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Lindsay Lohan --

Making Amends

11/1/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cut several friends out of her life during her darkest days -- but sources close to LiLo tell us she's using her time in rehab to try and bring those friends back in her life.

Lindsay gets two hours of Internet privileges on the weekends -- and we're told she has used some of that time to reach out and email a few friends to whom she had previously stopped talking.

Sources tell us ... there is a common theme among the friends she is trying to reconnect with -- people who tried telling Lindsay she had a problem, but she wouldn't listen.

Good to see Lindsay saying yes to people who don't have a problem telling her no.


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I truly thought LL would be next to die . but she seems to be doing well ..

However, Charlie Sheen, IMHO will be next to die ..

1451 days ago


@Midnight Toker
Even if weed is basically legal in Cali or only results in a fine for a certain amount Lindsay still can't use when she isn't even allowed to drink.
Until February 25th she will be getting drug/alcohol tested then if she makes it until then after the court hearing it is up to her.

1451 days ago


I'll be waiting for my call and, unlike all those old "friends" that supposedly told her she had a problem, I'm not a drug user. Name one friend of hers that doesn't party and use drugs! This was all a big waste of time on everyone's part. She's going right back into the same environment and with the same people. It's not even safe for her to be around her own mother who refuses to admit there was a problem. Lindsay's plea that she can't go back into rehab because her career and business will suffer pretty much says it all. She's still not hit bottom.

1451 days ago


she should probably work the other 7 steps first

1451 days ago


She needs her internet access to stay connected with the people running her latest enterprise: Lindsay Lohan-brand lawn fertilizer. Lawns across America are more beautiful thanks to Lindsay's expertise. She's so multi-talented, it's kinda scary.

1451 days ago


I agree and Dina acknowledged that Lindsay had issues in the tapes that Michael leaked.
She was right about the Judge the sentence for missing a few classes that she made up was absolutely outrageous.

As for her saying Lindsay didn't need rehab well up until the sentence was imposed she was passing all the drug tests.
Also with the rehab being court ordered it increases her chances of jail which looking back clearly did not have the desired effect.

1451 days ago


Good for her. Hopefully she can get all of the enablers and bad influences out of her life so she can FINALLY get out of this bad phase in her life and move on and be the talented, charming and chrismatic actress we all fell in love with. The thing is she has to break the cycle of the get into trouble, go to jail/rehab thing. Hopefully she makes some real good true friends who will help her overcome her troubles and addictions. I'm rooting for you Lindsay! :)

1451 days ago

michelle parker    

I'm glad she is on the right track again, i enjoyed watching her grow up. my mother was an alcoholic and a drug abuser. my mom has been clean for a long time, and my mom would tell me it takes one day and step at a time. we have to realize it does not cha he over night, but it takes the people who love and care to tell you no. those are your true friends and lindsey i hope you are reading this, you have not had a role in a film or tv since you started using. drugs and alcohol will wipe everything and everybody out if your life bc when all the fame and money is gone its going to be those real friends who initially told you that you had a problem are the ones you wished you listen too! god bless still behind you as one of your fans! keep your head up bc thatd where hope comes from! love ya Michelle

1451 days ago

David King    

She'd really be on her way to a better life. With Dina so pivotal in her life, she will never be sober. Dina fuels her drug habit by denying it and lying about it. And she encourages LL to do the same. It is said that she is addicted to Naruto Hentai also. I can't imagine that such a girl likes Naruto hentai. But who knows? lol

1451 days ago


I hope she gets out and bumps a few lines, pops somes downers, drinks a fith then wraps her car around a tree. Then mabey we can move on to matters that are important. Tired of hearing about the drugged up spoiled lil slut. Her cute is gone so is her career, mabey she will do some porn. she can hookup with Fishburns daughter, or Paris, or Nichole; better yet, lets hope they are all in the same car as Linds when it gets wrapped up.

1451 days ago


@Midnight Toker
Even if weed is basically legal in Cali or only results in a fine for a certain amount Lindsay still can't use when she isn't even allowed to drink.
Until February 25th she will be getting drug/alcohol tested then if she makes it until then after the court hearing it is up to her.

Posted at 6:25 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by Nicole
sure she can ,,she can simply get a prescription for it..all she has to say is she cant sleep..its a hell of alot better and safer than Ambien

1451 days ago


I'm hoping she gets it together and DOESN'T OD or die crashing her $200,000.00 car into a light standard. She needs to stick around to oversee her multitude of business endeavors.

Planting season is closing in, and I'll need a new auger. I hope it's not too late to stop in at the Lindsay Lohan-brand Farm Implements Store and buy one... or two. Who could make a better product?

1451 days ago


I was SO pleased to read this - definately a positive step for her!! :)

1451 days ago


This news indicates BFC's therapy is actually working- at least to some extent -because this is an obvious part of the treatment . I think it's safe to assume she is now 100% convinced she does have a problem . That was one of the big hurdles for the therapists but especially for herself.

1451 days ago

for now    

Let's hope that none of the alcoholic haters kills beautiful Lindsay.
Her life will always be in danger with those losers on the loose.

1451 days ago
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