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MJ Fans: Oprah's Molestation Show Is No 'Coincidence'

11/3/2010 8:30 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

An official MJ fan group ain't buying Oprah's "purely coincidental" excuse -- telling us, they are "angry and disappointed" that she's airing her interview with MJ's kids days after a special on child molestation.


A rep for the Official Michael Jackson Fans of Southern California tells TMZ, “We are both angry and disappointed in Oprah’s constant need to reference child molestation shows prior to airing Michael Jackson related episodes.  Her tone seems to speak volumes.”

Oprah called the whole thing "purely coincidental" ... but MJ fans aren't convinced. The rep adds, “How can something so obvious be a coincidence?"

As we previously reported, Oprah's big interview with Michael Jackson's children is scheduled to air next Monday -- three days after Friday's big show ... entitled "200 Adult Men Who Were Molested Come Forward."


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Glenda in Texas    

Oprah doesn't care. She's a billionare.

1452 days ago

Gsharon 710    

Oprie, Oprie, Oprie.....You were skankish yeterday and you will be skankier tomorrow. LEAVE MJJ'S CHILDREN ALONE. What the f((( are you trying to do? Boost your ego and throw out unfounded hints? You have lost so many who were once proud of you. If Gayle had any sense, she would take the first thing smoking away from your degrading ass. Next you will be using her children.

If your best GIRL FRIEND has not encouraged you to make it right with fans and family of Michael, then she too is a skank.

I wish some of the Jacksons would have come to the family house and thrown you out like week old collard greens. It takes a real b.i.t.c.h. to screw around with children who already has to live down false accusations about their Dad and does not have him to protect them now. You contributed to the hell in his life. If you did not trust our justice system, why in the hell did you fight in court against the cow thing?

I hope there is never ever a time in the future when someone even mentions your name. You know that name some people call us? You know, The "N" word. You are the poster child for it. skank

1452 days ago


Posted at 8:25 PM on Nov 3, 2010 by MJ215062009

Great post.

1452 days ago


Look, I am a MJ fan and the truth is I just can't say if he is innocent or guilty. I hope he was innocent, but in the USA juries, judges, and victims can be bribed with enough money. Evidence can be falsifed and soforth, but the point is I don't think you should be upset with Oprah she's just doing her job. If you're going to be upset with anyone it should be The Jackson Family for making piss poor decisions just as Michael did at times.

1452 days ago

bring back recent posts    


1452 days ago


If a new man moved into the house next door to you, and he wore makeup, wigs, grabbed his crotch a lot, had a lot of surgeries until his nose all but disappeared, and liked to invite little boys over to sleep in bed with him, would you let YOUR KIDS GO VISIT HIM?? If his family was black but he bleached his skin to be white, married white women, but was still surrounded by young white boys, would you feel comfortable with him next door? And then you found out he was constantly going to doctors to get drugs, would you trust him? Think about it!!

1452 days ago



The day after “Living With Michael Jackson” aired, Oprahs original plan was to discuss something else, but she couldnt resist talking about Michael. She started the show by saying something like “This show is not going to be about Michael Jackson but OMG, did you all see the do***entary yesterday?” Of course, then she and her audience talked about Michael the entire show. She turned straight to the camera and directed a personal message to MJ and said “Michael, if you were my brother I would say to you that it’s not appropriate to have kids sleep in your bed.”

She then invited guests on her show to get them to malign Michael & she’d laugh heartily at their disrespect during the trial. She asked several people about their opinions about the trial and MJ, when Michael was not even the topic of the show.(continued in comment-field below)

1) As Randy Jackson has stated, during jury deliberations, she had a show about pedophilia. This is kinda interesting because the old woman, the one juror who said she was huge Oprah fan was the one who slowed down the “jurydeliberation process”.

2) She had a show about unrelated men who share intimate relationships with one another (a deep closeness, no sex) yet continued to insist they were heterosexual. Something like that anyway. One of the men said that he often shared a bed with his friends (again, no sex) and Winfrey laughed and said “You’re sounding like Michael Jackson.”

3) When she had Jay Leno on her show, she asked him “What kind of jokes do you tell on your show.” He said, “of course, Michael Jackson jokes”. She went on to ask about his trial experience. When he talked about “wanting to crack a few jokes” during his testimony, she ended the conversation.

4) Larry King once asked her if she felt sorry for Jackson. She smiled slightly before saying no.

5) She had Chris Rock on her show for his movie “I think I love my wife” where she pointed out and played a particular scene where the main characters (all Black) discuss (and insult) Jackson, his father, and his case. After that, she asked her audience if “White people do this?”
Later she kinda cheered on Chris Rock and let him crack some jokes about Michael and wanted more and more but Chris Rock eventuelly stopped and said something like “This trial is bigger than we think, there are so much more behind it”.

