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Kim Kardashian -- Dreaming Up an Album

11/1/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is recording an album. As in music. As in singing ... TMZ has learned. 

We're told Kim's recently been in the studio with top notch writer/producer/performer The-Dream, whose hits include Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."

So how's it gonna sound? One person who's been inside a recording session tells us, "Kim's got a really good voice."

No word on a song list, but a cover of "Baby Got Back" seems inevitable.



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Sarah Mueller    

Shrug, no talent individual getting attention once again. This is nearly as bad as . Guy claiming to write a million poems, for a million people and garners national attention due to having somewhat of a name. Sickens me

1359 days ago



1359 days ago


I will buy Kim Kardashian 1st album on CD in retail store in Los Angeles on its release date. Next Kim Kardashiam will have 1st U.S. tour. I will Kim Kardashian live-in-concert in Los Angeles. Kim Kardashian will invite me on stage to dance with her on purpose To see Kim Kardashian totally in the nude on purpose is my all-time #1 favorite way to see Kim Kardashian. From Kim Kardashian's only male slave and from Kim Kardashian's future husband.

1359 days ago


Give me a FU**ING Break!!!!! Her and her family need to just go away.....

1359 days ago


She is very pretty, but I somehow doubt she has a terrific voice. I think we would have already heard her voice if it was really good. What they will do, is alter her voice, and then get people that can sing (like me, I do a lot of studio work) to dub in some the time it's all over, she will have a smash hit LOL And there will be another unsung heroine in the music industry (some poor dolt like myself)

1359 days ago

keeping it real    

OH NOOOOOOOOOOO! not another Paris. Kim your not special! You do not know how to act. you Talk like Anna Nichole Smith and are looking more and more like a Tranny everyday! I thought your mom looked bad (Thats a big bitch). Your looking like Rob in Drag! and Now trying to sing. WOW! I guess all the smoke blown up your ass, has gotten to you. Now your big hair will match your big head.

1359 days ago


I am so sick of anything Kardashin & who couch this one sleeps on. Talent??? For what? Sad thing is we the public buy into it.
The whole family don't give crap about anyone other then themsleves.

Ugh could we just get up some morning & not see Kardashin for just a day?

I agree anyone can sound good in a studio.. sing aucostic & then we will know.

1359 days ago


#13 U cannot be serious. Ur probably a teen. anyhoo. . . I wonder if KK's "album" will do better than H. Montags? Haha ! The DREAM is 4sure hittin those implants from behind. Cause he's black, famous & a cheating h o e like KK.

1359 days ago

Jim in Cali    

For the ones that are saying Kim is only famous for her sex tape, she and her sisters have run a successful fashion boutique before she was famous in California (they now have 3 of them). Not saying she isn't a fame whore now but to say she's only successful because of a sex tape isn't true.

1359 days ago


I'm not buying anything this woman sings. She is NOT a singer. She's tried damn near everything in life. No thank you.

1359 days ago

Throwback kid    

When all the Kardashian's had was their Dash stores, they couldn't pay their credit card bills. I believe Harvy himself said on celebrity justice that they were being sued by the credit card companies.

Did anyone notice the Dash store in Miami? They had 3 girls working there and no stock, it looked like they had about 5 shirts hanging up in the background. They couldn't even cover the rent for that store if they had to rely on the sales. It is just a front for the show so it gives the Kardashian girls a reason to go to Miami.

Just like now they are opening a Dash in New York so they can give them a reason to be there. Again, it will be an almost empty store with probably 3 or 4 girls working there and probably the big fat Kardashian sister will have to fire one to create some drama for the show. These Kardashian shows are so bad a 4th grader could write the storylines for them.

1359 days ago


Now this is a joke right? Why is she famous again? I can see it now, clear as day, in the 99 cent bin. I know her talent, taking her clothes off, but hey they don't have an olympic sport for that. I think her 15 min are up.

1359 days ago


They are spoiled to the core, have foul mouths, have a Mom who acts like a sister and disrespect for her. I'd be surprised if that marriage stays together. My Mom doesn't act like that and Bruce shouldn't let her. The girls should have more respect for their Parents then that. That is what happens when the kids are the parents.

1359 days ago


@ 66, well i guess since nobody knows about her "boutiques", that doesn't make her sound sucessful...

1359 days ago

I Blog SO GOOD    

Wow.. All the black male entertainer using she does its just disgusting lol She is a opportunist. Getting attention off of black mens Celebrity. She is proof that a NON Black can sleep her way to the top... She should be voted number 1 use a black man Gold Digger. Not since slavery has anyone made so much off of a black man, Fame Digger and Attention Whore. Shes just the black mans Human Condom.. Okay we know black athletes and entertainers are slow and want to be accepted by white people so they will sleep with anything Non Black just to obtain faux acceptance when they are just the bud of everyones jokes cause they wife whores, but what is up with the rest of Hollywood promoting this skank.. Hollywood looses credibility when they promote this spray tanned skank and if she was a black woman doing the same stuff would she get this much attention and it would be negative if she was a black woman.

1359 days ago
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