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Lindsay Lohan --

Making Amends

11/1/2010 8:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan cut several friends out of her life during her darkest days -- but sources close to LiLo tell us she's using her time in rehab to try and bring those friends back in her life.

Lindsay gets two hours of Internet privileges on the weekends -- and we're told she has used some of that time to reach out and email a few friends to whom she had previously stopped talking.

Sources tell us ... there is a common theme among the friends she is trying to reconnect with -- people who tried telling Lindsay she had a problem, but she wouldn't listen.

Good to see Lindsay saying yes to people who don't have a problem telling her no.


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Michael Jr. Ran from your family years ago. He doesnt even want anything to do with Matt or Paul even Chris when he was alive.(Dinas brothers)

Really? Is that why there is a picture on twitter of dina's brother Paul with the family at Michael Jr.'s college graduation.

You know who wasn't invited? Yep, Michael Lohan Sr.

1450 days ago


Who cares that these people or person who posts like family members come on here and fight, try to sway viewer mindset.If it is truely Lindsay family doing this, that just shows how really sick in the mind they are.It's sounds like they have an addiction problem with the internet and Lindsay.The communication skills between family members is broken. If this is not the case then these people who try to lead people that they are related to Lindsay are just as sick for pretending. It is so sad to think with all she has to deal with from her own mistakes and trying to get her life on track that if these sources and people who act like they are in the know of her life are family that they would her stop talking about her hiding behind the names source,dumas,nichole,and ect.....

1450 days ago

@lindsay team@    

good news from lindsay!
i wish the best for her

1450 days ago


Wow, it does look like Delmar and Darkrage are the same. It's pretty easy to see they are of the same agenda, and are easily provoked to great rages and temper tantrum over issues, usually blantant facts about Lindsay that do NOT FLATTER LINDSAY. Dark rage, if you wrote me back on that other story nights ago, I have not read your response and don't intend to. I don't mind educating people that are truly interest in LEARNING and that are capable of listening and trying to grasp other perspectives and obtain knowledge from others experiences, but you consistantly blither on, endlessly, about YOUR EMOTIONAL REACTIONS to lindsay life, you are not at all ever really very clear about ANY point, you seem to be so desperatley trying to make. I refuse to get into it again with you, You are incapable of LISTENING to others perspectives, you are thrashing with disappointment in your heroine, it is understandable, but I have no time to address your nonsence.
Delmar/Rage/Dina......COULD there really be three seperate people on this planet that had the same perspective and Agenda and the capasity and motivation for Hostility and RAGE over Lindsay? Unlikely.
Delmar/Rage and Nicole, if you are not a family member, are not personally involved with Lindsay Lohan, your interest, nay, obsessive need to fight over her, is disturbing and not at all healthy for you. Find REAL people to become THAT interested and involved in. You are obviously not any type of professional that has professional interest in Lindsay, if you are not Dina, YOUR POST MAKE NO SENCE. People only act out of motivation, you are disturbed if as a fan, you are this motivated to express hostilty to others via mass media over a little girl you saw in a couple of movies.
Busted. Clearly.

