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50 Cent -- Half-a-Million Bucks Layin' Around???

11/4/2010 1:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Bored with regular playthings, 50 Cent grabbed half-a-million dollars in $100 bills yesterday and played with it like Legos .... because he can.

Fiddy was braggin' about his wealth on Twitter yesterday, posting all sorts of cash-heavy photos along with captions like, "Holy sh*t bat man I think I'm rich" ... and "Who said I don't have a heart."

Someone has a lot of time ... and money ... on their hands.


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both him and the money will be gone in a few years...

1412 days ago


Pathetic. That's what give black people (I am black)a bad name!

1412 days ago


Having that much cash laying around seems like a bad idea. Also, in a time when tons of regular Americans are out of work, bragging about your wealth is in poor taste, Fitty Cent.

1412 days ago


Really? D-Bag!

1412 days ago


I would be impressed if he helped the needy with but i bet he will blow it on diamonds in his mouth.
the sign you truly made it, is not having to prove it.

1412 days ago

dan the man    

Can't lie, I'd consider doing all that if I had his money.

1412 days ago


NOT impressed !

1412 days ago


WELL, Now I know why I don't buy anything of yours. Very yacky!!! Most people in this country are living in either borderline poverty or below AND you have the POOR TASTE to put a half a million on a table...Looks like a jackass move fitty

1412 days ago


What an idiot.

1412 days ago

La La Land    

50 cent is the man!! Good Job landing Chelsea Handler. I need to get my money up like you 50.

p.s. Lets hear some music from u and game again!

1412 days ago

dan the man    

Pic 3 of 7 is hilarious. But you are right in that it's not that impressive because if I had his money, I'd put $3-4 mil on the table.

1412 days ago



1412 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Slow news day eh?

1412 days ago


Wow, can't get much more pathetic than that. If he had just come into money recently I could see going from poor to rich would be a reason to brag. But he's been wealthy for years now. Really sad that he wastes time doing this when he could use that pile of money to help people still stuck in the ghetto where he came from.

1412 days ago

Cindy Sherwood    

Wow. . .I am a single hard working Mom who struggles every single day to pay the bills and put food on the table and loses sleep every single night worrying about how I am going to take care of my family day to day let alone how am I going to give them a Christmas this year. I have always worked, never been on public assistance, and do the best I can. . .then I see this and it makes me almost cry. Money stacked up like it were "Domino's". I can't even comprehend it. I don't begrudge anyone who works for what they have. Not at all. Nor do I expect anyone to take care of me. But this right here is almost insulting to people like me. Oh, well. Who cares what a nobody like me thinks, right? Wow. . .

1412 days ago
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