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New Michael Jackson Tracks -- Real or Phony?

11/3/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Two of Michael Jackson's children are adamant -- some of the soon-to-be released MJ song tracks are frauds.

As we have been reporting, Sony will be releasing a Michael Jackson album before Christmas, featuring 10 - 12 original tracks.  We're told 5 of the tracks were recorded at the New Jersey home of record producer Eddie Cascio

Michael and his kids stayed at Cascio's family home for 4 months in 2007, when the tracks were recorded, along with remixes that were released on the Thriller 25 Album.

The Jackson family believes the Cassio tracks in question were fakes -- sung by a Michael Jackson sound-alike.  We're told Prince says he was upstairs at the Cascio's house when many of the tracks were recorded and was able to hear the music, and none of what he heard matches the Sony tracks. 

We're also told Paris is "adamant" -- she does not believe her dad's voice is on the tracks in question.

But the estate claims there are sound experts who say conclusively the tracks are the real deal.

People connected with the Sony project believe the kids are being "manipulated" by Katherine Jackson and other family members who don't want the album released.


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Face it...none of the voices we hear out any of the singers today are their REAL voices. Just like the photos we see aren't REAL photos. The voices, even in concerts, are all run through computers and...whatever else. Just like all photos are touched up like mad. Is it MJ? I don't know...but even if's not "really" him.

1414 days ago


BELLA: ha ha ha yeah, Michael saved "Himself" from 9-ll? He wasn't in NYC. What would he be doing in Building 7. Do you know what went on in Building 7. I doubt MJ had any business meeting their. ha ha ha you believe f****kking anything.

1414 days ago


Why are the Jacksons using to kids like this? Sad! Sad! Sad! Shouldn't adults be able to fight their own battles???? The Jacksons always bring out the kids when they need to make money....Watch Katherine on the Oprah Show coming up as she sells her book about MJ....The kids are being interviewed to sell that book....Just plain awful. Those kids need a better home.

1414 days ago


@MDFIT bananapatch

In this world there are opinions and there are facts.
Everyone is entitled to their own opinions - NOT THEIR OWN FACTS.

1414 days ago

my opinion    

Can't wait to hear the CD...hopefully it IS all MJ


Love the Jackson's

KEEP UP the fight Mr. Jackson for JUSTICE of your son

LOVE, PEACE, KINDNESS & RESPECT makes a better world for US ALL

1414 days ago


Good point! I hadn't thought of that. Your other comments gave me pause for thought too, another perspective to consider. MJ leaving music to his kids, exclusively, still points to how smart the guy actually was. No matter what people say, he could be a very savvy businessman.

Posted at 10:26 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by Tamie


Tamie - I agree, he was so very savvy a businessman.. then you have the very frightened and confused man in the last few years, that was the same person.

All I know for sure was his saying himself that he had material that he intentionally left unreleased, specifically for his children to have - I am assuming "children to have" means for their private use whether it be to keep them to themselves, or to share them out of wanting to, or release them for revenue should they ever need to (like an insurance for financial security type of thing) FOR themselves. After probate, the Estate goes to the three of them equally but at only released in increments at specific ages. The last of all of it to be turned over by age 40, respectively.

I would like to think that these private pieces would be given to them with that LAST installment, when it would be at their eldest in this stage of disbursements. He didn't want them to receive EVERY thing all at once, and at so young an age - even though they would be adults at 18. IMO, he was very smart on this issue of when to disburse his Estate to them.

Just don't know if what he was saying THEN meant either that it was something he set aside in an airtight "no one else can get to them, including OTHER Jacksons" place. Know what I mean?

Again... can only go with maybe's, (hopefully's) if only because IF that's the case, "airtight" would mean that it would "guaranteed" to be kept aside by an especially appointed "someone", that "someone" would have them in safe keeping for them that NO ONE else but that person knows. That would be very cool, imo. lol I was thinking maybe Diana Ross? Since it's only hopeful speculation... let's make it some person he met overseas in some remote corner of the world (he went EVERY where) that he left a map indicating where these tracks could be dug up like they're in the furthest corner of Timbuktu or something! LOL No way could I blame him if he did something like that feeling he would have had no choice but to go that extreme to make sure of their safekeeping. "Out there" so to speak, but not impossible; and, imo, plausible.