I have missed a lot, I am sure. I was not on this site for some time, and missed how Delmar responded to Linday blowing two drug test with pos for cocaine, when Delmar seemed ready to give his liver over his conviction that Lindsay was not a drug addict, and now she is rehab for the 5th times at the age of 24,....Rage you wrote to me, something to the effect, that, "well, lots of people need to go back into rehab because it doesn't catch the first time." AGREED. And in the course of a life time, it is not unusual for an addict to relaps and enter into rehab again, after many years of sobriety. I have to ask you though: HOW MANY FAILURES DOES IT TAKE FOR YOU TO NOTICE THERE IS PROBLEM?? I wonder, would you, if you had a big ol' cancer ball growing in your head, would YOU allow a MD to treat you that had failed his state medical boards 4 times in a row? And has a few DUI's under his belt? Would you allow an attorney who had failed his State Bar 4 times in row, to defend you in a murder trial? Even if he, say, had, mayyyybbbbeee, just a little bit of a cocaine problem?
Would you allow a CPA that has failed his state CPA exams 4 times in a row, to run yourmulti-million dollars business, how about your lemonade stand? It is ok that you know he has bit of a compulsion, something he can't quite control, but it really isn't his fault see....and it's a little thing really, he steals and lies. Is that OK in your CPA, your attorney and Doctor when they are suppose to be working for YOU? Would you hire any of them? Really? What if they were, say, your very own cousin, then would it be OK? Ya think?
I hope these question help you to better understand why Lindsay is facing HUGE problems reestablishing herself in a business that puts 80million bucks down on ONE JOB. GET IT NOW?
Are you starting to understand why no one wants to HIRE LINDSAY at this time?
Dark rage, you wrote to me that I don't know you, as if you are invisible in cyber space, not understanding that people who have been on this planet for a long time, and work in communications are plenty capable of understand WHO you are by what YOU SAY.
Dumb as f&ck, the lot of you, delmar, dina,....dark rage. You truly are revealed as frauds or pathologial fans for you reveal that you know too much personal information about Lindsay, and react with fury to comments tha speak the simply is NOT an appropriate REACTION, for a person who is truly not really CLOSE to Lindsay.
Good Dina, I am thriled you are reading these post and GETTING ANGRY at them. It shows you are paying attention. Here' a secret a therapist taught me a long time ago:
When two people argue an issue, the more that gets more angry, screams more, INSIST more, is ALWAYS the one WHO IS WRONG, and they are starting to REALIZE they are wrong, which is WHY THEY ARE ANGRY.
Hope you can put this informaton to use.
God Bless you Lindsay. Amends are more than regrets,dearheart, they are BEHAVIORS that SHOW --through your EFFORTS, show others, you are regretful of how your actions effected them. YOu have offended many people in your drugging years, and antics created by them. The step of making AMENDS, this step takes TIME, and above all it takes SINCERITY.
In making amends steps, try to imagine in yourself, how you would feel, and what you would think, if someone had treated you the way you had treated THEM. This excersise will help guide you in knowing the correct way to make amends that are EFFECTIVE.
God Bless You again. I pray for your deliverance.
Delmar/Dina/Rage, I don't mind addressing you at time, but I do not sit around and live for this, nor choose to partake in it for sheer entertainment purposes. All the same to you DELMAR/DINA/RAGE. I quite belive I understand you plenty enough. Vent if you have to be, but be assured there really is No need to try to explain anything to me again. I understand your position(s) COMPLETELY.
It has been very informative getting to know you all.

1444 days ago


Nicole #22 - Just repeating over and over that Lindsay got into trouble just for missing a few drunk driver classes doesn't make it true. She had other violations, including missing hearings/appointment, lying to the court, and contempt of court charges (even coming late can get you that one). The judge could have hit her hard with a lot more if she wanted, including the SCRAM incident (the reading was way too high to be a false positive, especially for someone Lindsay's size - she was definitely buzzed). Lindsay's real problem was that she ignored the court's instructions in general, thinking she could get away with anything. But that's not how it works when you're on probation in the real world. You have to follow the court's instructions to the letter or risk jailtime. Rehab was a gift as replacement for more jail.

Lindsay obviously needs rehab since she is controlled by the drugs and alcohol rather than being in control, and it's obviously affected her relationships and her career badly. If you really wish the best for her, I don't understand why you are fighting to get her out of a rehab situation that at least gives her more of a chance, regardless of whether or not it is voluntary. Saying someone shouldn't be on probation because she will inevitably violate is especially a curious thing for an alleged supporter - if she will violate because she can't stay away from drugs and alcohol, so be it. Jail or more forced rehab won't kill her and might help her, but the addictions to drugs and alcohol will kill her eventually or at least kill her spirit.

Her jailtime was probably a welcome break for her, she was safely held in a separate cell and didn't even have the usual concerns that other prisoners have. Plenty of people begin the real journey to recovery in a jail cell for just that reason - a forced time out. And that's why judges typically combine jail and rehab. The original judge was right on the mark. Smear campaigns against that judge by Lindsay's family and pseudofriends won't change that.

1444 days ago
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