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Cirque du Soleil -- Michael Jackson Immortalized

11/3/2010 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cirque du Soleil is unveiling the images that will drive what could be the biggest show under the big top ever -- driven by Michael Jackson's music ... and TMZ got hold of the image that will drive the production.


The world tour is a partnership between the MJ Estate and Cirque -- each sharing 50% of the profits.  It will kick off in the Fall of next year in Canada, and work its way south to the US of A.

The show will end up with a permanent home at the MGM Mirage hotel in Las Vegas -- probably in late 2012. Cirque has already released sketches of what the show will look like.

110410_michael_jackson_video2This project -- unlike some others -- got the thumbs up from Katherine Jackson.


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Back when they first announced that cirque had this on the table, I posted that I thought it would be creepy having MJ in hologram (as it was stated then, they were working to achieve for this show) and imagining that PPB were front row, and there's daddy virtually in the flesh, moving, talking, in all senses SO REAL but... NOT. For his children I would think (and still do) that it would end up a pretty heavy mind fcuk. (excuse me, but honestly... exactly that)

Make you literally FEEL that he's right there in front of you, like he used to be... "touchable" ... PHYSICALLY present, but it's only technology...cloning... they can get him EXACT in hologram. Seriously creeped me out. Kinda still does.

Glad there will be a bit more time before the show actually happens... need it to wrap my mind around the "LIVE MJ"... but, he's NOT.... Psyche!... flavor of this show.

Wow... come to think of it...I can imagine the beLIEvers are really going to be some of the most adversely affected. Gosh... **sigh**

1416 days ago


Sounds like some of the posters on this board having been drinking the Jesus Juice. Remember, that's the wine MJ would serve his little boys before molesting them. It really helped them to mellow out so he could have his way with them. He was a sicko and a pervert. I never liked him or his music. I don't see where he was so talented. He always sounded like a girl to me. Glad this show isn't coming anywhere near me. I wouldn't waste a penny on it anyways.

1416 days ago



1416 days ago


well it is nice to see michael jackson receiving the respect and admiration he always deserved..
each and every day more people become informed about the wonderful humanitarian works michael did for children all over the world.
imagine the hundreds of thousands of people lives he improved though his generosity..
its a shame he couldnt savor his vindication from those terrible accusations , but thanks to the internet, the truth is out there for all to see,
that would be the only thing to thank t sneddon for . he was very good at what he did ,very focused,and he brought his best game on for over a decade using all the best experts and unlimited resources..he certainly left no stone unturned..
discected every moment of michael life and put it under a microscope...
and there was absolutely no evidence that michael had ever done anything inappropriate...NOTHING
allthat was really proven was..

he just had an innocent man in his sights..that is going to be his legacy..

1416 days ago


Will anyone be peeing in cups in front of the audience? I bet the teen boys are just ecstatic to have Michael float over them again.

Posted at 6:49 AM on Nov 3, 2010 by amber

You know Amber, that would be a good job for you. Why don't you take on the job of collecting the pee - but instead of using cups, you can kneel down and open your mouth.

1416 days ago


"It will kick off in the Fall of next year in Canada, and work its way south to the US of A"

what the heck do you mean by "US of A"?

1416 days ago


You know I have been here since Michael died and I have read all the nasty comments from people like amber, Lemonade, Roger, george clooney, dustin, Billy, anni, tink981, and several others. I have never said anything before but now I am saying that I am fed up with the shallow minded and ignorant people who spread their filth and hate.

People like you are what's wrong with this world. All the hate and filth you spread without solid proof to back you up. If it were up to me I would put people like you in front of a firing squad and wipe the hate from this world. You people are disgusting.

1416 days ago


This is going to be an incredible show!!!
Seattle November 9th....I'm so there!!!

1416 days ago


@Barb A.
Well said!!!!!

1416 days ago


are they going to be useing the stage sets that were going to be used in the this is it concert??that was some really kool stuff

1416 days ago


Looks spectacularly AWESOME! I'm very much looking foward to seeing it.

1416 days ago


Some people just have to make the usual hateful comments. They literally can't help themselves. It never ends!

1416 days ago


This is good, and the name is good too.
But it makes me miss him even more. It really hurts he couldn't pull through making his own great tour. He should have been alive and happy, meeting his audience again in London, while Branca got his finances in order back in LA. He should have got his spirit back, finally completing and releasing new music.

We have his legacy, and it's huge, so I shouldn't be greedy. His life achievements is an enormous gift to the world. But I would have wanted for him to reap the benefits himself, experiencing that he was still loved and admired, and feeling that bliss of being creative.

1416 days ago


Audie, thanks.

Criss, yea I know but I see this crap every day and I am just so fed up with it.

On a lighter note, I would love to see this if it comes closer to me. Right now Philly is the closest and that is still almost 8 hours away.

1416 days ago

mj is the sexiest man ever    

the king is alive
we are waiting for the comeback that will shock the whole world
keep the faih

1416 days ago
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