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Sarah Palin Rules -- Politics, Purses & Men in Pink

11/3/2010 5:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sarah Palin can do pretty much anything she wants after her party opened a can o' whoopass on election night -- and a certain TMZ exec is really, really, really ... high-pitched about the situation.

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yes, she is powerful, that is why teh liberals hate her - she tells it like she sees it and the iberals do not like that. She is also making money along the way and the liberals do not like that either -- they associate money with power and they like to be in power. Go Sarah!!

1449 days ago


It's funny how so many people begrudge Sarah Palin for making some money off her book and speaking engagments, but say nothing about all the politicians in office that are millionaires and have made all their money in questionable ways including marrying rich women. And how many of Sarahs "friends" are crooks, ANTI AMERICAN, anarchist, treasonist people, like you know whos "friends" ??????
And as for the people that keep repeating the dumb word about Sarah, you are to dumb to even know how smart she really is. She is so much smarter than most of the politicians in office now. You need to read some things about her and what she really did accomplish in Alaska, and I should know about that !!
So get something NEW to say, that you KNOW to be true ! ! ! Or keep quiet about things you know nothing about ! ! !
It is funny how dumb people all say the same thing over and over because they think since one dumb person said something, gosh, it must be true, so I'll repeat it ! ! !

1449 days ago


If Sarah Palin is the most powerful politician in the US, it's pretty clear we're headed for the Apocolypse...the only thing she is good for is material for Tina Fey. She's a joke, plain and simple. And don't worry Harvey, I'm sure Bristol will hang on for a few more episodes, but quit and walk away before her time is truly up on DWTS. I mean come on, that's the Palin way isn't it?

1449 days ago


You all will just never get it that the more you pick on and disrespect her and her family the more powerful and bigger following she will have. No one like crybaby ass whiners and that is what you all looked like in that clip.

Keep picking on her and her family, you will be the reason she will be elected.

1449 days ago


#40 I have listened to her speak many times.....and came away with....WTF was that all about....gibberish gibberish gibberish

Posted at 12:12 AM on Nov 4, 2010 by Barbara

I knew there would be these and the ones with no experience. Well BamBam don't have any experience either. I doubt if he has ever or could ever even run a hot dog stand. When it comes to business he is a IDIOT. Oh and you can talk about " Ya get the big business" think about WHO you work for before you go that far.

Your local store before paying employees, expenses and all can be the $250,000 (evil rich) BamBam talks about. Ask them how RICH they feel?

Now to were I was,BamBam without a teleprompter is the WORST speaker I have see.

You just pull the whool over your eyes.

Obama lost his Teleprompter

The Obama Stutter

Obama gets lost reading his teleprompter- Teleprompter-in-Chief

1449 days ago


Let's continue to glorify stupidity, ignorance, and idiots

1449 days ago


The same thing happened to Clinton in 1994. Palin is a pig and bigot. she is crazy witch

1449 days ago
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