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'Big Friggin' Wedding' Duo -- Victims of N-Bomb Attack

11/4/2010 4:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The interracial couple on VH1's "My Big Friggin' Wedding" was the target of a racist attack on Facebook ... and now they're on the hunt for the person responsible for dropping the n-bomb.

Less than 24 hours after the episode featuring Danny and Tammie Toureau aired on Monday night -- someone using the name "Susan Wilson" sent Tammie an FB message saying, "Another n***er lover. How disgusting."

Now, the couple's attorney/manager Bryan Konoski tells TMZ they're working with Facebook to track down the culprit ... but they believe the perp was using a bogus name and the "Susan Wilson" account has already been shut down.

Still, Konoski insists if they ever find out the coward's identity, they "will be seeking immediate law enforcement intervention."

Tammie tells TMZ, "Why would anyone care if the love of my life is not the same race as me. He's my prince charming no matter what background he is!"


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Also, *be better in every way.

1447 days ago


So what does one expect the police or law enforcement to do in this situation?

Just another loud mouth attention whore trying to keep her 15 minutes.

1447 days ago


What is the crime???Ever heard of the First Amendment

“ Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. ”

It "may" not be right, but its not illegal.

1447 days ago


I don't think you can arrest somebody for using hate speech on the internet. I've been on internet forum on cultures and groups, and there is always racism. Everyday, people write hateful things about blacks, whites, asians, hispanics, mixed races, religious groups, and even nationalities. I got tire of going to that forum because they argue about race and what is correct/incorrect all the time. The only thing they can do is get it deleted.

1447 days ago


That's what happens when you have a open forum. We still live in a racist society, so they pretty much open themselves up too this. I do hope they do find them though, but 9-10 they won't. These internet cowards are cowards, but they aren't stupid.

1447 days ago


the truth is the truth. look at the picture. looks like a ****** lover 2 me.

1447 days ago


"People think there is no accountability but every single time you post on any website, it leaves a digital imprint that can be traced right to your door. Nothing is anonymous anymore."

You don't know much about the Internet do you?

1447 days ago


I actually saw a rerun of the show today. The guy seemed cool as hell; very amicable. I think his kids from his prior marriage live with him.

Plus he's not even from America. The ignorant prejudice is hilarious.

1447 days ago


If she doesnt want to be called a ****** lover, maybe she shouldnt be a ****** lover. The white race is being eliminated through breeding. White women are destroying the white race, b!tches been causing trouble all the way back to Adam, now they are slowly committing genocide. Am I a racist? I dont know really, I know I dont want my race to simply vanish by being bred out like a species of dog.

1447 days ago


LIKE MOST COWARDs on TMZ and FACEBOOK and other social networking sites they hide behind the Monitor and type all kinds of hateful garbage NOT CARING who it hurts. I can not wait for when you have to have more credentials in order to post bigoted comments.
If you can say it ONLINE you ought to be able to say it in the person face, but like cowards on here they are tooo scared and ashame!!!!

1447 days ago


Hurting someone's feelings is NOT a crime.

1447 days ago


oh please! it is gross! The person who post on this scanks FB did not break any laws.It is called freedom of speech!

1447 days ago


Good grief...People need to de-sensitize. Yes its not a nice word, but its a word. To go through all this over a WORD is ridiculous!

1447 days ago


-Dr. Andrew Manis

Posted at 2:51 AM on Nov 4, 2010 by John 8:32

Oh,enough already!

1447 days ago


Are there seriously Einsteins on here arguing that "hate" is a crime? Please tell me you people didn't complete school and this is just a reflection of what not having an education can do you.

I imagine everyone on here that is brilliant enough to state that "hating someone is a crime" are probably the same hypocrites that hate Sarah Palin, the Tea Party and America in general. We currently have a President that openly hates this country, why isn't he being prosecuted?

Look in the mirror people before you pass judgment. And btw, no crime was committed here and they would probably be sued themselves for filing a false report.

1447 days ago
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