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Charlie Sheen's Ex

Goes to Cops Over Kids

3/1/2011 5:10 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has learned Brooke Mueller has gone to the cops to wrestle physical custody of her two kids away from Charlie Sheen.

Brooke Mueller

Brooke went to the Beverly Hills Police Department a short time ago to ask for help in getting the kids, but she was told Charlie doesn't live in Bev Hills so she was at the wrong police department. 

Mike Walters from TMZ was at Charlie's house yesterday and saw the twins there.  We're told the twins are living with Charlie full-time ... sources connected with Charlie say he's worried about her sobriety.

We're told Brooke was supposed to spend two hours with the kids today.



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Y do he got    

The FN mormons can marry 150 females but sheen can`t be seen with more than one female.Timmy Z zzz is puishin dftas DOA boat of adult daycare smit rucker`ss into the fast lane? again?.Sheen is a film and TV PRODUCER and can play any part or film or produce anything he wants2.Suie`ing sheen is`nt gona happen and those mouths he feeds at Timmy will loose that phatfaster than a daycare adult smitter bcakactwords.Timmy plays gameies with words they don`t know and runs the storys backwards-forwards for some baitin.Unkle F`ers!

1340 days ago


They're both unfit for the twins. I think it's time the grandparents share custody while Charlie and Brooke get sober and get a clue!

1340 days ago


Is Charlie always this manic?

1340 days ago


He's a douche.....get rid of him....

1340 days ago

Cravin Morehead    

Not only is this ho a moron, but she has to be the poorest excuse for a mother EVER!

1340 days ago


Charlie and Brooke each have serious issues, and are in no condition to be parents to those two little boys.

The LA police force, etc., I have a feeling are going to just look the other way, and Charlie will get to keep the kids.

Also, I think eventually you will see CBS cave to Charlie's demands, because ratings are more important than people.

1340 days ago


100% these kids belong with the grandparents .. Brooke was just several days ago ready to go with Charlie and the two hoes!! SHAMEFUL!! CYS please!!

1340 days ago


Doesn't this dumb broad know that is what lawyers are for? The cops aren't going to help. Doesn't she receive enough money from him to hire an atty. to make an ex-parte move. Maybe she's afraid that the courts will rightfully remove the children from both of them

1340 days ago


I know she has problems but... CHARLIE is worried about her sobriety? ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?!?!.

1340 days ago



I like your show. I think for the most part you treat your stories/celebrities with much more respect than many of them deserve, but none of the less, with some style that's been lacking in previous "entertainment shows/magazines".

And that's why I am so disappointed with your enabling of Charlie Sheen. Your coverage is the most of any online publication/show that I have seen or heard. Your jokes and dis respect of the man and all he is going through is....disturbing and to be quite honest, repulsive.

Charlie Sheen is a time bomb which you seem to enjoy exploiting. Your "reporting staff" giggles with glee on his continuing spiral downwards.

After watching your 40min + interview with him, I just shake my head at his loss of reality and his actual disability.

Charlie Sheen is ill. This has no effect on you but to gather as much information on this man to put on your web site and nightly broadcasts. You have exploited a genuinely ill man for your own personal monetary gain.

And you wonder why people relate Jewish People with being all about money. You are your own answer.

I just shook my head as your "interviewer" laughed with Mr. Sheen when he was told the kids run into walls as they say daddy. Why CPS are not at that home just amazes me. Children being watched/taken care of, by other children.

I hold you responsible in part Harvey, as a contributing factor in Mr. Sheens death. You are providing and enabling and ASKING him to self destruct by your very funneling of his unrealistic rants and views to the population via TMZ.

Hope the revenue was worth it

1340 days ago


Sheen can hire the whole FN country to take care of anything or one so this is pure trash press timmy zz slowboat rydin sheens cash cow into a TIMMY zz train wreak yet again.Dock the adult day care center-TMZ from the fast lane or watch as they get thier smitcakes sued off again unto they give up

1340 days ago

get real    

The Kids are Around At Least Two Hookers now. Get them out of that house.

1340 days ago


He's worried about her sobriety? What a hoot!!! Of of the two of them, if Charlie is the custodial parent, then God bless those children---they don't stand a chance if Charlie is the better parent. Frightening.

1340 days ago

Sad sad    

Oh gowd!/charliesheen

1340 days ago


Martin Sheen should take the kids away from these two irresponsible and dysfunctional parents. How could any grandparents let their grand children live with two porn stars/models/gold diggers plus a mentally ill father? And she's no better. If Martin Sheen doesn't want them, take them to The Child Protective Services and find a good family for them.

1340 days ago
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