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Capri Anderson -- Time to Go Public

11/4/2010 9:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Capri Anderson -- the porn star who locked herself in Charlie Sheen's hotel bathroom -- surfaced in Los Angeles yesterday ... and was grilled like a cheeseburger over Sheen's missing $150k watch. 

Thing #1 -- it's not our camera guy ... and not the way we'd ask the questions -- the dude hits Capri pretty hard about everything that went down in New York last week.

Anderson was leaving an L.A. restaurant with radio personality Sam Phillips ... who told the photog Capri's only comment was "no comment."


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If you dont like the way she ist treated, why do you buy the tape?
Saying "its not us and we wouldnt do it that way" but still airing it is in deed hypocritical.

1427 days ago


I just looked at my watch....15 minutes was over 30 minutes ago!!!!

1427 days ago


She's used to getting grilled and drilled...Thievery goes hand in hand with prostitution.

1427 days ago

La La Land    

Who was that girl with her, looks like a porn star

Capri just get naked and bend over, because after this little scandal blows over what are u going to do, get a real job. Since u are a "working girl" shouldn't u keep your mouth shut to keep getting clients

1427 days ago


He may not be one of your cameramen, but he got a TMZ paycheck for the footage.

1427 days ago


How could she be afraid for her life when she was locked away in the bathroom - she was not even near Charlie. Also, TMZ, her 10 minutes of fame is over so no more interviews or articles, ok?

1427 days ago


She's a WHORE and a THIEF who wants easy money cause her knees hurt.

1427 days ago


OK tweakers tweak. First it was his "wallet" and then his "watch". Both in the pulpic's eye give him a "reasonable" reason to trip and destroy a room AND help him with a lawsuit. The classic is his 'Business" Manager making the statement (after a weekend of "teakend") that he walks in to Mr.Sheen's house and Mr. Sheen is calmly sitting on his couch eating a turkey sandwich sober as a judge. Who sings that song "That's What Friends are For"???????

1427 days ago


A PIG with a new nice watch......

1427 days ago


What a S L U T !

1427 days ago


she is just a ***-dumpster like all these other whores trying to extort money off people.

1427 days ago


I still can't get my head around the fact he hasnt been charged with Child Endangerment. Yes, the children were in another room with their mother..but the proximity is the same as if they were in his house. What is the difference if he was upstairs doing coke, drinking, assualting, destroying-and the Denise and the two children were down stairs in a guest room.

Posted at 12:10 AM on Nov 4, 2010 by bettheduck

He was in the Plaza Hotel and Denise had her own room with the kids. The walls aren't made of cardboard. Denise and the kids were probably sound asleep long before this happened. Denise had no problem with it so why do you. So, whoring yourself out in every way possible with both sexes and all kinds of "props" and selling it on the internet and prostituting yourself for extra cash is ok but Charlie can't party once in a while?

1427 days ago


She had a sore mouth from sucking a lot of's why she couldn't answer the question....lmao...STD'S

Posted at 3:25 AM on Nov 4, 2010 by Jackie

Actually, she does mostly girl-on-girl and that's probably why she was with that other "woman" Sam Phillips who seemed to be very protective of her. Wonder how Sam feels about being outed with a whore like Capri?

1427 days ago


Celebrities are just stupid. Open your wallet AGAIN Charlie.

1427 days ago


All they have to do is pull up her Facebook or Myspace page. If she hasn't already she will post a picture of either her or one of her friends wearing the watch. Idiots like her always get caught that way.

1427 days ago
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