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Charlie Sheen's Ex

Goes to Cops Over Kids

3/1/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brooke Mueller has gone to the cops to wrestle physical custody of her two kids away from Charlie Sheen.

Brooke Mueller

Brooke went to the Beverly Hills Police Department a short time ago to ask for help in getting the kids, but she was told Charlie doesn't live in Bev Hills so she was at the wrong police department. 

Mike Walters from TMZ was at Charlie's house yesterday and saw the twins there.  We're told the twins are living with Charlie full-time ... sources connected with Charlie say he's worried about her sobriety.

We're told Brooke was supposed to spend two hours with the kids today.



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The children should be with their uncle Emelio or Charlie's parents. Neither he nor their mother are capable of taking care of them. They both use incredibly poor judgement and should not be in the company of young children, theirs or anyone else's. And Heaven forbid that they are anywhere near when Charlie finally checks out.

1340 days ago


I feel bad for those kids. The parents they have are very f***ed up. Why aren't the grandparents getting involved in giving them a descent upbringing? Those kids are with nannies, and/or high that isnt fair to those poor kids.

1340 days ago

remove the kids    

I'm so sick of Charlie Sheen, sadly I use to like this guy, they way he acted, but now I'm only sick of him and of his behavior. There are real problems in the world and you are so into what benefits you, what drugs you can take, what porn star you can be with, this is so sad because sadly we will lose you to this downward spiral you seem to think that you will outlive, and you are no different from Richard Pryor, and look at him now, thought he could take the drugs which is only poison filtering into your body, with all of the money that you have, you will never be able to buy another body, when you lose your health, no amount of money can take care of that.,

1340 days ago

remove the kids    

Where is Martin Sheen, he needs to remove the grandkids, he is a grandfather. I so agree that the mother needs to remove the kids from Charlie. Charlie you can do the drugs all you want and be with the porn chicks, but do not expose them to the kids in any way., they still have a chance to have a somewhat decent life (??) what you do, well it does not seem like anyone can help., you are on a way of self-destruction, which should not include children, especially your own., !!!

1340 days ago

1.5 men    

#14: @ Lori: Zactly!

1340 days ago


Neither one of these idiots should have access to these children! After seeing the interview this morning with Charlie and his two bimbos describe how they take care of the twins, CPS should have been on the doorstep taking these children to a safe house. This is ridiculous.

1340 days ago


I don't understand why Child Protective Services hasn't already picked these kids up...why does Charlie have custody? He claims he doesn't do drugs in front of them(yay-right), he also has his "goddesses" doing mommy duty (according to a report to air on ABC)..what kind of environment is this...remove the children and let another family member have customy.. TMZ look into the kids welfare....why is everyone glorifying this nut....there are children involved!!

1340 days ago


Didn't Denise Richards offer to take the kids temporarily? Neither Charlie nor Brooke appear to have it together enough to raise the kids. As long as the offer still stood, let Denise have temp custody of the kids and Brooke and Charlie can visit. At least until they get their lives put together.

1340 days ago


Geniuses. Why do A-holes always have to pro-create? Both of these jerks need to be sterilized.

1340 days ago


#142, I couldn't agree with you more!

all you judgemental morons are so perfect you have never done anything remotely wrong or questionable in your entire lives and even if you had we never would have heard about it because you are not in the public eye.
my parents weren't perfect I bet you and yours weren't/aren't either! one thing they taught me is NEVER BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU HERE AND ONLY HALF OF WHAT YOU SEE!
remember positive stories do not sell papers, magazines or hits and advertising on gossip websites.
it's called selective reporting people, as we have seen so many times before.
these parents care about their children and will do all to protect them, I don't believe for 1 second they are in any more danger than any other child in america with all thier relatives, friends, nanny's and carers they are probably safer than your kids.
as for porn stars and hookers at least they are employed and not sitting at home on welfare passing judgment on those in a better situation than themselves.
go charlie live the dream and stuff all the hypocrites!

1340 days ago


Brooke is an alcoholic and a crack addict. She also allowed other women into the marital bed while married to Charlie (she is bi-sexual). Neither seem really fit to raise those boys.

1340 days ago


The Mexican nanny needs to get her own show for dealing with all these losers.

Please, CBS, give her a show! She is the real hero in this mess.

1340 days ago


Yeah, she sounds like a fit mom. Doesn't even know what city her kids live in?

1340 days ago


Brooke shouldn't worry. She'll get the kids when Charlie dies. Which should be any minute now.

1340 days ago


"I Put Your Picture Away"... Charlie sound familiar?

1340 days ago
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