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Brooke Mueller

Charlie Sheen

Betrayed Me!

11/2/2010 6:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Brooke Mueller feels utterly betrayed by Charlie Sheen, according to her lawyer, Sorrell Trope.

Brooke Mueller divorce:
Trope tells TMZ ... when Brooke and Charlie signed a property settlement agreement back in May ... they agreed to wait a full year before officially filing for divorce.  Trope says Brooke made the agreement because "she didn't want to make trouble for Charlie," who was in the throes of a trial for allegedly assaulting Brooke in Aspen.

Trope says, "Charlie humiliated Brooke," by blindsiding her yesterday -- filing legal papers without giving her the heads up.  And, Trope says, it's especially hurtful because Brooke had been supportive of Charlie last week during his most recent trouble.

Trope notes that in Charlie's divorce papers, he suggests the couple's two kids have been living with him.  Trope says it's not true -- the kids have been living with Brooke.

UPDATE:  Charlie's manager, Mark Burg, tells TMZ, "Charlie tried to reach out to Brooke and left her a message before filing for divorce.  It's a shame that this ambulance chaser is trying to drum up more business because this divorce was finalized and agreed upon 6 months ago."

Burg added, "Shouldn't everyone involved be more concerned about the two young children?"


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1387 days ago


The crack head is mad at the coke head? Wow!

1387 days ago


so tiring!

The PR firm calls TMZ and tells them , "boy, do I have a story for you guys".

TMZ happy to get the "scoop".

Then they just say whatever PR rep tells them.

Then PR rep comes to this forum and posts stuff against whoever is famous and the PR firm is against. Saying Bitch should take charlie, Mel, woods, whoever to the cleaners and take all their money.

The gig is up! TMZ is part of the lawyer extortion racket. These s*** lawyers call TMZ and plant the story.
Everybody wins. TMZ wins getting hits. And the Extortion lawyer wins boosting their take of extortion money.
The gold-digger wins , usually a prostitute who knows exactly how to play the game.
So, Charlie are you gonna PAY to make this story go away. Or do you want this BITCH to start posting stories on RADAR/TMZ about how bad you are?
If you don't pay, you will get MEL-ed! :)

1387 days ago


Charlie didn't "betray" her. She is an idiot for trusting an alcoholic, coke addled ho chaser. Stupid is as stupid does.

1387 days ago


For those of you outside of L.A., here's a bit of info... Sorrell Trope is one of the most highly regarded attorneys around. For Charlie's manager to call him an "ambulance chaser," is just an embarrassing lapse of judgement, and really telling about the nastiness of Charlie and his camp.

Charlie Sheen is the biggest loser on the planet. Looks like his manager is as well. Congrats, Brooke! ch-ching! Take that jerk to the cleaners!

1387 days ago

Just Saying    

The only thing strange about this story is it's similarity to Mel Gibson story, and Sorrell Trope being Brookes lawyer. Perhaps Brooke has been influenced by the Oksana saga, and has decided to try to get more money from Charlie. Well, she was his legal wife and not some mistress, plus she did have his two children, in wedlock. But you know what? A contract is a contract, and if you were in your right mind when you signed it then it should be binding, no matter how much the other party ticks you off.

Posted at 2:29 PM on Nov 2, 2010 by Gene

True, but it is your constitutional right to challenge a contract signed by yourself. I can think of many situations where a weaker party was unlawfully or immorally influenced into signing away their rights. Hey, Oks claimed this too, except that the rest of her story does not support the scenario she claims. I am more inclined to believe Brooke. We'll wait and see what evidence she comes up with. It could turn out that Brooke is another Oksana in the making.

1387 days ago


Um, she married Charlie Sheen. How else was this going to turn out? If she really did some soul searching she would come to the conclusion that she should never have even married him in the first place. Yeah, she'll get quite a bit of money, but she will be tied to this nut for the rest of her because of her children. And that is scary enough.

1387 days ago


Once a junkie, always a junkie. He has had so many breaks he thinks he's an egg. But it is a fact that he is rich...and a celebrity. His PR machine is working overtime to show he is the all American boy. And you have the millions of "fans" who can't delineate between the character/s he plays from the coke-headed alcoholic he actually is. He will be absolved of all criminal charges, convince his ignorant supporters that he is just a "poor innocent actor" who needs their support. And life goes on...the judges a little wealthier, the lawyers a lot wealthier, the fans who can't wait for a new movie, and Charlie, looking for his watch, barking at the moon.

1387 days ago


He doesn't have to clear filing with this woman who was legally drunk - the police is Aspen did a blood test at the time - and then lied to police about what took place. SHE WAS OUT IN ASPEN the very next day smiling for all the paps. Clearly, she wasn't traumatized, assaulted or held at knife point the night before. I am not entirely a fan of Charlies but this woman and the last wife are opportunists that are now going to get 55k dollars a month off of him. It's a clear set up for life.

1387 days ago

Just Saying    

He doesn't have to clear filing with this woman who was legally drunk - the police is Aspen did a blood test at the time - and then lied to police about what took place. SHE WAS OUT IN ASPEN the very next day smiling for all the paps. Clearly, she wasn't traumatized, assaulted or held at knife point the night before. I am not entirely a fan of Charlies but this woman and the last wife are opportunists that are now going to get 55k dollars a month off of him. It's a clear set up for life.

Posted at 3:43 PM on Nov 2, 2010 by JLS

Hey are you the same JLS who claims that Mel is the controlling, demended b**t**d and Oks is the poor, innocent, hapless victim ? A bit of a 180 degree, wouldn't you say ?

1387 days ago


If an actual divorce filing date was not stipulated in writing when they negotiated their property settlement agreement, there was really nothing stopping him from moving forward with the filing. Since they haven't been living together for months, what did she really expect? She signed off on the agreement months ago and if she had any reservations, they should have been addressed before she signed on the dotted line. It doesn't say very much about a person's integrity when they knowingly sign important legal do***ents and don't want to honor what they have originally agreed to in the first place.

1387 days ago


Sorrel Trope is an ambulance chaser? That's pretty funny, TMZ.

1387 days ago


Charlie Sheen; Really, who cares? He's a lost cause for whatever reason.

I do, however, feel bad for his dad.

1387 days ago


Mr Burg,
Yes, youre right everyone should be concerned for the childen especially when in the company of a wife beating, violent, drug addicted, prostitute loving man such as Charlie Sheen!

1387 days ago


Shut up Brooke. SHUT UP. You and your kids will be taken care of the rest of your lives. Call off the atty hound and work together with your babies daddy. I don't condone Charlie at all, but you knew he was a player. Ya snagged him, trapped him and this is where you're at. Cut the losses, and move on. HAHAHAHA for C to file divorce before your reality show starts. I won't be watching.

1387 days ago
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