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Mel Gibson to Oksana: I Have Nothing to Say to You

11/2/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson didn't utter a word to Oksana Grigorieva during his deposition Monday ... and Oksana gave Mel the same silent treatment ... sources tell TMZ.

Mel was asked a wide range of questions during the marathon depo, with Oksana looking on and huddling with her lawyers, suggesting questions.

And here's a shocker ... Mel's deposition was videotaped! Although the tapes, we're told, will be watermarked to trace any leak, nothing in this case has stayed secret.

As for Mel's demeanor, we're told he never lost his cool but did become annoyed from time to time.

We're told Mel asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination on issues related to the domestic violence investigation.

And sources say ... Oksana's lawyers were not able to play the now-infamous tapes she secretly recorded.

In a word -- we're told the deposition was "contentious."



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I guess today it found out he doesn't care about her.
Only Lucia

1454 days ago

Jade evergreen    

@t hellnurse so truth Mel care about Lucia more than I can say for Oksana who care about the money and what upseting to Oksana she finally realizing Mel doesn't care about her and doesn't what her back

1454 days ago

Fidel's niece    

All the leaks come from Ok$a camp,
I bet Hororrwitz is the leak,
and he likes to show his client in a
good light! Therefore he is the one
who said that Mel was taking the Fifth,
Hororrwitz knew they could not ask DV related
questions, yet he tried regardless.

That is why he looked so peeved after the depo,
Mel would not take a bate!


1454 days ago


Who would answers questions in thier right mind about a crime you are not convicted or going to court for. Horrorwitless is one dense dude.

1454 days ago


Go Mel Stay Strong.......

1454 days ago


the following is from

Oksana appeared quite smug after 91/2 hours in court with her ex sperm donar/ ATM machine/Winning lottery ticket, Mel Gibson. Looks like those 9 months carrying his baby will be worth it..... why buy the cow when you can just get the milk for free right.... no wedding bells ...but a baby should do the trick in filling that PIG bank of hers. May the GOLD DIGGING commence right?

Oksana can we introduce you to a make-up counter.... the natural innocent look is not convincing, just hard on the eyes.....OUR eyes.

No more wondering "Verr can I find rrrrrrich man" you just might be able to put those knee pads away for the time being, that is until your karma catches up with you and from the sounds of what Mel had to say.... You like the gold digging bit just not the work you are suppose to do as a Gold digger. So here's to hoping you can hide the knee pads with this meal ticket!!!

MAJOR skin crawling factor.......UGH.

1454 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Redvixen - "hit & run" pro-Ok$a poster!

Scared sh*tless! Ran away! LOL!

1454 days ago

Jade evergreen    

Team Mel stay strong and keep your faith
good luck Mel Gibson and please stay strong think about your family and your baby girl Luica

1454 days ago


Just found this which has something to do with pleading the fith in a civil deposition:
Asking questions regarding criminal activity comes up regularly in family law cases. No, you do not answer any questions in deposition or on the witness stand regarding involvement in criminal activity which has not been prosecuted. In fact, when I have a client who has a tendency to answer questions in spite of being advised against it, I ask that the Judge instruct them of their rights on the record. (CYA.) A person does not surrender their right against self-incrimination just because the testimony is given in a civil suit.

I think Mel was just following his lawyers advice since apparently, you don't need or have to answer questions about a criminal activity that hasn't been prosecuted yet.

1454 days ago


If you are what I'm supposed to be running away from, then girl please take your best shot, but first learn how to write in English, loser. What are you going to do, call me names? Because that is all you could ever muster for a response.

1454 days ago


If you are what I'm supposed to be running away from, then girl please take your best shot, but first learn how to write in English, loser. What are you going to do, call me names? Because that is all you could ever muster for a response.

Posted at 2:16 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by redvixen
Here you sit looking for attention lol

1454 days ago


"As for Mel's demeanor, we're told he never lost his cool"

I have said it before and I will say it again

Mr. Gibson is THE MAN

1454 days ago



1454 days ago


That makes sense chunx. There is no need for mr. Gibson to answer considering he is not being prosecuted for DV. Personally, I do not think he will be prosecuted. Evidence is too shaky.

1454 days ago


I wouldn't give the time of day to that lying criminal either.

1454 days ago
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