5) During her interview with Lisa Marie Presley, she pondered if Jackson used Presley and joined her in her belief that Jackson took advantage of her tendency to feel sorry for the misunderstood. Winfrey claimed she was the same way and that Jackson “sucks you in” with his “I’m so misunderstood” thing.

6) On an episode about Body Dysmorphic Disorder (an emotional disorder that makes “normal” looking people feel they are grotesquely ugly) Winfrey stated –after quickly pointing out that she interviewed Jackson before his “sexual abuse problems”—that before the interview, Jackson was insistent upon controlling the editing. Of course, Winfrey was also insistent upon controlling the editing and wasn’t going to give way to Jackson. While going through childhood photos, she said Jackson kept hiding his face and saying “Oh, oh I’m so ugly.” Winfrey says she didn’t know if he was serious about that or if it was a tactic to try and get her to relinquish control of the editing. She showed a picture of Jackson at fourteen stating that she thought he looked “fine this way” then went on to compare a professionally taken picture of fourteen year old Jackson to a news photo of Jackson during the trial (amid “eews” from her audience) she proceeded to say that she thought he must have BDD.

About the Body Dysmorphic Disorder episode, she had another show about a woman who had been diagnosed with this very disorder. She was obsessed with cosmetic surgery and must have had over a dozen procedures done to her entire body. In her video segment, she said she liked Jackson’s small nose and various other body parts of other celebrities. Then she went on to talk about everything she had tucked and raised and cinched and so on to achieve these looks she so admired. Not to mention the regular visits for botox injections. After her video segment, Winfrey zeroed right in on her admiration of Jackson’s nose. “You like Michael Jackson’s nose?” Winfrey asked incredulous. She didn’t mention anyone else.

7) Another episode of her show dealt with show business parents. One father said he admired the Jacksons and wished for his entertainer children to be just like them. Oprah looked very applled and kinda turned to her her sidekick therapist “Dr. Robin” to talk sense to this man. Dr Robin then told how wrong he was because one of the Jacksons is obviously “struggling” and he shouldn’t want his children to end up like them.

She had a slumber party with a bunch of little girls at her house once and promoted it all over her show as though it were the best thing in the world. This was after she had said “she would never put herself in a vulnerable situation like Michael Jackson had done with kids”. So, it is okay for Oprah to be in a room with little girls in their bed and playing and talking, but not for Michael?

9) She also chastised Jackson in a way when Jon Stewart was on her show talking about him “dancing” on top of the SUV. Stewart called him an idiot while she said that she heard–heard not confirmed–that Jackson compared himself to Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela and that she thought that was wrong. She didn’t state where she heard that yet we all know she was talking about the Jesse Jackson interview that she made obvious that she didn’t bother to listen to otherwise she would have known that wasn’t what Jackson was doing.

1452 days ago

Gsharon 710    

If you really want to see what is being said, run on over to Oprah's home page. For all of you who think she was not planning this for a reason, go and speak up for her because I could not find one post in her favor. You dont mess with childrens minds.

1452 days ago


(2-11-2010) Artist, David Nordahl, was commissioned many times by Michael Jackson during their 20 year friendship, acting as the King of Pop's personal artist. During Michael's lifetime, Mr. Nordahl always declined to speak to the media about their friendship. Recently, however, Mr. Nordahl was interviewed by Reflections on the Dance and excerpts from that interview appear below.

Nordahl on the constant extortion attempts against Michael:

"Michael would get between 50 and 60 extortion attempts per year. Most of them were paternity. Women claiming that Michael was the father of their child, and a whole bunch of other ones were over music. Somebody had written a song or something and they claimed that Michael had stolen their music or their words. All of those things got thrown out of court because once they got to court, they couldn't back it up."

On Michael's behaviour and parenting:

"He was so much fun to be around. It wasn't all darkness. We'd laugh so much. He had a great sense of humor, loved practical jokes....We'd be walking along and he'd break out into song. But not like Michael Jackson. He would sing like it was a man in the shower, just singing. I hated to see that joy go out of his life because he was a very joyful person. He was a happy person and just great fun to be around."

I've never met anybody who was more well-adjusted or more normal. He was just such a normal guy. So intellectual and so bright and so normal.

He was an absolutely fabulous father. I've never met a parent that is as good or better than Michael. Those kids were an absolute delight! I've never met kids in my life that were like those kids. I spent a lot of extended time around them. I never heard them cry, I never heard them beg for anything, never saw or heard them throw a fit..."

