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Oksana: Mel's Dad Is a Danger to Lucia

11/1/2010 2:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Everyone gets embarrassed when their parents go off their rocker -- but the rantings of Mel Gibson's father could create problems in his custody case ... at least that's what Oksana's lawyers want.

Sources tell TMZ ... during Mel's deposition today, lawyers for Oksana Grigorieva will dredge up statements made by Hutton Gibson during an interview back in August.

Among the pearls of wisdom from Hutton: "Half of the people there in the Vatican are queer." He also said he thought Pope Benedict XVI is a homosexual.

We're told Oksana's lawyers plan to paint a picture ... Lucia is at risk if she's around Mel's kooky dad.


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Does anyone know why TMZ hasn't reported anything about Mel's depo? No time, pics or anything. What gives?

Posted at 10:45 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by dunamis

Depos are supposed to be confidential. You will notice Mel's lawyers go by the rules.

1451 days ago

who farted    

I'm catholic and yes, most priest and nuns/sisters are gay. It's not rocket science to figure that out. If you can't be openly gay, then you go into the priesthood or nun-hood. And gays can and do make wonderful clergy members. I'm not talking about pedophiles who abuse kids.

1451 days ago


he can teach the kids how to goosestep to the sounds of jews screaming..oh wait the jews never were killed accoeding to that crazy old man..

Posted at 10:47 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by MIDNIGHT TOKER

By the time Lucia is old enough to say goosestep - the old geezer will be long gone.

1451 days ago

voice of reason    

YOu've got to be kidding me. How many straws they gonna yank at today? LOL I don't see how this man could be a danger to Lucia. He may have different views on things but how is that a danger? The bitch had no problem with Mel or his dad when she decided to produce this child.

Posted at 10:38 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by Shell

Mr. Hutton Gibson

How many children has Mr. Gibson fathered? and how many grandchildren? and great grandchildren?

And now we have this ho slandering him?

What an evil, evil soul lurks in this pariah. To stoop so law!

Mel, please dont cave in, hang strong....this is all a ploy to shake you down to settle.

1451 days ago


Oksana is desperately trying to give Mel a heart attack. Stay strong. She has shown
herself to the the whole world to be pure evil. No one believes her anymore. My gay
friend was so anti-Mel at the beginning based of rumors. Now he stand in your corner
rooting for you. You seemed to have picked up some new fans hon. Take care.

Soon it will be your time to talk.

1451 days ago

Fidel's niece    

I thought Hutton lives in Virginia and has a nurse with him.

Ok$a and her grifting family are a danger to Lucia.

Another site is reporting that Ok$ana will be present
at Mel's deposition today, to "make him squirm".
Is it allowed?

1451 days ago

Jus Another Viewer    

Who gives a rat-ass what his father daid? He's a very old man, set in his ways and beliefs. SO F'N WHAT! I would also REFUSE to apologize for my father if I was ever asked/expected to. It's not the Grandpa that will be raising the child, It's MEL!
He has more right to raise this child than Octosana OR her crazy money-hungry family!
From what I have read/researched on Oksanas' family has said MANY screwed up things as well!
If everyone was judged for ANYTHING their family's said GOD HELP US all! He can believe WHAT he wants! Being a NATURAL born citizen MEL has ALL the rights in the WORLD to believe whatever they want!
This is a very pitiful, desperate, attempt on Octosana's part to attempt to use this BS to attempt to keep that baby from her Father!
He's done this SEVEN other times, HIS other kids aren't all over the news, and recurring patients of Rehabs.
I mean seriously.. The boy that witch is raising now (mark my words) he will be a WALKING MESS before his 18th Birthday. When momm'a paycheck runs out for him she'll kick him to the side. cuz he wont be of any use to her anymore.
THAT'S why she had to hurry up and pop out a "Gibson" heir. She WILL lose custody. In the END ANY judge with even ONE eye closed can see WHAT this is, and what it has ALWAYS been!
GO the F**K away you Gypsy B*TCH. YOU give REAL vixtims a BAD taste in their mouth. And make US look bad!
Shame-less W*hore!

1451 days ago



That's right. I forgot. OG's methods aren't standard procedure. Sorry.

1451 days ago


Shell -
I hung a new roll of toilet paper - go me! LOL

Shirl -
So true! I can hardly believe the stuff and nonsense they are trying to spin. So far we've had
1. Illegally recorded tapes that can't be authenticated.
2. Bipolar diagnosis that has not incapacitated or interfered with Mel's livelihood or lifestyle.
3. The grumblings of an elderly grandfather who apparently has not been all that big a threat to his other 7 grandchildren.
4. Miss Oksana in the deposition room being strategic.

Can someone tell me why this is going to take days again?

1451 days ago


My goodness, this absolutely reeks of pure desperation. I cannot believe that Horriwitless is any kind of top tier attorney. His strategies and PR posturing makes him look like an idiot.

Posted at 10:44 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by rg1


When you have NOTHING to show for you have to be creative


1451 days ago


Well, if it would last 7 hours you could still have a nap


Posted at 10:48 AM on Nov 1, 2010 by shirleyholmes

Nah, I will get one of my colleague to cover for me Shirley,I might just do half day lol.

Can't wait what Harvey going to post next.

1451 days ago


Lets see; attack Robyn and their children, attack his father, attack his self admitted mental disability (bipolar disorder), what's next, knocking a cripple child's crutch out from under him, if he get in their way, in front of the court house?
I wonder if all this isn't BS on the part of TMZ, trying to create crap where there is none.

1451 days ago


seems to me Horowitz and Oksana has run out of ammunition's, what next? Lucia half brothers are danger for her?

1451 days ago


Has Natalia come forward yet claiming Oksana to be her mother?

And what is Vampira Lludomilionieva doing at this moment?

1451 days ago


Oksana Grigorieva has been boning her bodyguard for months
2xFELON and they (Oksana and Herzog) Threatened Violet with death if she didn't lie for them.

1451 days ago
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