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MJ's Doc

Rescued from Burning Home

11/1/2010 11:25 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Dr. Arnie Klein -- Michael Jackson's former dermatologist -- was evacuated from his L.A. area home this morning after a fire broke out in the kitchen.

Emergency vehicles responded to the blaze and evacuated 4 people from the home. Arnie was removed from the house in a stretcher and placed into a waiting ambulance.

We're told everyone is "OK."

Thanks to KTLA for the helicopter shot.


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Dr. Klein looks like a large whale that got stranded on a beach.

1419 days ago


God Don't Like Ugly , this is payback! : )

1419 days ago


WHY did they save him?????? He NEEDS to burn. TRAITOR!!!

1419 days ago


They should have left that fat pig in there to burn! What goes around comes around Dr. Klein. Shall we say liar liar pants on fire?

1419 days ago


I have always said that Arnie Klein is a master of creating smoke-screens to divert attention from the fact that he was a major enabler in Michael´s life - even writing prescriptions to fake names (Omar Arnold, Jack London and multiple others).

SMOKE SCREEN 1) Hinting that he might have fathered Michael´s children. (Which he did NOT!)

SMOKE SCREEN 2) Talking about Michael peeing in cups in front of others. (Which I DOUBT!!)

SMOKE SCREEN 3) Claiming that Michael was gay and that he had an affair with Teletubby, Jason Pfeiffer (Michael wasn´t gay. Nothing wrong with being gay, but Michael just wasn´t.)

But this burning house business is taking it too literally, smoke-screen-wise!!! LOL

That said, even though I DO NOT LIKE ARNIE PARNIE, I am glad nothing happened to him or the other three persons at the house at the time.

1419 days ago


It's not Daddy's voice? Well guess what kids. It wasn't "Daddy's" sperm either.
It was Uncle Arnie's.
Deal with it kiddies.
Posted at 11:16 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by lance
It's been a over 13 years and no one has proven to be the father of Prince, Paris and Blanket other than MJ. No one has proven that MJ is not the father of his three children. Just more ignorant jealous talk to keep the truth about MJ's murder quiet!!! If arnie was killed in that fire, it would have no bearing what so ever on Prince, Paris or Blanket. Just silly internet nonsense. no legal premise at all!!!Not now, not ever!!

1419 days ago


I pity the fire and rescue team, having to haul all those slabs of meat of 'arnie's onto that poor fragile gurney. then struggle with the back breaking effort of strapping down a ton of arnie's flab. from the photo on TMZ it appears that one of the straps have disappeared into the skin fold across arnie's belly and thighs. the sheet is only a distraction.

Aint no way in heaven or hell that man Arnie Klien is the father of Prince and Prince. There's just no fat ass way!

1419 days ago


Aint no way in heaven or hell that man Arnie Klien is the father of Prince1, Paris and Prince2 aka: Blanket. There's just no fat ass way!

1419 days ago


Dear Michael,

You are just the best!!!

I can see "Him" there :)


1419 days ago


Hey(hey), Ho(ho),
Now were gonna rock it,
Till the lights go out (out),
Theres fire in the kitchen again/
Hey(hey), Ho(ho),
Now were gonna rock it,
Till the wheels fall off,
Oh-oh-oh..we got it goin on

1419 days ago


Aint no way in heaven or hell that man Arnie Klien is the father of Prince1, Paris and Prince2 aka: Blanket. There's just no fat ass way!

Posted at 2:02 PM on Nov 1, 2010 by mymjj5

And ain´t no way in hell either. He is not those children´s father.
As I said above, I think that Arnie Parnie Demerol Klein is a sly old fox who knew very well how to create a (no, make that mustiple) smokescreen/s when Michael passed away and the #¤%& was about to hit the fan as a result of his not so ethical dealings with prescription drugs, Michael Jackson and several aliases.
He was SCARED when Michael died. In his typical manner, he started talking and talking and talking and talking - hinting that "to his knowledge he wasn´t the father of Prince and Paris." And that "Yes, he had donated sperm in the past (WHEN? 20 - 30 years ago?)
And the lavine was rolling. Try Googling Arnie Klein or Arnold Klein. The many first posts that come up are: "Arnold Klein: Biological Father of Michael Jackson's Children....", or: "Dr. Arnie Klein Admits He Was a Sperm Donor...", or: "Jackson Pal Arnie Klein: Willing to Take Paternity Test...", and BLAH, BLAH and more BLAH.
Arnie knew what he was doing. This is his MO: to blabber the most outrageous claims and inuendos to REMOVE THE SPOTLIGHT FROM WHAT IS REALLY IMPORTANT; namely that he illegally provided Michael Jackson (and probably other celebs) with prescription drugs.
He is NOT in any way related to Michael´s beautiful children.

1419 days ago

my opinion    

Good to hear NO ONE was hurt


Love the Jackson's

LOVE PEACE KINDNESS & RESPECT makes for a better world for US ALL!!!

1419 days ago


He probably started it himself.

1419 days ago


I hope that horrible green jacket Arnie lent to Michael had burned as well!!!!!!

1419 days ago


For the 1 (kathy) who said God works in mysterious ways?? who are you a SAINT?? I think NOT! All you ignorant people and your comments are gonna burn in hell, for your nasty thoughts. God Loves us all, we are all god's children. God forgives us all if we ask him. The 1 who speaks of things come in 3's you need to watch your back, for what you've done is a ticket straight to hell! you know what I mean you snake! I am happy that my Friends & Family made it out safe and when all your families have a moment of destruction and fear hit, I hope the Lord saves them too. I'm praying for all of the people who have no life and have nothing good to say about people, so you can change and get a life, This world is a toxic waste land with terrorists trying to kill us.All you ignorant people can do is bash someone that was hurt.? You should use all that energy and negativity to talk bad about Obama and all the crooked Politicians that are living high on the hog on your money and stripping our state to nothing. The Japs and Russians would love for all of you to move there and be in there military!! Laugh at me now and when judgment day comes we'll see who has the last laugh>>>>>>>>>>>God almighty...........

1419 days ago
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