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Don Imus Apologizes for Ripping Kids Charity

11/5/2010 9:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Don Imus has apologized for slamming a commercial for a kids charity -- saying he was merely poking fun at a jingle that literally annoys everyone in possession of a working radio.  


It all started during a commercial break on Wednesday's show when the Kars4Kids jingle started to play ... and Imus -- clearly not a fan of the jingle -- begged the singer to "shut up" and "go to hell."

Imus then groaned, "I should give you my Bentley -- you morons."

A rep for Kars4Kids tells TMZ they were flooded with emails -- and eventually posted a clip on their website with the title, "Is Imus really donating his Bentley to Kars4Kids?"

But the next day, Kars4Kids tells us Imus issued a "fairly thorough retraction and apology on air" -- and the group now insists that all is forgiven. A rep for Imus tells us, "Very catchy tune, very silly controversy."

That being said -- listening to that commercial is more tortuous than Abu Ghraib.


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Conservatives are Cowards    

Ugh. Political correctness strikes again. USA. Land of the offended. What's next? A ban on being a smart-ass. I am doomed. Lighten up people.

Posted at 3:59 AM on Nov 5, 2010 by jen

No, stupid, that's not what it is.

Kars for Kids is a sponsor of the channel, i.e., they PAY money to the channel to advertise. Your host offends and advertiser, they threaten to pull their ads, thus resulting in them not paying the station. I know this will ring hollow to a paranoid "victim" like you, but this is called a "business decision." It's really rather simple logic (for anyone not trying to play the victim card) that you don't offend people with whom you are doing business. But I guess that's why the media heads are who they are, and you're just some clueless clown posting on the Internet.

I love how you people cry and whine and try to play the victim card just because you're too dumb to understand how business works. In spite of what you paranoid perpetual victims want to believe, not everyone is after you. Nobody even suggested "banning" anything here, which just further solidifies that your constant paranoia leads to pointless hysterics and irrelevant opinions.

1412 days ago

Uncle Rufus    

FINALLY....this guy says something FUNNY!

1412 days ago


I don't think kids should drive cars!

1412 days ago


I can't stand that jingle either. However disliking
the jingle that has played for more than 2 yrs has nothing
to do with respecting the Charity.
Stop pouncing on Don Imus for every word he says!!!

1412 days ago


It's true....this commercial is painful to listen to. I turn the radio off every time it airs. It's really that bad. I'm knocking the Charity...just the horrible singing and jingle on this ad.

1412 days ago

Mr Baxter    

They have Imus on a tight leash these days. Wait -- someone still listens to Imus?!?

1412 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

i love jews!! :D

1412 days ago


Imus is a **** but he has a point. That commercial is SOOOOO annoying and it's on CONSTANTLY! He shouldn't apologize but he's gotten used to groveling after the Rutgers Women's Basketball Team incident.

1412 days ago


get a brow cut u outa touch idiot. annoying bit, but 4 kids . which u remember nothing about.

1412 days ago


Doesn't this dinosaur EVER learn..Open mouth.. insert foot again,and again, and again, his breath must smell like ...stinky feet!!..his own!!

1412 days ago


Imus shuld take his Bentley, retire, move to New Mexico and SHUT UP!!!!!!! He is such a has been.

1412 days ago


His comment was stupid, but I think the people that employ him and the people that listen to him are even more stupid. Stupid is as stupid does.

1412 days ago

paul d    

Is Imus really 94 yrs old or does he just look that way?

1412 days ago


Is this old bigot still alive? I thought he dried up and croaked a few years ago after he got fired. Either way, who cares what he says? He's irrelevent!

1412 days ago


Don is really losing it BUT in his defense - that commercial IS awful - it's not the kid - it's the adult. It runs a Boston radio station and I always turn it off. The charity is spelled wrong - that's not cute - neither is childhood illness. Plus it sounds so fake.
Bad judgement on Don's part but horrible commercial.

1412 days ago
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