviewed her in the hotel room.

As for Charlie ... his manager, Mark Burg, scoffed at Capri's allegation telling TMZ, "Maybe she can get a Prada sponsorship out of this."



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Another Skank looking to make money!!! I'm not saying he is an Angel (far from it) I'm just sick of seeing these young girls doing this and then waiting on their big payout...

1427 days ago

Yep I said that    

Oh for a moment I thought they meant the one she sits on LMAO

1427 days ago


Prada was a small leather goods company before they started designing clothing and shoes- there is NO WAY one of their bags could be that easily damaged.

1427 days ago


I'm sure Charlie’s watch will turn up during her next GYN exam.

1427 days ago


I think its safe to say Sheen is a WHORE too. Enough of these HOLLYWOOD bullies who walk away scott free while the women they used are left with the brunt of the hate. Its RIDICULOUS...all while Lindsey is shipped off to jail, rehab and more jail and rehab.

Posted at 6:41 AM on Nov 5, 2010 by TrixLaRue

We know he's a whore. He knows he's a whore. The women know he's a whore. Why is it his fault what happens to women that willingly participate in the whoring? These women seek Charlie for their own selfish reasons, mostly for publicity. And quite often they get it. Women are responsible for themselves, aren't they?

1427 days ago


lol someone said it already, we all know where that watch went, the bad part is, it will only be found during her next film when Dirk Digler sets off the alarm on it

1427 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

PLEASE TMZ..posta link to her DP vids!

1427 days ago


Oksana's long lost daughter.

1427 days ago


Where is Gloria when you need her?

1427 days ago


She's a prostitute, one who has sex for money as a means of a creating income. She can doll it up however she wants by saying "escort" or "pornographic actress" but at the end of the say shes a prostitute. Nothing more. Good luck swaying public opinion honey, this country LOVES coke whores.

Oh and Charlie is the man, hes a pig but he comes by it honestly. I can respect that. Embrace the hatred like Glenn Beck/Oprah/Lebron.

1427 days ago


I don’t think Charlie called her, I think she along with her friends are predators.
Charlie was probably already sh*t faced, then along came the ho.
I think he thought she was a free slut when he took her to the bathroom.

1427 days ago


Ugh.... This prostitution-whore is really nothing special :-(

1427 days ago


Ok, she is a whore, she charged him $12,000 for the night. He is a sociopath and violent junkie/drunk. What a lovely couple they make! He spends his money buying expensive watches to compensate, most likely, for having a small unit, he has to have something to show women to impress them, and thats not in his pants, so its on his wrist, and its the money in his wallet. They should both be fixed so they do not breed.

1427 days ago


She gives Prada a bad name. No wonder Charlie Sheen can't keep a wife, he loves hookers and booze more than he does his family.

1427 days ago


Go get on your nasty looking knees and earn some money and buy a new one . Or sell Charles watch you stole from him you nasty WHORE.

1427 days ago
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