I managed to get a copy of MJ's The Jackson Family Trust do***ent quite some time ago, but it's been as long since I've read it. I'll re-read it again sometime soon to see if there are details concerning this "unreleased materials" end of things....

In the meantime... MJULS... if you're around... what say you of this issue of legalities surrounding releasing this music of MJ's? Who's RIGHTS are these particular tracks that are of this new CD containing unreleased tracks (until then) belonging to, to do so legally? PPB? The Cascio's? Just "out there" for either? etc.

Thank you, in advance.

1414 days ago


What the "People connected with the Sony project" said. IMO.

1414 days ago


Has anyone else noticed at the bottom left corner of this 'newsflash' there is written:

Tags: Michael Jackson, Prince, Prince Michael, Paris Jackson, Katherine Jackson, Eddie Cascio, Music (as in: "Filed Under: ...)

"Eddie Cascio"

.... THIS piece is the only piece on it, so they created a page just for Eddie Cascio using this "New MJ Tracks - Fake or Phoney.." piece to initiating it.

Premonition, anyone?

I mean, really. lol

1414 days ago


** good grief... **

Correction: "New MJ Tracks -- REAL or Phoney"

(Just scroll up to the top of THIS page.)


1414 days ago


The experts were paid by Sony so untrustable, the best experts are Michael's children and the fans.

1414 days ago


@ #14 Michael Jackson was a pedophile and child molester.
No doubt he was molested as a child and his behavior, as an adult, was a clear manifestation of that, textbook even.
Also textbook is the reaction and reluctance of those who "adore" him to not see that and not accept it.

A) You believing he was doesn't make it so. Not a textbook case and you know this. He behaved different - he was an artist - he lived outside the box and that scares a lot of people so we are quick to label that which we don't understand. You, I'm sorry to say, fell pray to the lies perpetuated by the media on this man. Since the FBI couldn't find anything to perpetuate the myth it has been dropped, except by those who just want to believe what they want to believe.

Nobody - nobody knows this family, motivation, lies of Sony - why who what for. Get on with living your life and get over all of this. I admire Michael Jackson as the artist, someone who risked ridicule to live his life to the fullest. Who was human and made mistakes as we all do. The bullying by everyone needs to stop.

1413 days ago


Michael's children definitely know if his voice is on those tracks,they were with him.As far as the other members of the j clan they should mind their own business and for once stay away from Michael's.

1413 days ago


The children know their fathers voice better than anyone.

Michael Jackson stated his dissatisfaction with Sony, and he was
acquitted of all charges against him.

He never stopped trying to make the world a better place and is dearly missed by those who truly loved him.

1413 days ago


*****************ATTENTION MJ FANS****************

Sony is PROMOTING the new MJ album with "real or fake" controvery. Be smart, don't buy into it, it is just a sales ploy! Listen, this is NOT Michael's vision. Michael said he goes thru HELL when he tours yet when he was in financial crisis in 2009, he DID NOT take his unreleased songs to Sony, he chose to GO THRU HELL and tour with AEG!

Michael left his songs to his children WHO ARE OPPOSING THIS ALBUM!

Please lets remain loyal to Michael. Lets make him proud. lets show the world that his fans will remain loyal to Michael even in death! BOYCOTT SONY,. BOYCOTT MJ NEW ABLUM....OUT OF L.O.V.E

We will buy the album:
1- When/IF Michael's children, rightful owners of the songs, decides to release it
2- %100 of the prooceedings go to MJ children, NOT Sony
3- Record label is NOT Sony aka MJ's arch enemy
4- John Branca aka Sony right arm resigns from MJ Estate

We might not have any control over justice at CA Court re: Murray trial but fans DO have power to recover his hijacked Estate! HIS CHILDREN SPOKE UP AND OPPOSED THE ALBUM! Don't buy this album to show that loyal fans won't do busines with Sony or Branca! I don't condone piracy but under the current cir***stances, if you download, I wouldn't report you. MOst of the songs are available and the rest will be available on Internet soon, DON'T BUY MJ NEW ALBUM! Don't buy into Sony's sales ploy such as this. LOOK, THIS IS JUST A PROMOTION OF THE ALBUM! BOYCOTT SONY, REMAIN LOYAL TO MJ & MJ3 WHO OPPOSE THIS ALBUM!

1412 days ago
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