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'Top Chef' Host Padma

Cooks Up Meaty Controversy

11/4/2010 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Top Chef" knockout Padma Lakshmi loves meat, meat, and more meat -- and if you wanna know what the hell that means ... you'll just have to watch the clip.

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Stupid People Hater    

Wow, big ****ing deal. i am sure a lot of people endorse something for money when they don't actually like it.

1448 days ago


She is beautiful inside and out.

Dee Dee Russel that scar on her arm is nothing compared to the SCAB of a mouth you have. If it is a "NON STORY" why are you reading it? Pound sand "Lady".

1448 days ago


She is beautiful inside and out...and Dee Dee the scar on her arm cannot compare to the scab of the mouth you have...

1448 days ago


Does she do porn?

1448 days ago


Carl's Jr, should fire her. She is fake and very stuck up.

1448 days ago


She's another famewhore slut that married for fame and money!

1448 days ago

For Sooth?    

I can not stand this woman. She has ruined Top Chef for me. She always wears the "look at me" outfits that takes the attention from the chefs, the real reason for the show. And when she dismisses the chefs after they have thoroughly reamed them at judges table sometimes she says, "That will be all", as if these chefs were her servants and not her social equal. She makes me want to turn the channel or shout at the screen, "You selfish whore, the show is not about you, and shut your pie hole, you often sound so bored and entitled I want to wipe you off my screen". And if rumors are true, she slept her way to fame. I know that's not unusual but she comes off like her don't EVER stink. GO AWAY!

1448 days ago


First, as a chef and a judge [which she thinks she is on Top Chef] she makes a great ex-model. She is constantly putting her foot in her mouth because she has no idea what to say, without the teleprompter feeding her.

Second, that nasty scar is horrible, and the fact that she refuses to have it taken off offends me. I'm guessing she keeps it to make her look different than every other 40 year old ex-model, trying to get work as a TV host.

In a couple of years, once her TV career is over, I guarantee she'll have it taken off in a heartbeat. But for now, it's what makes her different.

1446 days ago


And if rumors are true, she slept her way to fame. I know that's not unusual but she comes off like her don't EVER stink. GO AWAY!

Posted at 1:40 PM on Nov 4, 2010 by For Sooth?

They are and she did.

Back about 10 years ago she was fishing for a meal ticket when she married the "considerably" older but financially sound Salmon Rushdie in 2004. She stayed with him and had a child with him so that in 2007 when she cheated on him and he agreed to divorce her, she had a dual paycheck dialed in. By the way she has a "taste" for High Profile chefs too, but they didn't mention that in the headline over the video. That's what led to her divorce, just Google her name.

She's been hosting TOP CHEF since then and an assortment of "big name" chef's off camera too, but who's counting.

She reminds me of a Russian lady in the news lately...

1446 days ago


She is a vegetarian. She can’t eat meat. May she is eating a veg burger???

1445 days ago

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