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The Girl

Demi Lovato Punched

11/4/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato's decision to seek treatment came after she punched a dancer who appeared on "America's Best Dance Crew" ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell TMZ ... Alex Welch was on the receiving end of Demi's blow.  Welch is a backup dancer on the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert Tour.  She was also a member of Beat Freaks, which got the runner-up title on season 3 of "America's Best Dance Crew."

We're told Welch -- who had a pretty nasty shiner from the incident -- has been talking to lawyers and is considering legal action.

Sources close to Demi say she feels "awful" about her behavior and took personal responsibility for it by leaving the tour and seeking help.



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"she was bulliled in high school so she decided to punch out a dancer.

makes sense."

Well... Bullying sometimes turns the victims into bullies them selves. It happens and it's one of the negative things that come out of it...

1451 days ago


"Wow how predictable.... Please those people were calling their meal ticket "DEMI DRAMA"!!! What a bunch of hypocrites, Lets see what's going to be her reason on seeking legal action... Demi is taking care off her problems and being the better person!"

Oh no doubt. I mean that's what it is essentially. A meal ticket. I mean we saw this girl smiling and partying with friends after the incident occured when one of her buddies tweeted a blog with her in the picture. She was all smiles and all giggly. So I doubt there is going to be any truth to her reason. I mean anyone seeing that won't think she suffered any sort of trauma and all she got was a mere shiner. No way she'll get anything huge. But she probably will get something. Within reason.

1451 days ago


"It would be like a police officer constantly suing his department everytime he was involved in a fist fight with a criminal. It makes no sense."


It makes a lot more sense than you think. When the police officer signed up for the job, he know that he would possibly have to deal with violence. The dancer has no such expectation.

As for the size of the award (assuming the dancer sues and wins the case), that is best left for a jury to decide, after considering all of the factors that both sides set forth in the trial.

Some people seem to be fed up with lawsuits, and it does seem like there are a lot of them. However, lawsuits allow people to have recourse when they are wronged without resorting to violence. I think that you can look elsewhere in the world and see what happens when people don't have confidence in a fair legal system. In this case, the dancer's relatives might go after Lovato, and then Lovato's relatives might go after them, and a minor incident might escalate into a major tragedy. We're better off with the lawsuits.

1451 days ago


Man, you guys are ****in' stupid. She entered rehab because of cutting and bulimia. The fight just pushed demi over the edge. Get your facts straight, peeps! =P
It's not "Damage control".
The bitch that got hit sounds money hungry.
And Papa jonas didn't kick Demi off the tour. Thats been established.

1451 days ago


i dont understand, she flew into a rage, because she's 18 years old, and someone told crew, her parents, everyone that they partied? What 18 year old cares if their parents know they party? What kind of party was it?

1451 days ago


stop hating on demi , you guys are all the bullys , actully makes me laugh how u can sit behind ur laptops and type away about how demi is a bully and how she ran away from problems etc etc when ur probebly just as bad as ur making her out to be , demi is a rolemodel and emotional problems she has obviously made her do these things tbh do u blame her when u have haters like u guys constantly at her all the time id probs do the same

1451 days ago


of course she is going to sue. how else would she make it in this world if not on the back of real talent? an apology should suffice- loser!

1451 days ago


“We're better off with the lawsuits.”

Not really. A lawsuit is at best a gamble. There's no guarantee that there is going to be a victory. These days everyone is suing someone else for the most inane things. Granted I agree that this dancer should get SOMETHING. The size of what she gets isn't going to be much. She got a black eye. Not a broken leg or what not. That black eye won't end her dance career or do anything sever. It's a skin blemish that will go away within a few weeks. And if she goes the emotional trauma route, then that's gonna fail to. She obviously isn't emotionally scared if she was partying the next day. And like you said, some people are fed up with lawsuits and there are a lot of them. And if what you said happens when the dancers relatives goes after Lovato and then Lovato's relatives goes after them, it would turn into a huge tragedy. Your best bet is to avoid it. You're gonna put yourself through that much heat and bad press for a black eye? Not to mention ruin your budding dancing career at such a young age? Not the smartest thing in the world.

1451 days ago


Demi thinks she's Shannon Dougherty

1451 days ago


Poor Shorty :'( I LOVE YOU SHORTY <33

1451 days ago


"Poor Shorty :'( I LOVE YOU SHORTY <33"

Well obviously she's not to upset about it. Since she basically said this on her face book. "There’s nothing you can do or say, to bring back time. What happened, happened. Turn the page and move on.”

Not to mention saying "“Having an awesome day off in Chile…”

So whatever potential lawsuit she had...kinda went out the window.

1451 days ago


pretty lame fluff piece to fill the site again...... Slow day?

What is NOT answered here is WHY she decked her!

I bet the dancer was talking trash behind her back and it got to Lovato and her bell was rung.

Little diva needs to grow up and realize what happened in her past is over and done with. The bullies have moved on, and so should she. Stop with the PR list of excuses.

People who went through life being bullied don't go out and draw attention on themselves by becoming *celebritwits*

If she thought people bullied and mocked her before, imagine how people talk about her now.

I say put em in a ring in a pay-per-view and let the punches roll.

1451 days ago


i'd love to hear her talk about how damaged she is from bullying when she is punching girls in the face. another disney screw up. if i read one more "poor demi" comment i might vomit. this girl is a bully, a loser, and just plain pathetic.

1451 days ago


Demi can get into whatever treatment she wants but that does not prohibit any lawsuit from being filed. I would advise Alex Welch to file a police report as well. Assault is something that shouldn't just be swept under the rug. Filing a police report is a good thing to do before filing a lawsuit. Demi has admitted she assaulted this girl. She's screwed and should be held responsible. Otherwise she will end up like LL.

1451 days ago


"Papa Jonas did NOT kick her off the tour, as someone here barfed. Know what you're talking about before you talk, please."

Oh, really? Because you're on tour with them and no everything? Please. Hollywood is a giant LIE. 90% of any "rep" for anyone is a lie. You're stuck in some fan-fantasy world because God forbid your "hero" did something wrong.

1451 days ago
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