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Oprah Airs Jackson, Molestation Shows Back-to-Back

11/2/2010 6:05 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Oprah Winfrey may not get a Christmas card from Michael Jackson's family this year ... because she's airing the tell-all interview with MJ's children back-to-back with a special on child molestation.

Michael Jackson molestation:
Oprah's big interview with MJ's kids -- Prince, Paris, and Blanket -- is scheduled to air next Monday ... but according to Oprah's website, the talk show host is airing a show the Friday before entitled "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."

Interestingly ... the Jacksons had beef with Oprah over her programming decisions back in 2005 ... when she did a show on pedophilia during jury deliberations in Michael Jackson's molestation trial.

A rep for Oprah's production company tells TMZ, "There is no connection whatsoever between the two shows. This is purely coincidental."



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Michael never molested a child;
do you believe in the justice of your country?
He shared the power of dreams, and dreamed of a better world !
As a fan, i ask not to release the report about paedophilia day before, so people can mix with MJ story, it's BAD,
respect please

1450 days ago


Oprah was not molested. She was a wh*re and a crackhead. She slept around as a teen and now she wants to say she was molested. she gave herself to that family member. But then again maybe she was because she cannot commit to a man, but she has committed to Gail. She travels more with her girlfriend than her make believe man. We haven't heard from Steadman in years. Where is he Oprah? I mean you are from Gacy's part of town.

1450 days ago


... I know FOR A FACT that Jacksons reached out to Oprah to request that she does NOT air the children's portion of the interview...

Posted at 1:47 PM on Nov 2, 2010 by MichaelJACKSON


If what you say is true, then the Jackson's have NO ONE to blame but themselves & SHAME ON THEM. Once the footage was filmed it became the exclusive property of the Oprah Winfrey Show to use at any time, and however they see fit. That's the deal whenever footage is shot, and the Jackson's were WELL aware of this fact. These are children & they should not be anywhere near the media! When it comes to the exploitation of MJ's kids in the media and the direct disregard for MJ's wish that they be sheltered from the spotlight THE JACKSON'S ARE TO BLAME, not Oprah or any other media outlet.

1450 days ago


the real issue is,it's unacceptable to exploit michael's children,michael wouldn't be happy about this.why oprah leave these children alone,their daddy wanted them a normal life,away from paparazi and world of showbizness.She can interview LMP as many as she wants,we don't care bout that bitch!but michael's children?please leave them alone and stay away from them oprah,please not them! stop exploiting and use them for ratings!

1450 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

@ MiMi

awww did I step on your toes? Did I slam 'your' Oprah? waaahhhhhh waaahhhhhh

writing that comment is 5 mins. of your life you won't get back. So stop hating the TRUTH and PLEASE stop your whining it's annoying everyone around you, SERIOUSLY !!!!!

1450 days ago

SERIOUSLY !!!!!    

@ MiMi

Ummm MiMi ... did I step on your toes or more likely hit a nerve, poor baby? wahhhhhh wahhhhhh

I mean, SERIOUSLY !!!!! posting that comment is 5 mins. of your life you'll never get back.

1450 days ago


Posted at 10:03 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by iloveMJ


I so share your frustration.... but isn't it the point that Oprah would not be able to use or exploit MJ's kids if the Jackson's did not offer them up to her on a silver platter in the first place??? Seriously, it's not like the Jackson's are unfamiliar with how the system works... Come 'on, how could anyone in their right mind ever think it is OK or appropriate to allow any media access to MJ's kids???? They are children!!! MJ must be turning in his grave!!! I am not a hater, and I have spent a better part of the last year defending the Jackson's, but the truth is, I just no longer have faith that ANY of the Jackson's have MJ's kids best interest at heart, and that makes me so sad. I am truly scared for the kids.

1450 days ago

Pricless Princess    

Oprah isn't the same woman I use to watch on television!!!!! Her shows have become more boring than ever, BUT then again it seems like most of her shows are about the same topic all the time just trying to dress it up a little. She is two-faced anyway, Maybe she isn't trying to throw Mike under the bus I would hope not anyway. Then to have his children and family on the show...come on Goatpra don't do it to yourself, you're better than that. Last but not least Mike didn't do anything...if you people wake up and stop feeding into the media you would know that its all a set up, you're all blinded by the real deal..she even down with the..."Illuminati" get and believe!!! Good day though :)

1450 days ago


for those of you saying "we love you Michael" don't you think "we" is a broad statement? No, I don't love him now, didn't love him when his druggie perverted butt was alive either. I cannot stand drug addicts, platic faces, or weirdos such as him (and I use THAT term very loosely!). As far as Oprah, if you don't like the way she schedules her shows, don't watch them! Problem solved!!!

1450 days ago


I wonder if Oprah will ask those 3 white kids how it is to live without a mother. And if they know who their egg donor mother is? or if they know who their sperm donor is? They just have to look in the mirror to see that none of them are black and they dont look anything like Grandma Jackson, Joe Jackson or any of the Jackson cousins. When Blanket looks in the mirror he must see MJs pal TITO BRANDO. Does Paris see MJs pal BROOKE SHIELDS? Does Prince see MARLON BRANDO? Will Oprah ask them "Who's Your Daddy?" Poor little white kids!

Posted at 8:00 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by dolly


Good grief! Poor little white kids? Those kids would be especially "poor" if YOU'd be the one to pose the questions – heaven forbid...

1450 days ago


Anyone who has been watching the 25th season would know that almost every week Oprah has had a show on about some sort of molestation. I think she is really trying to get it out there before she goes off air. Making more people aware. People really need to stop finding something out of nothing..SERIOUSLY

1450 days ago


Oprah is an ugly DOUBLE faced BITCH!

1450 days ago


The timing may just be coincidental,but Oprah's people should have been much more careful with their scheduling.

1450 days ago


this is oprah last season , thank heaven. no one cares anymore , thats why she is scrounging around the jackson etc, and her pr people are putting stories up about her on a.o.l. and even tmz.
anything to spark an interest in her.
her show jumped the shark years ago and really anyone who thinks of herself as somewhat of a humanitarian and does a show about ...the secret....where the universe somehow knows your needs and answers, citing receiving a bubble blower from tiffanys has completely lost touch with reality ..

1450 days ago


DO MJ FANS NEED TO GIVE YOU A LIST OF PEOPLE THAT HURT MICHAEL? Why do you keep shaking hands with people that harmed him? Jacksons, what the (H)ELL is wrong with you people!!!!!!
Posted at 1:58 PM on Nov 2, 2010 by MichaelJACKSON

Why??? "ANYTHING for MONEY..." Katherine and Joe Jackson are teaming up with a host of MJ's enemies who screwed him and they are exploiting Michael's children, all to make a buck. I FEAR for how those children are going to turn out. Michael did such a splendid job parenting them, and now their future is imperiled in Katherine Jackson's hands. Why isn't CPS stepping in? Diana Ross, please extricate these children from this toxic family environment! Oh, wait: Diana's son said she didn't want them. Stevie Wonder, I know you loved Mike: can you get a lawyer and get those kids?

Katherine Jackson reportedly says in this interview that she hasn't received "a cent" from the estate. I guess $86G/month isn't enough for her. I guess she doesn't believe that her son's creditors deserve to be paid first before the executors start distributing Jackson's estate to his heirs and charity. Gotta pay the bills first, momma. That's what responsible, ethical people do.

1450 days ago
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