On their friendship and first meeting:

"He was just so genuine and so warm and so caring. All of the time I knew Michael, almost 20 years, I never ever heard him raise his voice at anybody. Never happened. He was just such a good person. Just a really deep-down good person."

"He had a red corduroy shirt and black pants on and loafers that were kind of broken down in back. That's the way he dressed most of the time when I knew him. When he wasn't in public. He lived so simply. Michael never wore any jewelry, no rings, no belts, no watches, nothing, ever. The only time he wore those things were onstage. I was just so impressed with how simply he lived."

On the difference Michael made and his purpose:

"Michael spent a third of a billion dollars on helping children, paying for surgeries, building hospital wings, orphanages, a burn center and on and on and on. The good things he did he would never talk about them. You'd always have to hear it from people who were around him because Michael always thought if you did a charitable act and then you talked about it or bragged about it or something, all of the good you're trying to do, that it negated all of that. So he never would talk about those things."

"I asked him, 'Michael, how can you do that? How can you spend the time with these children who are dying and then go from that, on stage and give that kind of performance?' He said, 'How could I not? If these children want to see me. I know I'm not important, but Michael Jackson the superstar is, and if I can make a child live an extra minute or an hour or a day or a month, then wouldn't that be worth it?'

Michael was always that way. If he would get a call from somebody and a child was dying, he would get on a plane and go and he would tell them, 'I'm going to be back in 2 weeks to see you,' and a lot of times he extended little kids' lives that way. It gave them something to look forward to down the line. You have to admire something like that."

"The children that came to the ranch...all the rides and everything there was wheelchair accessible. Everything was modified. All the rides were modified too. He had extra cages built so arms couldn't flop out or hair couldn't flop out and get caught in something. He was concerned about the safety. Hte guys that ran the rides...they went to Kansas City every 6 months and took special training to be able to extracate physically challenged children. All those bases were covered and even up in the theatre, there were 2 rooms and there were glass walls that had hospital beds set up so that critically ill children could sit in the hospital bed and watch the movie. He thought of everything."

"Michael told me, 'we're all put on earth to do something' He said 'I was put here to help children.' Which he did from the time I met him, he was 29 when I met him, that was what his life was all about. It was that way all the way up to the time he died. Michael never changed. Michael had incredible empathy, especially (for) children that were injuried or sick or neglected. There were people that were hungry and homeless and that was always in the front of his mind his whole life, and then to be accused of something so horrific, it just stopped him in his tracks and then when it happened again 10 years later, the man was devastated, absolutely devastated."

On Michael's looks and his eyes:

"Oh God no. We had many talks about that (his looks). He had that inner light and he always considered himself to be extremely ugly. He said he's not a handsome man. 'That's why I don't do interviews and I don't go on talk shows.' He said 'First of all, I don't lead an interesting life, I work all of the time' (and that's what he did, he worked all of the time).

He never did really understand that he had that inner light.

Sitting and talking to Michael I would look into his eyes and I could see for a thousand miles. He had these most incredible eyes. They come off good on film, but nothing like in person. When you're actually sitting across there looking at him. Those eyes were unbelievable. There were times it would just stop me in my tracks and there were times I'd be around him where I'd kind of forget who he was and then it would dawn on me....'I'm sitting here next to Michael Jackson.' I never really got over that. There were times he would do these quick little step things and they were like lightening. It was just so quick, so precise and just amazing."

On drug use and tabloids:

"I don't know if people are making things up or if they've been paid to say things, to give interviews." (Mr. Nordahl was offered many paid interviews, which he declined). "(They wanted to do the interview) as long as what I talked about was what they wanted to talk about. So there was a lot of money floating around. Like Star Magazine was traveling around with briefcases full of cash.

I never saw Michael with the effects of doing any kinds of drug or alcohol or anything like that, and I saw him all different times of the day. Early in the morning, late at night, all during the day. He was always totally normal. Totally there. So I don't know.

The last couple of years, if that happened to him, I don't know. There's so much misinformation about Michael, except for anything I know personally, I just don't trust it. People are so willing to, I guess to get on TV. I don't know what it is, but they're just so willing to offer information.

It used to piss Michael off because he would say things like 'I saw an interview with my hairdresser and she's talking about me and my hairdresser doesn't know anything about me!'

He kept himself really separated and I got to be really good friends with him so we talked about just about everything that was possible, but for most people, Michael did not do that, just out of fear of people turning around and talking with someone else about it. Private things. I never did. I never gave into those interviews or anything during that time. He felt comfortable with me. He felt we could talk about things and I wouldn't turn around and talk about things that we were talking about, to other people."

