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Sarah Palin -- The 'DWTS' Conspiracy Theory

11/2/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nobody can explain why Bristol Palin has managed to stay on "Dancing with the Stars" despite the fact that she sucks at dancing ... nobody except Harvey Levin.

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Bristol is not a dancer and is only there because she is sarah palins daughter. It is sad when the good dancers are eliminated. The judges are paid so they should be the eliminators and not the public.

1386 days ago


I chose to watch DWTS for the past several years for true entertainment. It is a shame the show has become a political arena for conservatives. Each week, celebrities with REAL talent are eliminated, and Bristol Palin remains to bore us. Tuesday night was the final episode for me.

1386 days ago


Someone alert Piglet and Pooh bear there is a heffalump stampeding through DWTS. Oh nevermind it's just Bristol.

1386 days ago


Dancing with the Stars IS NOT about politics and I get really weary of listening to the melt downs because it Bristol Palin is on there, even to the point some say she is pregnant again. That is disgusting. At least show a little respect and class.

She has had no experience in entertainment nor dancing, but is giving it her best. The show is giving her some confidence in herself after what she went through. She won't win, of course, but she is precious and is a good loving mom to her son.

1386 days ago


Per the judges, Bristol is not in character while performing. Her facial expression, does not change, regardless of the dance. Yes, she seems very sweet, but this is a dance contest. Did anyone notice the reactions of the judges?

1386 days ago


Okay, I understand the whole conservative thing....but DWTS is about talent, skill, and entertainment, not politics. It is also not about feeling sorry for someone who needs money. While I am amazed at how well Bristol has done, she should have gone before Audrinna and Rick. I was thrown back when they first announced she would be on the show: Dancing with the STARS....she is not a star. I am also disturbed because her "baby drama" has turned into something positive, where there are young girls everyday who go through the "baby drama" and they are condemned. I guess it is all in who you know. I know I will be highly upset if she ends up winning this thing based on who she knows (or her mom knows) and not on talent.

1386 days ago


Bristol does dance very well and with grace. The reason she doesn't get the BIG marks from the judges is that she doesn't perform like a tramp.

1386 days ago

lorraine biffath    

I have been a big fan of DWTS since the beginning. I realize it's not a dance contest.Like it or not it's a popularity contest.They should do away with the judging because it means nothing.The only reason the show is alive is because of the call in voting.All the dancers work very hard to try and win the top spot.The voters could care less how well they dance.The show preceives it to be a dance contest.This season is my last time watching the show.I think many people fell the same way. As far as Bristil Palin goes I think she is as cute as she can be and is doing her very best. In reality she should of been gone long time ago.The show is what it is,we have a choice to watch or not watch.For the firsttime instead of watching the whole show I watched a basketball game and at halftime I checked to see what was happening with DWTS.In my opinion they should have it just a dance contest and have no call in voting,but that's not going to happen because that's what keeps the show on the air.

1386 days ago


If people are voting for her BECAUSE of her mother, then she's doomed to the worst life possible, trying to compete w/mommie..who's thinner, cuter, flirtier, etc....she's still chubby after all these weeks,which is shocking! the look on her face while dancing is pitiful..her dancing hasent improved much, and she has the personality of a slow 12 yr old...I wont even watch this show anymore..its sad..they've run out of pseudo celebs that have rhythm, or likeability. and who's taking care of the baby? a nanny hired by mommie? or one paid for by the republican party? she's ridiculous and pathetic at the same time.

1386 days ago


KR hit the nail on the head!

1386 days ago


Give me a break. Palin is the reason I won't be watching, not one more year..It is Dancing with the Stars and HELLO, SHE is not a star. This show has gone on too long. Not a dancing contest, but a who gets the most popular votes. Bye Bye dancing with the stars.

1386 days ago


sHE'S NOT TALENTED AT ALL I BET SHE CAN"T EVEN CLAP IN TIME. My dog is more AGILE than she is!! Sorry bristol, go home with mommie dearest and drink some TEA, IT IS WHAT IT IS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1386 days ago


Both Palins say they want to be in Alaska well send them there and give us some peace. Have you ever seen a mother and daughter so hungry for the camera? Please send them back to Alaska and let them drive them crazy.

1386 days ago

Patricia Dawson    

I am beginning to dislike this show and I loved watching it in the beginning. If you are important or connected to someone important you get special treatment even if you are a terrible dancer. I also don't think you should be kept in just because you are an old star that people liked in their hayday. If it has to be a popularity contest I think people should get one vote.
If the increasing trend toward obvious favoritism continues as much as I like the dancing I will stop watching it.

1386 days ago


It's a TV show and the primary objective is to keep people tuned in regardless of the reason. I'm not a huge Palin fan but I am a parent and to see your child branch out and improve is keeping me watching. The rest are all experienced in being in the public eye.

1386 days ago
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