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The Girl

Demi Lovato Punched

11/4/2010 1:45 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Demi Lovato's decision to seek treatment came after she punched a dancer who appeared on "America's Best Dance Crew" ... TMZ has learned.


Sources tell TMZ ... Alex Welch was on the receiving end of Demi's blow.  Welch is a backup dancer on the Jonas Brothers Live in Concert Tour.  She was also a member of Beat Freaks, which got the runner-up title on season 3 of "America's Best Dance Crew."

We're told Welch -- who had a pretty nasty shiner from the incident -- has been talking to lawyers and is considering legal action.

Sources close to Demi say she feels "awful" about her behavior and took personal responsibility for it by leaving the tour and seeking help.



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Sue for what a little assault? She wont get nothing so why waste time and money

1416 days ago


"Sue for what a little assault? She wont get nothing so why waste time and money"

Exactly. Not to mention the injuries she sustained were at best a blemish. Not like it's a broken nose or what not.

1416 days ago


“She's only an 18 year old celeb and already in rehab. Is it really so hard for her to stay out of trouble?”

You do realize that there are people who are YOUNGER than her that have been in rehab right? I mean emotional issues and trauma have no age discrimination. You say is it so hard for her to stay out of trouble? When you're in the public eye and being watched 24/7, everything you do will be considered “Trouble” hell even people who order coke, when they have a contract with pepsi can be considered “Trouble”.

1416 days ago


"Why would a lawsuit be necessary? If Demi's feeling bad about it, just ask her for compensation for pain, suffering, extra makeup, and an apology and be done with it. Bother with lawyers only if the matter can't be settled amicably in private. Everything doesn't have to go through the courts."

This probably won't. From what I gathered from Alex's statement on her page, it looks like she just wants to keep this underwrap as much as Demi wants to. Also even if you have a legal issue that you want to press, there's not much you can do overseas, it didn't happen on american soil so there isn't much the US courts can do overseas unless she files the claim in SA. Which doesn't seem likely since she even stated that she just want's to "turn the page and move on."

1416 days ago


demi has a history of depression, cutting, eating disorder, etc. she obviously had something brewing inside her that all came out in rage. trust me, i've had close people even younger than demi that's been to treatment for these kinds diseases. it can get pretty serious so i'm glad she's getting help for herself.

1416 days ago


"demi has a history of depression, cutting, eating disorder, etc. she obviously had something brewing inside her that all came out in rage. trust me, i've had close people even younger than demi that's been to treatment for these kinds diseases. it can get pretty serious so i'm glad she's getting help for herself."

Which just shows that even nice people (again not an assumption on her...don't really know her) can do stupid things like punch can happen and it did. It just means they made a mistake.

1416 days ago


Most of these comments make me weep for society. We are talking about a TEENAGE GIRL, who is under an ENORMOUS amount of pressure on a daily basis - more pressure than most of us can even imagine. That kind of stress sometimes makes people snap. That doesn't mean they are bad people. As many of us have felt in our lives, obviously Demi is feeling incapable of dealing the the stresses of her life, and, apparently due to an unfortunate altercation, it has come to light that she needs HELP with learning to cope. We all need help sometimes. I fail to see how entering a treatment facility to get the help she needs to deal with her stress deserves so much venom from so many of the commenters. It sickens me that so many commenting here see only the monetary opportunity to capitalize on this poor girl's breaking point by cheering frivolous lawsuits. If an altercation resulted in medical bills of some kind, I would support a victim recouping the direct monetary value, however suing just to milk a celebrity for money is disgusting. What happened to decent people?

1415 days ago


It's just a black eye. It's not like there was permanent damage. Seems to me she's just taking advantage of the situation to try to make some quick, easy money.

1415 days ago



SUE,SUE,SUE..what happened to the good old days?

Posted at 10:01 AM on Nov 4, 2010 by dd

Exactly. Girls think they got to physical fight their BFs these days too, but don't expect guys to get ever pissed and hit them back. When a female sets out to push buttons, manipulating, starts cannot cry foul. It is like a younger sister who taunts her older bros, knowing they are being raised "boys don't hit girls". Those girls figure real fast how to manipulate the situation, then play angel like they didn't do anything.
Men need called out on their bad behavior, but stop rewarding women's disgusting, greedy, fame-hoing gold-digger bullying ways.

1415 days ago


Gosh, you guys are sick for comparing her to Lindsay Lohan.
Were you there when she 'punched Shorty'? No, you weren't.
Rule of thumb : Never believe anything on the internet.
We don't know anything, so we shouldn't jump to conclusions.
And it's not like you've never wanted to punch anyone.

Everyone is acting like they know ****, but they don't.

1415 days ago


btw, the arrow is pointing to no angel either.

1415 days ago


Why is it that you guys act like you know everything that's going on? We're getting bits and pieces of “Alleged” behavior issues. Not facts, not evidence but bits and pieces of what “could've” happened. Fact is we don't know who did what or why it happened. Hell we don't even know WHAT happened exactly...I think I already said that. Here's the simple facts. We don't know what went down. Or how it went down. The truth is only known between demi and her family. We have “sources” that continue to contradict each other. It happened on a plane, in the airport, with Ashley Greene, with Joe Jonas. With girl chick or whatever her name is. Well whatever went down wasn't that big if the girl isn't even pressing charges. Not that she could in the first place. It happened out of state so...there goes that. Not to mention she has yet to file a police report. At this point it's probably gonna be settled out of court. The only thing we know is that someone is in need of help and getting it. For whatever reason. Thats all we know.

1415 days ago


NOW I get it. Celebs don't go to rehab because they KNOW they need help. They go to rehab because they screwed up and are trying to mitigate damages.

1415 days ago


I don't know much about Demi Lovato, but this does remind me of celebs when they get caught with drugs or get a DUI and then race to "rehab" to demonstrate that they've got themselves under control and are "doing" something about their problem. It covers both the PR aspect and looks better in court. "See, Judge, World...I'm taking care of it."

The biggest laugh was when Jesse James went to some sort of rehab (don't think it was ever identified what kind exactly) after his sex partners came out of the that would get Sandra to stay and everybody wouldn't blame him.

There must be some sort of list that lawyers have that they hand their celebirty clients when they screw up. 1) Go to rehab
2) Do talk shows or magazine interview explaining how you're now recovered 3) Try not to get into trouble for a while so people forget

1415 days ago

Skippy La Rue    

Wow...I'd like to count every little freckle on that hot little body....with my tongue!!!

1415 days ago
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