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Mel Gibson to Oksana: I Have Nothing to Say to You

11/2/2010 10:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Mel Gibson didn't utter a word to Oksana Grigorieva during his deposition Monday ... and Oksana gave Mel the same silent treatment ... sources tell TMZ.

Mel was asked a wide range of questions during the marathon depo, with Oksana looking on and huddling with her lawyers, suggesting questions.

And here's a shocker ... Mel's deposition was videotaped! Although the tapes, we're told, will be watermarked to trace any leak, nothing in this case has stayed secret.

As for Mel's demeanor, we're told he never lost his cool but did become annoyed from time to time.

We're told Mel asserted his Fifth Amendment right against self-incrimination on issues related to the domestic violence investigation.

And sources say ... Oksana's lawyers were not able to play the now-infamous tapes she secretly recorded.

In a word -- we're told the deposition was "contentious."



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Why would Mel assert his fifth amendment right on the issue of DV? The judge said that topic was off limits so Mel would not be required to answer that type of question? He wouldn't need to assert his fifth amendment rights.

1450 days ago


Why would Mel assert his fifth amendment right on the issue of DV? The judge said that topic was off limits so Mel would not be required to answer that type of question? He wouldn't need to assert his fifth amendment rights.

Posted at 3:59 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by Patty
Exactly. Just more spinning from Horrorwitz and Oinky.

1450 days ago


Can you imagine how difficult it was for, the sociopath and control freak, Ox to have to sit there and only let Mel speak without interjecting her own spin? No wonder she looked drained coming out there. The woman cannot shut up. She was giddy coming out of her own depo because she got to flap her lips non stop for a bazillion hours.

1450 days ago


Hey Kali! My IQ is 148. Can you match it? LMFAO. I thought not. It's clear you love Mel. That's fine with me but after hearing all the tapes, I consider you very stupid if you do. One cannot listen to him spit, growl, demand a BJ before Oksana get's into a hot tub and just act like an ass and then say he's a great guy without being kinda dumb. His crisis team threw crap all over the victim of the admitted domestic violence. It worked with you.

Posted at 1:25 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by JLS

Well my guess is that IQ is growing with the years then.
You might have an IQ of 148 but your EQ (Emotional Quotient) is below zero.

1450 days ago


Maybe there is another reason that she wanted to be there. Maybe she has something so bad that she is holding over Mel's head that she wanted to be sitting right there across from Mel to look him in the eye and sort of say without saying, don't say a word because it will bring both of us down. Why else put yourself through the embarrassment of being so close to someone that can't stand your guts. Someone that knows what you really are and knows all your lies. We know that she has nothing to loose now, so every move she makes will be like an Ox running blind and bashing into anything that gets in her way. God Help MEL, and keep him safe from the hooves of the Ox.

1450 days ago


I have had a very successful career in law. I am not a douchebag.
Posted at 1:28 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by JLS

So has your twin Gloria Allred.

1450 days ago


First things first..."we are told Mel asserted his fifth amendment rights"...that is speculation or possibly information to sway people away from Mel and towards Oksana.

According to past reports, Team Oksana was not allowed to ask about the domestic violence case or the if they were not allowed to, he had no reason to assert his fifth.


I don't believe he did assert. I believe it was a total BS depo and Team Oksana hammered away at things and even tried to at the DV stuff and was shut down.

My issues is the tapes of his depo...I am betting it will be "leaked" by someone and no one will admit to it, just like the tapes before. And the funny thing is the tapes are in the hands of her team. So it is pretty clear who could and would have done it.

I am still waiting for the truth to come out, but I don't think yesterday made it a He's Guilty kind of thing.



1450 days ago


contentious indeed..I am sure that with a Judge presiding over the dep and the lenght of Mel's dep in comparison to Ox...Whorowitless was just that witless and frustrated...the interview and thumbs up by the fool and DH looking like he lost 200 million after the dep spoke louder than any words could have....

1450 days ago



Scary thought her team having the tapes huh...A watermark will not stop her from slicing and dicing once again. She suffered no consequences from leaking her tapes...anyone wanna bet ROL will be airing that dep? I hope she was searched for recording devices upon entering the dep....

1450 days ago


The deposition went just as I thought it would.

Mel didn't say a word to OG. Mel probably didn't even look at OG.

Mel was cool and handled himself well.

OG presence did NOT make Mel squirm.

They didn't get to play the tapes, as expected, because the tapes are not the originals.

Mel's lawyers did a great job of defending their client.

The see-through blouse, big hoop earrings, and make-up did not impress Mel.
BTW, videotaping a deposition is not a big deal. They can be videotaped or audio recorded, in addition to being recorded by a court reporter who will transcribe word for word what was said.

1450 days ago


Have I've missed that this depo is being presided over by a judge or is this just what some of you think is happening?

1450 days ago


I think Mel was just following his lawyers advice since apparently, you don't need or have to answer questions about a criminal activity that hasn't been prosecuted yet.

Posted at 2:15 AM on Nov 2, 2010 by chunx

Which is exactly why she refused to talk about her relationship with Timothy Dalton in her deposition. That'll be used in the extortion case. I would say based on this article since there is no gloating on behalf of the the Ho's team they know they have lost what they wanted in the custody trial and are now planting seeds of guilt for the civil suit.

1450 days ago

fuddyduddy must have missed a TMZ report; TWO judges were appointed to oversee OG's deposition the other day, AND Mel's deposition yesterday.

1450 days ago



My educated guess...Mel never had to invoke the 5th...the Judge presiding over the dep most likely ruled against any line of questions that over stepped the scope of questioning set forth as ground rules.

1450 days ago


Thanks fuddy, I did miss it.

1450 days ago
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