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Levi Johnston: Palin Not Qualified for Presidency

11/2/2010 7:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Levi Johnston is once again going after his baby mama's mama -- telling TMZ he believes Sarah Palin is "not qualified" to be the next President of the United States of America.


Levi -- who's plotting his own quest for public office in Wasilla, Alaska -- is responding to a statement Palin made earlier this week in which she said she would run for Prez, "If there's nobody else to do it."

Johnston tells us, "That makes no sense because someone always runs for President" ... adding, "[Sarah] wouldn't go through with a campaign even if she was nominated."

As for Johnston's political stance -- we're told Levi's "leaning towards McAdams" ... the Democratic candidate for Senate in Alaska ... who's running against Palin-backed Republican Joe Miller.

So much for a re-reconciliation with Bristol ...


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Phouck Mee TooTears    

Oh...Thank heavens. Levi says Sarah isn't qualified. Whew.... I was getting worried there, I'm glad he straightened that out. I mean, I'm sure he's an expert on what the office of POTUS entails, since he himself is working on his platform to secure the executive's office of Wasilla AK. Gimme an F'ing break, what do we have to do to make all these dim-witted white trash PR-gluttons go away once and for all ?

And seriously folks - even those of you delusional "Mama Grizzlies" who think Sarah Palin is some kind of positive role model... and you senile white Rhinos who just want to nail her in the ass before she hits menmopause - (as if you still could without a trip to the ER) what is it that could lead you to the conclusion that running around the US flapping your gums on hollow one-liners has anything whatsoever to do with the actual job of BEING the President?

1435 days ago


your monkey president is a ******. i dont think the usa is stupid enough to elect another ****** to office ever again.

1435 days ago

Mike Baker    

Palin is Obama's best chance at re-election. Would the Republicans be stupid enough to run her?

1435 days ago


Juju- whoring herself out on DWTS? Ya better stop smoking that crack.

1434 days ago


Levi is not qualified to breath...

What a waste of life!

1433 days ago

Mississippi Girl    

I wish this ignorant piece of crap would go back to Alaska and hopefully some polar bear will make him it's bitch.

1433 days ago


You haters should please grow up. Levi has been there and he knows exactly wot he is talking about. Because u lots are not seeing beyond your noses and not enlightened enough, dat is why you do not know wot Obama is doing. Please go back and read your history and stop blabbing and calling people idiots. Apart from Clinton our former President tell me who else has tried with the economy?

1430 days ago


ROFL, like this guy is qualified to comment on much? LOL Thanks, that's a hoot and I needed it.

1403 days ago


RE: Phouck Mee TooTears

Wow, you seem like a bitter little person. Get happy and hate less, it will make your face look better in your old age.

RE: Johnston tells us, "That makes no sense because someone always runs for President"

LOL Did this guy finish high school or even attend some? He is a hoot, I think he would be better off not opening his mouth. Like the old saying better he be thought a fool than open his mouth and remove all doubt. ROFL

1403 days ago

J D     

Levi has hit the nail on the head on Shara if she was President, she would quit because she couldn't make enough trouble on Fox news being the President!Or run that mouth enough being the President! besides she would never get enough votes there is not enough people that watch Fox news to make her President!

1387 days ago


Thanks, Levi! Every time you mention Palin, she becomes more famous, more endearing and more persuasive to pulling us over to her side. Why? We're running from you!

1331 days ago


Levi might as well run for office now that the retarded palin did so well it should be a breeze for a normal person like him

1320 days ago
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