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Lil Wayne

Banned from Booze

for 3 Years

11/5/2010 6:39 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lil Wayne is not allowed to consume one single drop of alcohol for the next three years of his life -- this according to probation documents obtained by TMZ.

Lil Wayne alcohol:
The documents -- which became effective today -- clearly state that Wayne "may not consume or drink any substance containing alcohol" as long as he's on probation ... for the next 36 months. 

Wayne is also prohibited from knowingly associating with any person engaged in criminal activity or any person with a criminal record without prior written approval from the probation department.

And Wayne cannot possess illegal drugs, toxic vapors or controlled substances.

He's also required to submit to drug and alcohol testing, per the probation dept.

If Wayne violates any of the terms of his probation -- he could be sent to prison to serve out the remainder of his term.

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No Avatar


these probation restrictions are set to make failure...This is truly a set-up .....Good luck and be careful Weezy

1418 days ago


Yet he's planning on sipping on some 'Fine, expensive bubbly' THIS WEEKEND at a bash in florida! Oh well! Why worry? IT IS UNSUPERVISED PROBATION. Right?!!

1418 days ago


yeah that cant be true?

1418 days ago



1418 days ago


@AJP, Yeah we're blaming his gangster personality and the rap world. These fu@kers live in gated communities,send their children to private schools but yet do everything they can to encourage the worst in other people kids. They denegrate their community and women with their stupidity,use drugs and glorify violence and ignorance.
They get no sympathy from me.
Of course they won't throw Mick Jagger in jail and that is because this is a white man's world.Not only that,Mick and his boys wouldn't have a bunch of felons as part and parcel of his entourage nor would there be a ruckus coming from the bus. You would think these brothers would have gotten this memo by now. The money and access means nothing. You ain't ' and you never will be. It's called the illusion of inclusion.

1418 days ago

joe smitherson    

He could just move to a state or area where medical marijuana is legal, he could have depression now after being in jail. haha
Not drinking is probuly a good thing.

1418 days ago


He should move to Cali and get a Medical Marijuana card approved. There's no way he can quit smoking bud. It is what makes him so creative.

1418 days ago


all u cowards saying he'll be back in jail in no time, how bout u guys stop bein so negative. im sure many of u, hope he gets locked up again, im not gonna really say what iwant about u guys, but im just going to say iknow what the real reason your all thinking the way you are.

1418 days ago

denver hornsby    

dam that stupid how yu gonna tell a man that he cant do this but yet charlie sheen , and linsey, and paris hilton been doing the same he schould ge back and finish he's time, and go wild after.

1418 days ago


I guess that means TMZ will do anything it can to get a picture of him drinking so they have more to write about.

1418 days ago


I'm pretty sure he already violated his probation just look at the photos of him in his hotel room there's a wine glass practically empty right there.

1418 days ago


Good luck with that.

1418 days ago


Come on weez getdat blunt lit or a quit !!!lmao

1418 days ago


No booze and a face covered with tats.. I wouldn't trade my life for his for $10,000,000. What a loser.

1418 days ago

Capt Obvious    

Is this irony or what??? Self-entitled loser Lindsey Lohan jacks an SUV, chases down a former employee coked out of her mind, endangering at least 3 people let alone anyone she might have passed on PCH the night of the pursuit - walks the streets out of control for over a year without a conviction in and out of celebrity rehab facilities ultimately avoiding incarceration for a parole violation by hiding out at the Betty Ford Clinic - Meanwhile Platinum artist Lil Wayne winds up in Rikers for a single weapons charge stemming from a search of his tour bus at a border crossing which various drugs along with the weapon are found. During his stay in Rikers, he even releases sucessful CDs... produced while incarcerated. Weezy's parole... no booze for 3 years!!! What's wrong with this picture???

1417 days ago
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