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Mel Gibson/Oksana Grigorieva Showdown

11/9/2010 4:00 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson will show up in court tomorrow to answer Oksana Grigorieva's claim he's not fit for overnight visits with their baby ... sources tell TMZ.

We're told part of tomorrow's hearing will focus on overnight visitation.  Oksana believes Mel's nanny is the primary caregiver when Lucia sleeps at his home.  Sources say Oksana insists the nanny takes care of the baby, especially at night, and Mel has shirked his responsibilities as a parent.

Judge Scott Gordon has enforced the custody arrangement that Mel and Oksana agreed to during their mediation in May.  Under that agreement, when Lucia turned 1 last month, Mel got an additional day of weekly visitation.  So now Mel is getting Lucia three days a week, with one overnight.

Sources say Oksana's lawyers will attempt to challenge the validity of the mediation agreement during tomorrow's court session.



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Oxy doesn't know how to bond. She has no maternal instinct what so ever. When she looks at her beautiful children she sees only dollar signs...

1452 days ago


I pray Mel gets full custody of this child. Any mother that is capable of fabricating evidence against a father the way Ox has deserves to lose custody.

Posted at 11:11 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

1452 days ago


As much as Oksana has proven that she is control of her "lowers", even having to attend depositions to write out the questions and "stare down" Gibson...firing lawyers one by one that doesn't do her bidding correctly, one can only imagine what life was like for Mel. And just how that voice goading on the illegally recorded tapes was so cold, lacking emotion from her and shark a sociopath. Perhaps the Judge should worry about Lucia being in danger from her mother for when she cannot control a crying, teething baby...

1452 days ago


We also have to keep in mind that DH is also propagating this bizarre circus right along with OG. My only question is when, and can, Judge Gordon use his authority to quash any more of their never-ending nonsense? I would think at this point that Gordon is ready to gavel Horowitz into the courtroom floor.

1452 days ago


I guess that would make the majority of parents around the world unfit. Not only do they not sleep with their children, they don't have nannies watching their children while they sleep. The botox has oozed into her brain.

Its pretty clear the only responsibility she wants from Mel as a parent is opening his wallet.

Wonder if she'll wear her black see through blouse again or if she'll try topless tomorrow.

1452 days ago


If this doesn't proove that Oksana is using the baby for money, nothing will.

How the hell would Ox no what happenes overnight?

Gibson is such a threat he gets an extra day visition. Seperate from joint custody. All joint custody means is that Gibson pays and has visition.

1452 days ago


Whoa, BloomLaw Building???? Now we know where Shifman came from.

"Stay tuned"? Horowitz looks ridiculous in jeans. He's trying to match Oinky. Another man in lust.. blech!

1452 days ago


This is NOT going to fly. Pity the nanny. You can see Oinky treat the poor woman like sh*t in the pap video of the exchange. Oinky is also hitting on the new bodyguard, the tall blackguy. She wants the same deal she got with HerHog. Not going to happen!

The nanny and bodyguard should take lessons from the Queen's Guards at Buckingham Palace: do not engage!

Posted at 11:56 AM on Nov 9, 2010 by Frieda

I strongly suspect that a neighbor is filming the videos out the window during Lucia's transfer and likely Ox is paying them in sexual favors. Her come on to Mel's bodyguard was SO obvious. You'd think if she wanted to give instructions to anyone during the transfer of the child it would be to the nanny.. but nooooooo, she tried to make that bodyguard her captive audience. It was disgusting and SO obvious. I hope that bodyguard is not going to fall for that crap. She just wants information on Mel. The nanny isn't giving it to her, so it's on to Mel's bodyguard, and I hope that neighbor doesn't get a disease or get caught with their camera. Actually... never mind.. I do.

1452 days ago


Ox, you deserve to lose that baby and all the trappings of wealth you've grown accustom to because of her. You have no love for her. In fact, last time the baby was transferred I could SWEAR you were putting the moves on Mel's tall, dark and handsome bodyguard. You should not have people shooting video of you while these transfers take place. They just damage you more. You want that bodyguard - so you can spy on Mel. You have no reason to talk to Mel's bodyguard. If anything you would talk to the nanny if it was about the child. But noooooooooooooo. You want to talk to Mel's bodyguard and shove your fake bladders in his face. So you can bang him too. And get info on Mel. Who you really want... or should I say whose wallet you really want.


Posted at 12:00 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by Tellthetruth59

Can I share the puke bucket with you? lol

Posted at 12:07 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by Shell


Yeah, pass it around.

1452 days ago


Good luck tomorrow, Mel!

1452 days ago


I"m a American housewife and I have a's out back in the pasture and she gives me milk twice a day .......
,.......She a durn good nanny wouldn't you want one like that !!!

1452 days ago


I have to wonder - at what point will the Judge determine that Oksana is utterly incapable of co-parenting this little girl with Mel? Every, single thing she's done, to this point, is classic child warfare, not welfare.

Posted by Spider

1452 days ago


80. Obviosuly, Oksana is not with the baby bonding today. Posted at 12:07 PM on Nov 9, 2010 by Danielle

Who loves the paps move, Oxyslut or Horoputz?

I still think Ox was working with a paparazzi owner to feed the tabloids to get Robyn to finally file that divorce, get her name out there, prod Gibson along. Set Mel up where he would have to deny stuff to the paps (the ole fuddyduddy) or go with the Oxyslutflow. Let the world know that she was Gibson's woman...on her way to being the next Mrs. Gibson. Work that music career *puke.

1452 days ago


Oh my gosh!!!!! This woman it's a nightmare!!!! No wonder MG got nuts with her on the tapes!!! I would too!!!

Please Judge Gordon!! Take Lucia away from her!!! Oksana needs a psychological help!!

1452 days ago


Let's see if I've got this right. A woman who had silicon breast implants and exposed her infant daughter to it while breast feeding, hired an illegal alien to be a nanny, shook her infant daughter exposing her to shaken baby syndrome, spends most of the child support money on other things, hires an army and fires attorneys claims Mel cannot have his daughter overnight because his nanny watches the infant? Mel has also had 7 other children who've born the test of his parenting skills.
Oksana your acne could be related to male hormones or stress. Given the former it would be less easy for you to conceive at age 40. So, you did have help and planned the pregnancy. Naughty harlot.

1452 days ago
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