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Charlie Sheen's Ex

Goes to Cops Over Kids

3/1/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brooke Mueller has gone to the cops to wrestle physical custody of her two kids away from Charlie Sheen.

Brooke Mueller

Brooke went to the Beverly Hills Police Department a short time ago to ask for help in getting the kids, but she was told Charlie doesn't live in Bev Hills so she was at the wrong police department. 

Mike Walters from TMZ was at Charlie's house yesterday and saw the twins there.  We're told the twins are living with Charlie full-time ... sources connected with Charlie say he's worried about her sobriety.

We're told Brooke was supposed to spend two hours with the kids today.



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To 142 - Compared to Charlie Sheen, I am Mother Theresa! After watching clips of his interviews I would have thought he was some homeless druggie they found on the street to interview! His eyes were darting, his skin color was gray and his whole demeanor was that of a crazy person that went off their drugs!

1334 days ago


Sheen sounds and looks off the wall...I don't know the extent of her issues but they probably would be better off with her. Also, where are the grandparents????? Or for that matter where is the Department of Child Services in CA?

1334 days ago


Actually those two kids produced in a drug fueled crazed, money glutted environment will get the same trauma that many a poor, ghetto crack child will. Check back on them in 20 years and see what this "winner" and his posse have produced. Only a miracle could save them now.

1334 days ago


I hope Brooke doesn't get custody of the kids. She has enough problems being a crack whore. It's well known that Brooke has a serious drug problem and has left several rehab centers and not gotten the help she needs. She is not fit to be a mother right now.

1334 days ago

Hey Now    

Bobbi - #192 I was just having that exact same thought right before I read your message. The exact same thought.

That is so shameful for him (and Brook) to put their kids in such an environment. That's NOT protecting the kids.

1334 days ago

Whip It    

The kids belong with Charlie, period. Brooke is disgusting. Sorry and all due respect Charlie since that's 'ur baby's mother, yeah, nothing worse than a loaded chick with kids.
That's why you marry the nice girls' and play with the ho's. Brooke what a trickster...

Why is it that no one talks about the Playboy mansion and Hef with all of his girlfriends...

Charlie is just guilty of being Real. And going with the flow? i dunno. What a socialist country we are now living in....
Everyone has the right to privacy of how they live there lives behind closed doors in private as long as they are not breaking the laws. But who's breaking the laws if no one is talking 'bout 'ur privacy.

the world is filled with Hubris.


I don't care what i say 'cause i don't have friends since i'm misunderstood. not in the class of herds in my thoughts. no offense that's why i stay in doors. don't like dealing with 2 faced people.

why should i stick up for this guy? 'cause i always stick up for the misunderstood and underdogs. Everyone loves a winner! But i don't believe in hate as it is a Sin.

If indeed you think he is sick don't spread hate, open your arms and spread LOVE.

Another thing wrong with the world, pointing fingers when something or someone is different.
Sticks & Stones you may throw at me for my thoughts & opinions I am team Charlie, for whatever reasons I simply can't explain ..must follow my heart, he's SWEET guilty of being human as we all are...

P.S. 2
if everyone could date different chicks no divorce, yeah LOLZ
not my thing though, but that's the point to each his own.
"Let freedom Ring" G_d Bless America

~whip it

1334 days ago


Worried about her sobriety...Let's worry about Charlies sanity!

1334 days ago

Kevin Hart    

why is everyone so bothered with their lives. No one here knows them personally, all you know is what you read and you've made a full assessment of 2 people from that. grow up!

1334 days ago


198- from what has been reported on their alcohol and drug abuse..and Charlie going on every talk show known to man acting like a MENTAL PATIENT! I WOULD NOT WANT TO KNOW EITHER OF THEM PERSONALLY! So Charlie has money..big deal. Seems to have taken over his brain and made him a lunatic. Rather be sane,happy and not a druggie..than some over rated actor..And that show he does is crappy, watched it once and thought it simple mined and mornic!

1334 days ago


I'm worried about the kids being around either of them... Really, this situation is just really sad for the twins. :(

1334 days ago


Sheen is not talented, he plays the same character all the time, himself. He would not even have a career without his father's name. He SHOULD experience some failure and find out he's not as great as he thinks he is. He's not!

1334 days ago

Ron Foyee    

Charlie Sheen needs to gain some weight. He looks like he either has AIDS or is blowing too much nose candy!

1334 days ago


I cant belive that some people are mad that Charlie tells the truth about his life. Even the SITCOM is true to who he is. You cant honestly belive that he doesnt have the best people around his children. Im sure his children are suroounded by love and support.

1334 days ago


Let's see would you leave your children around Charlie Sheen? No Way!!! Hmmm how about your wife? Errrr no! Would you like to work with Charlie? Kinda would get crowded with all those kiss marks on the mirror eh? So what's left? Said it before and will say it again before the guy takes a nose-dive off the highest building, somebody get him help if there is anybody left out there because this is getting real old REAL quick! Try talking to a star bigger than you Charlie....God He will always be there for you! The only catch... you have to trust he is smarter than you!

1334 days ago


Last month it was Lindsay Lohan dominating the spotlight. This month it's Charlie Sheen. These two people need to be committed INVOLUNTARILY to a mental hospital for a lengthy stay.

1333 days ago
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