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Sarah Palin Rules -- Politics, Purses & Men in Pink

11/3/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin can do pretty much anything she wants after her party opened a can o' whoopass on election night -- and a certain TMZ exec is really, really, really ... high-pitched about the situation.

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bring back recent posts    

ohhhhhhhhh..the same idiot voters, won't bother voting on DWTS next week...soooooooooo...bye bye Bristol, that is how scarey politics is with uneducated voters, " lets keep bristol on , will help the tea partiers"..well...take ur ***bumbers that you make ur sandwiches with and shove them where the sun don't shine, like Alaska and bring ur Mad Hatter wit u!

1452 days ago


Harvey is amazed by Sarah Palin's math skills.

People guess coin flips correctly 50% of the time too.

Given the known election history in an area and what generally happens in a mid-term election, it isn't too difficult to guess better than 50% in a mid-term election.

If that's all it takes to amaze you Harvey, you got the government you deserve.

1452 days ago

billy cema    

Yeah, Sarah Palin rules...the kool aid drinkers.
If this is the best women can offer, we're in deep crap!

1452 days ago


"she's a joke to all white people" ..

Screw you. Sarah Palin has been bashed, lied about, and tormented by the liberal, lying media. While I don't think she's ready to be POTUS, look what we ended up with. Hence, the results on Nov. 2nd.

1452 days ago

Luke the Drifter    

It will be interesting to see John Boehner and the Republican Party trip all over themselves as they try to become a functional group that has to accomplish something besides obstruct, spout bumper sticker platitudes, pose as wanna-be cowboys, and lick the boots of the rich and powerful. They are a sad lot of hypocrites who must now put up or shut up. This will be fun to watch.

1452 days ago

Luke the Drifter    

Sarah Palin is to reality what a kick in the nuts does to fantasy.

1452 days ago


harvey looks like a little kid who hasnt gone thru puberty yet.

1452 days ago

Tiger Woods    

Sarah Palin takes over the white house, probably the economy worser than now. What had this whitelady done, beside balking like a mad dog.

1452 days ago


I have listened to her speak many times.....and came away with....WTF was that all about....gibberish gibberish gibberish

1452 days ago


Why all the name calling when someone doesn't share your view?

I doubt many people are jealous of Ms. Palin, most of have no desire to be in the limelight...

Maybe the healthcare reform isn't worth it, but it seems the ones screaming the loudest have it. Must be nice to have a job that provides it or enough income to buy it....

1452 days ago


"Screw you. Sarah Palin has been bashed, lied about, and tormented by the liberal, lying media."

I don't want to break the news to you, but the conservative media is no better. In fact every media outlet on t.v. is biased and has no moral standards!!!

The 'news' is just sensualized garbage anymore....

1452 days ago


Harvey, you have to get your stories stright. Different photo's don't work.

1452 days ago


Sarah's stocks keep rising. Hillary, meanwhile, is hiding Down Under and stressing that the election disaster was NO HER FAULT! Har.

1452 days ago


Any fool can see that Obama is a left nut who put agenda over country. Now the conservatives need to fix it. Go Palin.

1452 days ago


Harvey may be prettier than Palin and about the same size!

The only positive thing that I can come up with about Palin is that she is not a lawyer!

1452 days ago
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