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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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Liberal media horse****.

1414 days ago


Hang on a second...while I am NOT a fan of Bristol's (I don't like her but I don't not like her...I could care less about her) why are you questioning her status on the show after last season and the way Kate Gosselin stayed on week after week after week...??? KG was a million times WORSE than Bristol...yet you never questioned that...

1414 days ago


really want to report on something, why don't you attack the bad boy charlie, who if it was anybody else would be sitting his drunk___ in jail right now instead of picking on some sweet little girl, on dancing with the stars. Goes to show where your thoughts on politics are at.

1414 days ago


I have been saying this to my wife when I found out Bristol was going to be on.

I have never watched an episode, but I was told the judges constantly pick on her dancing, YET, she is still on week after week.

I am betting she will be on there till the end or in the top three.

It is an underdog story. Single mom. Young. And against all the haters of her mom, she pulled it off. That is what will be written.

I do believe that it is all politically motivated. Politicians only know how to do things to their advantage. Which is why whether Democrate or Republican, they are all the same....out for themselves and their friends.

1414 days ago

a long time Leno fan!    

'The booing incident should have given them a clue that have a Palin, any Palin on was a really bad idea, but no, they chose to make it political and now we can't get rid of the pregnant sow.'

Pregnant "sow"?


1414 days ago


BS< Palin is just as good as anyone else, she is the kind you really want on the show, someone who has NO experience & gets better. Liberals just can't stand the fact she is still on the show because of her Mom period.

1414 days ago


Let the girl alone. If people are voting for her so what. She's not that bad, most are better than her. But there is no big conspiracy. I can't understand the vitriol against her. How many stars have had babies, one after another, without the benefit of marriage. At least she's trying to support her baby.

Karma is a b____. So wise up people.

1414 days ago

Donna Hubbard    

I love how some of you say that she's getting a little better every what world? The judges even seem like they don't want to say anything negative to her about her dancing. I have a theory- in order to get her on the show, they had to agree to not be mean to her!! Seriously, it makes sense.......

1414 days ago


Let's keep in mind last season at this time had Pam Anderson (who was doing very well) and Niecy Nash (Yes, she was STILL in it and was not a great dancer). Pam went home and Niecy stayed. Does that mean that Niecy could be better than Audrina having made it longer than her run? Probably not - it is the underdog factor. Niecy was the underdog, Kelly Osborne was an underdog. THAT is the factor. She is a likeable kid, and that is why she gets votes. Mark as a partner helps too.

1414 days ago

Josi Coyote Verlingieri    

All I can say to Bristol Palin is....Bristol Palin, pack your bags because "YOUR GOING HOME"!!!!

1414 days ago

Rosa Blanco    

Bristol is not a professional dancer and has never danced before,but, in spite of all that she is doing well. My family applauds her. How many critics can come out in front of a live audience and perform all these difficult moves on the dance floor? I'll bet not many if any. Bristol is doing the best she can and she is a good Mom from what we can see. God bless you Bristol and keep on girl!!!

1414 days ago


Bristol is now the worst dancer on the show. It was obvious last night. Yes, she got through the dance, but her smiles are painted on. If she is having fun, it doesn't show.
I loved the comment "conservatives love what she stands for." What would that be? Teen motherhood? Lying about an engagement to make $100,000 for a magazine spread? Spending ever more time away from the 'bastard' child? Using Mom's celebrity to create your own?
Sorry, none of the Palin 'family values' resonate with me. I had my children (and sex) after a college degree and marriage. My kids had kids after college degrees and marriage. We work for what we have, were not handed it from people who love us because we fly around the country proclaiming our values while ignoring our kids and shooting lies about the President. Wonder how proud you will all be of little Bristol when she reveals she is pregnant again?

1414 days ago

Steelers suck    

Palin won over the indies and dems in Alaska to get elected, She had an 85% approval rating up until the VP selection. Now the Palin women are infiltrating pop culture, DWTS, ET, Alaska show. They say Palin is dumb, but the moves she has made in the last year and a half will go down in history. And when she creams the GOP field in 2012 she'll be the first woman to run and win the Presidency. Simply amazing.

Posted at 2:29 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by sodakhic

You kill me!!! ROFLMAO If people aren't going to vote in a woman with intelligence like Hillary Clinton or Geraldine Ferraro we sure aren't stupid enough to vote in a dumbass that can't even finish her term as governor! Step away from the crack pipe, sodakhic!

1414 days ago



1414 days ago


not only is she a bad dancer, but she has the personality of a cabbage. at the end of every show they show all the dancers smiling, waving, moving around and she just stands there like a lump with a blank face. i can't imagine she actually had sex at one time, she is one big blank page.

1414 days ago
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