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Capri Anderson: Sheen Ripped My Purse a New One

11/5/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson claims Charlie Sheen didn't just take out his aggression on hotel property during the night of his meltdown ... she says he also destroyed her super expensive Prada purse.


We're told Capri believes Sheen targeted the bag believing she hid his rare, $150,000 Patek Philippe 5970 watch inside -- then opened it up, dumped out the contents and "ripped it to shreds" ... only to find nothing.

Our sources say Capri -- who bought the $1,600 bag the day before -- took it back to the store the next day to get it fixed ... but was told it was "beyond repair."

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Capri never mentioned a damaged purse when they interviewed her in the hotel room.

As for Charlie ... his manager, Mark Burg, scoffed at Capri's allegation telling TMZ, "Maybe she can get a Prada sponsorship out of this."



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Listen you stupid worthless c##t! I don't want to hear it. This b!!!!h had every opportunity to file charges against the selfish sociopath narcissist sheen (who does nothing compassionate for anyone but bones every day and only cares about pleasure) but did not. Any girl that gets near sheen including his stupid bimbo wives who only married him to change him--deserve every std and karma that comes their way. Sheen will not change. he does not have to. The stupid retarded public and the stupid crim j system lets him walk every time. What a joke. Oh--and these whores still love him. So ladies he has no incenetive to become a gentleman because of you. Typical female thinking. The more women a guy bangs the more of a chall;enge he is and the more attractive he becomes. So b###tches I do not wanna here about guys being dogs. They are because you love it.
This porn hooker should of filed charges--forget the lawsuit---these stupid barbies are always looking for 15 min. Well had your chance and could of maybe put sheen in jail but you did not you coward. So shut up and die!

1391 days ago



This woman bought a Prada purse?? Lol! Prada doesn't rip apart!

Posted at 4:05 AM on Nov 5, 2010 by FedGirl"

Everything rips apart. Even ****ing solar systems.

1391 days ago


Just go to a Prada store and shove one her your cooch and walk out. That's how you roll.

1391 days ago

Prince Eugene von Saxe-Coburg-Gotha    

The thing is though, if you search Google and find some photos of her without enough makeup, she's as homely as a sewer rat. Charlie Sheen obviously has enough money to afford something better than that, so he obviously just has bad taste. Or the drink and drugs have rotted his brain beyond all recovery.

1391 days ago


This chick is actually going to make people end up rooting for the drunken, stoned out of his mind, Charlie Sheen.

1391 days ago


God, I love this girl. She's just shameless famewhoring trash - ain't it grand? I think Sheen should marry her - they deserve each other.

1390 days ago


she hid the watch in her vagina... or her can..

1389 days ago


I'm sure the Plaza has vid-cams in all the common areas of the Hotel. They should be able to see the shinny metal on the wrist of Charlie S. from point A to B - and at least confirm Charlie S. did not trade the watch for an ounce of "Charlie". Charlie S. is a big "watch" guy and this was not his first rodeo - In all those 30 years of hookers & coke - he never lost one to to the Hidi Fleiss harem of hookers or to Ginger Lynn And they were all coke-heads!

Capri is a watch bandit!

1377 days ago
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