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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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She sucks! She is getting a free pass. No way should Audrina have been eliminated before Bristol. This show is getting more fake than wrestling.

1415 days ago

who farted    

People are voting for her STUPID HARVEY.

1415 days ago


Shame on you, Harvey....Bristol is fun to watch and she has improved every week. I have found her far more entertaining to watch than non-celeb Kate Gosslin, who was boring during a prior season. Chuck's comment in the steam hit it right on the does become a popularity contest at this point and the Partridge girl, while definitely a better performer, was way more detached than Bristol...there was no connection with the audience. It has been a pleasure seeing Bristol's confidence grow every week.

1415 days ago

Lisa Powers    

People aren't voting for her just because of politics and she is not that horrible...American people can relate to her and like voting for the underdog. It happens every season. She comes off genuine and is not an entertainer and though I agree she doesn't deserve to win, this is not So You Think You can Dance, she definitely does not deserve all this criticism and being given no credit for how well she has done.

1415 days ago


Well I always thought that the meaning behind Dancing with the Stars was to vote for the dancer who is most improved from week to week. Bristol came on the show with NO dance experience at all and that was they way it was suppose to be. There have been to many stars on with dance experience and that took the fun out it.

1415 days ago


I'm a democrat, and I think that she's adorable. Additionally, I think that the Dem's went tooo far knocking down the Palin family.

1415 days ago


Harvey, it's the easy way out to simply say that someone "sucks". The only person voted off so far that actually had a noteworthy amount of better talent was Audrina. Bristol's performance last evening was very decent, very positive. But, then again, everyone did very well last night, so we'll have to see what happens. Keep in mind Harvey, you had no idea why Ice Road Truckers / IRT Deadliest Roads was an interesting show to watch, even though you had never watched it. Also, you claim to not be able to "understand" Nascar, Harvey, . . . it's a competition of building the fastest car under the rules, and having a driver willing to push the limits to win, . . . very simple.

Come on, Harvey, give Bristol a break, I'm pretty sure she'll be one of the next two to go home . . .

1415 days ago


I am sorry, but I don't think she has improved much since the beginning. She is doing about the same since then. I think the judges are going easy on her because they are afraid of hurting her feelings. Sorry, but she isn't good at all, but I guess she is better than Kate was last year. That is it. It is a miscarriage that she went home before Audrinna. I hope she goes home tonight. It is only right.

1415 days ago


So, based on the comments, it is totally okay for political persuasion to determine talent? This is the problem with partisanship. It poisons everything. This is supposed to be a competition based on specific abilities--not a political referendum.

1415 days ago


I'm glad Bristol stuck around as long as she did, but I wouldn't bust a vein if she were to leave tonight. The person I really want to see leave is Brandy. She dances like crap and gets overscored every time. Last night she had a major mishap with a turn gone wrong and was off four bars but they still gave her a ten. Go figure. Jennife Grey all the way.

1415 days ago


She has grace and a presense, if you watched the show last night you would have heard 4 different judges, including KELLY OSBOURNE state this... DUH!
I'll also tell you why - because voters see something in her that has NOTHING TO DO WITH POLITICS! I vote 6 times for her on 3 different cell phones... THAT IS WHY!

1415 days ago

Kay Summers    

Give the girl a break. I find her refreshing. She wont win it and likely not to last much longer but stop putting politics into everything. Lighten up!

1415 days ago


People don't like Palin's daughter simply because she's Palin's daughter which is sad. Liberals are suppose to be tollerant, understanding, reach across the isles, respect of opinions and differences people...

yet they attack a child because she's the daughter of someone they don't agree with. Very tollerant and respectful hey?

Palin's daughter, unlike Brandy, the kid from disney, and previous contestants like the girl from the ***** cat dolls, the ice skater, and so on... has no entertainment background.

Brandy not only has a pop background... she needed to know how to dance choreographed moves for her concerts and such. That gives her an unfair advantage. the show is suppose to be about people like Palin, media/entertainment stars (whether they try to be, or are forced into the spotlight) who have no dancing background.

Palin is doing remarkably well. Especially considering last year's Kate Gosselin who really was sucky... but lasted just as long.

1415 days ago


"I vote 6 times for her on 3 different cell phones."

Right there - That's what's wrong with our country.

I enjoy the show too and have nothing personal against Bristol, but really?? You waste time to vote 18 times on 3 phones?

Someone needs a new hobby.

And I don't really think Kelly Osborne's opinion carries much weight - she didn't even graduate from high school and spent a few years as a drug addict. The other judges did praise her, but also said that she doesn't develop a character when she dances. If the judges loved her so much, the why is she at the bottom??

Just another delusional Palin fanatic...

1415 days ago


Bristol The Pistol claims she is shocked that she is still on the show. It's okay Bristol. Longtime DWTS "real" fans are even more shocked than you are! And as far as your "fans out there that have voted us back each week" goes, you can thank your Mommy's groupies for that since they are taking DWTS as serious as her 2008 failed election. This is one small way the Palinbots can get some satisfaction that their Tea Partying Queen Bee is actually winning something. Don't believe me? Visit anyone of her big fan sites or groups. They are voting in droves!

1415 days ago
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