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Kim Kardashian -- Dreaming Up an Album

11/1/2010 6:25 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kim Kardashian is recording an album. As in music. As in singing ... TMZ has learned. 

We're told Kim's recently been in the studio with top notch writer/producer/performer The-Dream, whose hits include Rihanna's "Umbrella" and Beyonce's "Single Ladies (Put a Ring on It)."

So how's it gonna sound? One person who's been inside a recording session tells us, "Kim's got a really good voice."

No word on a song list, but a cover of "Baby Got Back" seems inevitable.



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She has no talent, no self respecting man will go anywhere near the human toilet bowl. She's stuck doing reality shows because she has no where else to go, like Hilton. Once her show is cancelled, people WILL, repeat, WILL forget about her and her equally skanky, talentless sisters.

1419 days ago


When all the Kardashian's had was their Dash stores, they couldn't pay their credit card bills. I believe Harvy himself said on celebrity justice that they were being sued by the credit card companies.

Did anyone notice the Dash store in Miami? They had 3 girls working there and no stock, it looked like they had about 5 shirts hanging up in the background. They couldn't even cover the rent for that store if they had to rely on the sales. It is just a front for the show so it gives the Kardashian girls a reason to go to Miami.

Just like now they are opening a Dash in New York so they can give them a reason to be there. Again, it will be an almost empty store with probably 3 or 4 girls working there and probably the big fat Kardashian sister will have to fire one to create some drama for the show. These Kardashian shows are so bad a 4th grader could write the storylines for them.

Posted at 8:15 PM on Nov 1, 2010 by Throwback kid

Yes, TMZ, PLEASE do an investigative piece on this. That One boutique did NO BUSINESS, no where else could these stores with 3 overpriced outfits be a solvent business. Why are they allowed to pretend these are hot businesses, when they clearly are anything but? PLEASE let people know the truth about the whole Dash/Smooch/, etc. NON-BUSINESSES.

1419 days ago

Throwback kid    

Thank you Sally, I always respect your opinion, you always make alot of sense.

How much money do the Dash stores make? are they even real or are they like the fake modeling agency that Janice ****enson had on her reality show.

I don't believe the Kardashian girls make one dollar off of that store that has no clothes in it.

1419 days ago


Why are these Kardashians famous? I hate all of their whiny voices. They are so pathetic and phony. Kim has had major plastic surgery, which she lies about all the time. YUCK. They suck.

1418 days ago

Mr Baxter    

The-Dream is a huge deal, why in the hell is he messing with Kim Kardashian?!?

1418 days ago


Remember when it took actual talent before you were offered a record deal? What is Kym's talent? I've seen her sex tape and clearly that is not what she's good at.

1418 days ago


You people are straight up mean. HOW DO YOU KNOW SHE CAN'T sing?? You wont know until her first song is released. OK she made mistakes in the past but get over it ya'll aren't perfect give the girl a chance. at least she's doing somethin with her time instead of bashing people to make herself feel better like ya'll are. Shut up

1418 days ago


I have never met kim, and maybe she is a very nice person and maybe she is not. I still am trying to find out, what exactly does she do ! She surely is not finding the cure for cancer or any other deadly illness but singing??????...and perfume,,,and facial products....come on !!!!!! Next thing she may do, is sell a Snuggie :))It does not seem like she dates,a guy, who may be " out of the spot light"..Sure she makes a lot of money, from doing nothing but its pretty funny to hear about everything she, her sisters and mom, do to make themselves seem busy!!

1418 days ago

melissa bates    

omg kim please dnt do this

1418 days ago


kim need to sit her ass down she can't sing to save her life... she just looking for attention....i like her but that singing thing is not for herat all but these ppl do anything for money

1418 days ago


She is a fame whore, just like her nasty ass mother and skanky sisters. I am sick of seeing and hearing about them. All they care about is big bucks. I for one will never contribute one dime towards anything they sell! They take and never give back to anything and anyone.
And they need to quit calling the Jenner girls Kardashians. They do not have K blood in them, thank goodness. Maybe they would stand a chance if the remove them from these skanks and the fame whore mother.
Get a backbone, Bruce.

1418 days ago


EWWW Stop this insanity! She is a dumpy little implanted slut.

1418 days ago

Ozzie X    

Kim is too stiff to be a singer, she has a lifeless personality. Khloe has a better chance of being a singer, she has more spunk.

1418 days ago


PLEASE make the Kardasians go away, please, i cant take it anymore!!!

1418 days ago

Vince Robles    

Kimmy is making an album?! AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH MY EARS!!!!!

1418 days ago
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