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Methadone Found in

Andy Irons' Hotel Room

11/3/2010 11:56 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Surf legend Andy Irons reportedly had "numerous" medications in his Dallas, TX hotel room in the wake of his death -- including methadone.

According to Hawaii's Star Advertiser newspaper -- the Tarrant County Medical Examiner's Office claims the methadone was found inside a container of a prescription drug called zolpidem (sleep aid)  ... which was on Andy's nightstand inside the hotel room. 

An investigator with the Tarrant County M.E. tells TMZ they did not release any information about methadone to the Star Advertiser -- but we spoke to the reporter, who tells us someone at the M.E.'s office volunteered the info to him when he called. The reporter did not specify who he spoke to at the M.E.'s office.

As we previously reported, the 32-year-old surfing champ -- considered by many to be one of the best in the world -- was found dead yesterday at the Grand Hyatt Hotel in Dallas.

Irons' family released a statement suggesting he may have been suffering from dengue fever ... though methadone is not typically used to treat that illness.

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So, this guy is celebrity death #773,061 due to "accidental" prescription drug overdoses. I'm honestly not judging this guy or calling him a junkie by any means. I'm just sick and tired of hearing about people of my generation dying these completely preventable deaths because of "legal" drugs.

1458 days ago


My brother got methadone through hospice, as he was dying of cancer.My husband, who owned a pharmacy, could not even get it, to fill the script,it's THAT highly regulated.

1458 days ago


I would assume there are better/stronger meds for pain control. heroin is illegal, methadone is legal. methadone is highly addictive and has the same horrible withdrawel as Heroin. One would not casually take this drug. imo he was addicted to opiates and Methadone did the trick. IT IS A HEROIN SUBSTITUTE. .
Why on earth was he prescribed this drug. ? I am assuming he was not prescribed it but got it on the streets, Why was it in a deceiving container.?

1458 days ago


Sad he won't see his first born.

1458 days ago

Tom Cruise    

Shocked, so sorry to hear this. Andy was one of the best surfers in the world for sure. He will be greatly missed by the surf community, RIP

1458 days ago


Heard from a friend 3 years ago of Irons using Heroin. Probably not much of a secret in his circles. So sad when anyone so young and talented dies that way. RIP.

1458 days ago


Methadone is a painkiller. The strange part is that he stored it in an Ambien bottle. That part needs to be investigated. Did he have a prescription for Methadone?

1458 days ago


Methodone is used for pain, it's called withdrawal! I now he was great surfer but it sounds like he was also a great drug addict. If that is the case, then he was pretty pathetic for not thinking about his unborn child or pregnant wife for that matter!

1458 days ago


Shame on anyone close to this man who knew of his 'problem.' To come on here and lie and deny what most likely is truth is shameful. All you "friends" should have done something. Now look at what you done. I bet he picked up the drug in his short stop to florida. That place is p.med land.

1458 days ago


In 2006, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration issued a caution about methadone, titled “Methadone Use for Pain Control May Result in Death.”

It's not likely that it was subscribed for pain. Sounds like it was illegal or from a dr. feelgood. Given that there was no prescription bottle
for it and it was stored in another, it's most likely that it was drug

1458 days ago


If AI overdosed there should be sadness, not criticism.

1458 days ago


of course the right thing to do is be sad. But apparently the friends didn't want to help and i wonder which "friend" gave him the meds.

I would have had an intervention down there in Hawaii with him. Get everyone together, especially with family on the way.

1458 days ago


Methadone as treatment does make sense unless he was allergic to other medications. It makes absolutely no sense that a doctor would prescribe this. I am putting the cart before the horse because right now it is all speculation, lets wait for more "formal" and ummmm credible information from proper sources. It will after all take a few weeks to get a toxoligy report from his autopsy. I hope it was not drug related but I am not on any soap box preaching either. It is what it is...............

1458 days ago


Here is a scenario.

Regardless if he obtained the medication legally, he was taking the methadone for pain from surfing.

He took the methadone for the df and took too much.

That doesn't make him a drug abuser.

1458 days ago


Thanks #1..I know ALL about Methadone and Andy probably had Lots of broken bones and PAIN..Methadone is used for Burns, Pain, Sleep etc and The Old Junkie MYTH is a now a myth.. Poor guy, way 2 Young 2 go

1458 days ago
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