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Lil Wayne

Banned from Booze

for 3 Years

11/5/2010 6:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne is not allowed to consume one single drop of alcohol for the next three years of his life -- this according to probation documents obtained by TMZ.

Lil Wayne alcohol:
The documents -- which became effective today -- clearly state that Wayne "may not consume or drink any substance containing alcohol" as long as he's on probation ... for the next 36 months. 

Wayne is also prohibited from knowingly associating with any person engaged in criminal activity or any person with a criminal record without prior written approval from the probation department.

And Wayne cannot possess illegal drugs, toxic vapors or controlled substances.

He's also required to submit to drug and alcohol testing, per the probation dept.

If Wayne violates any of the terms of his probation -- he could be sent to prison to serve out the remainder of his term.

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No Avatar


Umm, just how does the Probation Office think they can actually force him to not drink unless they make him do the Lohan and wear a monitor?

1446 days ago


WTF happened?
I thought this was unsupervised probation
His legal team said they were happy with the plea deal.

How is he NOT going to violate the no alcohol or even drug order

1446 days ago


That's so weak. Do they not know he had a problem with drinking cough syrup? And now there daring him to jump of the wagon.

1446 days ago


He'll probably miss the reverse cowboy thing.... yup, heading back to the slammer in a couple of days.

1446 days ago

Moe Green    

What is with those young guys who wear their jeans below their butts? They then wear long sweatshirts or something which look like a girls dress because they don't want to show their underwear. Are these the 'illiterate mama-housed fanboyz'?

1446 days ago

Peter Sc    

How can he work, when he cannot be together with anyone in the industry?

1446 days ago

its a fact    

In Yuma County that is standard for anyone who is on probation. It doesn't matter if you are on probation for Drugs, like Carter, or if you bounced a few checks...thats how it is there. how do I know? I used to live there, a friend of mine bounced a few checks, she got the exact same probation that this guy did.

1446 days ago


I said earlier,idiots like that never get it. He needs to do REAL Arizona time or have to dig in his pockets until it hurts, really bad paying an attorney to try to dig him out of his next charge.

1446 days ago

its a fact    

This is standard for the Yuma County Probation Dept. All offenders on Probation have the same things that they have to abide by.

1446 days ago

Justin Well is that apple juice?

1446 days ago


all you guys are blaming his gangster personality and the rap world, could you imagine the Rolling Stones tour bus getting stopped? Like they would throw Mick Jagger in jail

1446 days ago


Interesting. Sounds more like supervised probation rather than unsupervised probation if he has to submit to drug and alcohol tests.

1446 days ago


What about the 48 Bottles of Perrier Jouet that this A-Hole has waiting at the strip club party

1446 days ago


HOPEFULLY HE CAN STILL SMOKE ALL THE KUSH HE LIKES... Oh wait, this is the United States... He probably cant even take a ****, without getting arrested.

This is kind of unrelated, but I am really starting to change my positive view of the US. I used to love going there on vacation twice a year to Miami, but so many things have skewed my opinion. I live approximately one hour from Maine, and have travelled there frequently since I born, yet I am hassled by border control. I just feel much happier, safer, and completely free in my beautiful and beloved Canada. I am a university student with no record to speak of. However, in the US, I feel as if I am treated like a felon.

1446 days ago


He better return all the expensive champagne he bought to celebrate his release.
He spent something like $20,000 on it. He makes me SICK

1446 days ago
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