"(I would say to him) 'Why do you let them make up all of this crap about you?' and he said, 'first of all, if you're going to be in this business and you're going to be as visible as I am, these are the things they do. No matter what you say, you're not going to stop these people from doing this stuff.' But, that also led to his downfall because he did not speak up early enough."

"They treated him without any respect for the fact that he's a human being and his whole life has been based on doing good deeds. Like, how can you do that to this poor man?"

On Insomnia:

"I spent a lot of time with him during that time, especially after that 2003 thing, and he couldn't sleep. Michael usually tried to turn in around 11 o'clock and sometimes he'd fall asleep, but even if he did, he'd wake up again and so he'd always ask me, 'is it okay if I wake you up?' and I said 'Hell, yah, come bang on my door," which he would do, and then he would always worry. He said, 'Oh, you're not getting any sleep,' and I said 'Well, if I'm too tired, I'll go grab a nap in the afternoon.' We'd just hang out like that in the middle of the night until morning came."

On Vitiligo:

"Then of course, I noticed, because he didn't have any makeup on, I noticed the Vitiligo. It was on the right hand side of his face and down his neck and also on the back of his hand. I don't remember which one. I don't know how far it went up his arm because he had a long sleeve shirt on, but I noticed the Vitiligo and as time went on, the Vitiligo spread and spread and spread and it was difficult for him when he had to appear in public or perform, to get the right kind of makeup, because...that skin was white, not like Caucasian white. It was white like a refrigerator, snow white. In the beginning, he did use darker makeup to cover that, but then as it spread, it got more and more difficult to make that white skin the color of the rest of his skin, so he would have to go to lighter and lighter and lighter makeup.

Of course the press got on him about that, about trying to be white. Which is the farthest thing from the truth. Michael never wanted to be white. He was proud of who he was and where he came from, but he had no choice. He one thing he never ever did, he never complained about it. He had every right to."

On Michael's perfectionism:

So I drove over to the recording studio and when I walked in there he grabbed me and said, 'Come on in here," and there was like a store room. So we're standing in this store room and he said 'Those guys are mad at me,' and I said, 'What happened?'

This is Slash, Jimmy Jam was there. All these top flight musicians and these guys are used to laying down a track one time. The first time they nail it. Michael's keeping them there till 3 or 4 o'clock in the morning! Going over and over and over the same passages, you know? Just wearing them out. Michael didn't feel comfortable until he had explored every avenue, you know what I mean?

He had to know if there was a way he could make it a little bit better. He did that not for himself. He did it for his fans. I never met a man who was so consumed with how his fans were being treated. The shows he put on, the concerts, they had to be the best they could possibly be. He wanted people to get their money's worth."

1452 days ago


HATING GOT TO BE A FULL TIME JOB!!! In light of this how does one have time to enjoy live and be endlessly greatful for having the opportunity to get up in the morning and experience another day. But what if that day is just being spend HATING, would it then make any difference at all if one does not wake up to experience the joy another day may bring???? What makes people HATE people they don't even know?? Do the just generally HATE including themselves. Do they get up each morning and contemplate who they can HATE TODAY??? What pityful existance this must be to choose HATE OVER LOVE! Would live not be more valuable if you would clear your mind and soul and enjoy those days that you have been granted to spend here on EARTH?? Would your sunshine be gone if you did not have anybody to HATE?? Do people that love to hate even know what SUNSHINE IS as their eyes, minds and souls are so consumed with their fulltime HATE JOB?? Is HATE being HIP IN TODAYS SOCIETY WHILE TO LOVE IS SUCH A OUTDATED UNCOOL THING?? So for the once that don't know anything else but to HATE ASK YOURSELF FIRST WHY DO I HATE?? Am I just following a trend, is it worth to ask somebody to teach me how to LOVE? What if I like to LOVE, will I become an OUTCAST. What if I learn to make my own decisions instead of following a PUNCH LINE?? Well all I can say is that the choice is yours, live with gloom and doom and in eternal darkness, or brighten up your live with happyness and laughter and eternal sunshine. The choice is yours

1452 days ago


Where is the "pretty much irrelevant at this point" choice in the vote?

1452 days ago



Would you please supply the links to the sites where you are finding the information you are posting?


1452 days ago


@MiMi Interview with David Nordahl

Link to the Nordahl interview

1452 days ago


There seems to be alot of LIARS on TMZ making comments regarding MJ regularly. He was not a pedophile and was found innocent and acquitted in a court of law by a jury. Someday all liars will face the Lord and give an account for their slander and false accusations. You love to blame, accuse and lie about people. Nobody believes it and he's loved, adored and respected by millions of fans. You LIARS are perverted and seem to enjoy the game..God takes lying and slander very seriously.

1452 days ago


Somewhere Joe Jackson is smiling.

1452 days ago
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