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Methadone Found in

Andy Irons' Hotel Room

11/3/2010 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surf legend Andy Irons reportedly had "numerous" medications in his Dallas, TX hotel room in the wake of his death -- including methadone.

According to Hawaii's Star Advertiser newspaper -- the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office claims the methadone was found inside a container of a prescription drug called zolpidem (sleep aid)  ... which was on Andy's nightstand inside the hotel room. 

An investigator with the Tarrant County M.E. tells TMZ they did not release any information about methadone to the Star Advertiser -- but we spoke to the reporter, who tells us someone at the M.E.'s office volunteered the info to him when he called. The reporter did not specify who he spoke to at the M.E.'s office.

As we previously reported, the 32-year-old surfing champ -- considered by many to be one of the best in the world -- was found dead yesterday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dallas.

Irons' family released a statement suggesting he may have been suffering from dengue fever ... though methadone is not typically used to treat that illness.

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why come down on td so hard..last time I checked its a free world and one can say what they want,,he most likely is right anyways...these people that get on here whineing and crying about what people say are wasting their time..like you really knew this clown,,umm yeah

1449 days ago


To the authors of this story: It is ludicrous that you chose to publish such sensitive, private, unconfirmed information in the immediate wake of this tragic news. But at the end of the day, ponder this: Your life revolves around gossiping about Other peoples accomplishments, tragedies, and shortcomings. In the big picture of life, you are simply fungus who have never accomplished anything for yourself,and prey on human suffering.Literally,you are the s*** of mankind.Andy Irons was a legendary surfer/free spirit who wore his heart on the outside and silently laughed at the hollywood scene as he threw himself over the ledge of countless death slabs.A warning:each time you carelessly report material such as this, completely crushing family members in search of words of hope and compassion, you are murdering your own soul. Someday you will realize this.When you do,it will be too late.

1449 days ago


anyone can surf,,anyone can do drugs,,anyone can die,,,,
its takes courage to live.....
this guy took the easy way out..you do drugs you die

oh vote yes in california for legalizing pot,,if thats all he did he would be alive today..

1449 days ago


As Teresa mentioned, methadone is now becoming a common pain reliever. One shouldn't read anything negative into it being in his possession.

Posted at 10:35 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by stella

WRONG!!! Methadone is one of the most striclty controlled, highly addictive prescription medications out there. It is prescribed strictly for heroin addicts. It will never be prescribed to control pain for a viral fever. It is to heroin what the nicotine patch is to cigarrettes.

1449 days ago

Andrew Parmelee    

I was trying to find good information to help console the loss of one of my lifelong heroes and all I have found here is a bunch of misleading B.S. and comments from people who know nothing about surfing, the sport or the lifestyle. Obviously whoever would say such horrible things about such a wonderful ambassador of the world is still living with the idea that surfers are a bunch of Jeff Spicoli's. TMZ, get your facts right before you post them all over the internet for idiots like "TD" and "WHAMO" to read. Shame on anyone who would take this information and comment negatively about it for anyone, possibly AI's family to read. Rest in peace AI. I am a better person for you having lived on this earth.

1449 days ago


It's a sad day, but anyone who is even slightly more than casually involved in surfing has heard about Andy's battles with drugs for years now. Meth, in particular. It's unfortunate that most of us who heard this sad news yesterday immediately assumed it was drug related. It's time for the surf world to report honestly about this great sport and it's athletes, warts and all.

1449 days ago

Star Whacker    

No, no, no people. I've got it all figured out. He fell victim to the Hollywood Star Whackers.

Just because you're paranoid doesn't mean we're really not out to get you!!!

1449 days ago


It is so sad that there are so many mean, nasty and hurtful people out there. I was never a big fan of AI but could totally appreciate his incredible talent. This poor guy just pasted yesterday and people are already ripping him apart. It so so cruel and unfair for his friends and family who are trying to mourn the loss of a loved one to hear all these hateful things.....No one is perfect and we all make mistakes at times. You haters should be ashamed. RIP Andy.

1449 days ago


Like so many gorgeous homosexuals, Miss Thing was a coke-o.

Well, we say good riddance!

1449 days ago


"Medical Examiner's Office claims the methadone was found inside a container of a prescription drug called zolpidem ?

Did he have a prescription for methadone?

1449 days ago


So heroin is now a pain killer? Gimme a break, the man was a drug addict! Why didn't he go to the hospital? It doesn't seem like he had a prescription. He should've thought about his unborn child before getting high and OD'ing!!!!!!

1449 days ago


"Medical Examiner's Office claims the methadone was found inside a container of a prescription drug called zolpidem"

Did he have a prescription for methadone?

1449 days ago


On Methadone, is also used for chronic pain. My mum uses it for relief from Lupus flares. Lupus can be very debilitating, there are times she can't even get out of bed its so bad.

So methadone has uses outside of drug addicts.

As far as this guy, I really do hope he wasn't a druggie. Have to admit that the headline tmz used was all for attention (but they do that type of think kwim?)

1449 days ago


People are too quick to judge without the full story...what happened to responsible reporting? what happened to giving the person the benefit of the doubt?

just saying, whether or not it was prescribed, just wait to get the full story and don't jump to conclusions..

it's just unnecessary to add more heartache to family and friends to assume things without the full picture

1449 days ago


He may have been a great athlete, but I think many of you are in complete denial. People can hide things and they do, just sayin'.

1449 days ago
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