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Demi Lovato

Bullying is the

Root Problem

11/2/2010 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The issues that Disney superstar Demi Lovato is hoping to tackle in her treatment center all stem from a painful history of being bullied ... sources extremely close to the singer tell TMZ.


We're told Demi's issues with bullies go all the way back to middle school -- where she felt her acting career made her a target.  Our sources say Demi subsequently engaged in self-destructive behavior that is a manifestation of being bullied. 

In fact -- back in 2008, Demi told Ellen DeGeneres that she was bullied so badly in 7th grade, she pulled out of her middle school and switched to a home school program.

110210_demi_lovato_ellen_video3As we first reported, Lovato just quit her international concert tour with the Jonas Brothers ... and admitted herself into a treatment center for "emotional and physical issues."


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@ 28 Love Sponge
I'm not being a bully. I feel bad for the girl, it's unfortunate that she's in rehab ..... but i STRONGLY doubt it's because of the reasons they're giving. It seems too well timed considerig the big anti-bully adds right now

1420 days ago


Elisa: You're out of your mind if you think that marijuana leads to rehab for "substance abuse". Marijuana is not addictive.

1420 days ago

Politico Pablo    

If your going to have an emotional melt down, it will be on one of these concert tours.
Her management should have made sure she could handle the physical demands of touring.

1420 days ago


TMZ, big FAIL, she has been the subject of many recent blind items, the disney teen who is a coke whore and just a whore. She has been at parties where she went from guy to guy to hook up. I thought TMZ would get the truth not this PR bull****. Bullied, that is histerical, talk about trying to steal the spotlight from a real problem of gay kids being bullied. Her PR team is really horrid.

1420 days ago


Wasn't she home schooled? i heard it was cocaine and cuttin herself.

1420 days ago


The story is BS

1420 days ago


Bullying? Nah, just weak mentally. But, today, pulling the bullying card is the new thing to do when you mess up.

1420 days ago


Kids can bully and spread rumors about people for all kinds of idiot reasons. Sometimes it is just jealously. I have personally seen it, and I have been guilty of it too because I wanted to fit in when I was in school. The most normal or people can be bullied if they find some reason to bully them. I remember in high school, even the littliest thing could cause someone not to like you. Not going to deny it. Later on some of them act like it never happened. I don't see any reason why Demi could not have been bullied, but I don't know Demi. So I would not know why Demi would enter a treatment center. It's her business and at least she is seeking help.

1420 days ago

Moe Green    

Never heard of her.

1420 days ago


Hmmhmm I'm sure the coke problem ain't helping either.

1420 days ago


spinner25 #34, I hope your joking when you say marijuana isn't addictive. I am sure alot of people who have gone thru substance abuse issues would disagree since alot of them start of with lesser drugs like alcohol and marijuana. Doing any type of drug shows a lack of character and that you would be more likely to try other types of drugs.

1419 days ago

Rosie the commenter    

Bullies were obviously jealous because she's beautiful and they were scared she might have a more sucessful life then they ever could, unless they brought her down to their level by ruining her self-esteem. It's sad that after all she's achieved since then, she still feels like her bullie's opinions of her mattered.

Good luck with getting better Demi.

1419 days ago


alright aholes,
she never said that bullying was what sent her to rehab, and even if it was, SO WHAT. No one had a problem when a bunch of kids killed themselves for being bullied because they were homosexuals. Every one deals with something. And if she's a cutter, that's a serious problem that she was strong enough to get help for. So stop trying to poke holes into her image and who she is.

1419 days ago


Everyone's so quick to judge others, especially celebrities, this is exactly what the 'bullying' is now. Everyone bashing her, I'd like to see you try to live in the spotlight 24/7 with people constantly poking fun at you and talking sh*t. It says right in the article that bullying lead to self destructive behavior, which could be anything but in this case judging by the pictures of scars on her wrists, she's a cutter. People wake up, this girl has a real problem and made an adult decision to take care of it. It's not a way of running away from whatever fight occured, that was probably she could look at and see it was out of character for herself, and decided she instead of running away from her problems, would face them. This girl is someone that everyone can learn something from, she's handling things in a mature way which is something everyone bashing her can learn something from. For god sakes she's 18 years old, she's still a kid and shes already been using her celebrity to speak up against bullying, and bought her family a house. I'd much rather have my daughter look up to Demi Lovato than Miley Cyrus. She seems like a very sweet girl going through a hard time.

1419 days ago


The media seems to be overdoing this bullying thing right now. They're trying to use that spin here. Not sure what's behind it other than an excuse for the government to control the internet more and save everyone from "bullies." ;)

1419 days ago
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